Monday, November 02, 2020

As if

you'd be here and not be voting, not be voting blue down the ticket. I know. But please, let's get this done. 

Go ahead and bookmark this Atlantic article. Like an umbrella you won't need because the fact of your bringing it means it won't rain.

Take care of yourselves. I for one have been doing a lot of journaling, which helps. 

(Totally kidding! I have not done any journaling. Just various prescription, legalized, and OTC medications.)

Come do this with me tomorrow! It's calling NC dems who requested absentee ballots but haven't returned them. We'll be trying to send these folks to the polls.

We got this. Sending love to you all. So, so much love. 



  1. Thank you, Catherine! Your perspective is always realistic but positive, two things that are very hard to put together right now.

  2. Love! Love! Love!

  3. Wait....wait. Your daughter is applying to college?!!! How did that go so fast?!!! Holy cow.