Monday, February 09, 2015

We Are Obnoxious But We Love You

Ben made this up, when I was going crazy thinking of poems and puns for a holiday work project. I have it hanging over my desk, and it makes me smile every day. "Do you think anyone's going to be offended?" I just asked him, and he said, "If so, they probably shouldn't be reading you." He's a realist.
Oh, Valentine's Day. All of my best ideas are still here. Though there are some bad links, so I'm going to rehash a few ideas here in brief. Mostly you will need: doilies. For instance, to make a pretty cake.

Figure A.
Figure B.
This is the cake you want. You just lay the doily over the (bottom of the) cooled cake and sift powdered sugar over it. Voila! I snipped a heart out of a round doily here, but a heart-shaped doily is also perfect for this. Speaking of heart-shaped doilies!

You can see that I was more about the face than the shirt while snapping this picture. Sigh.
This is a shirt idea I developed for FamilyFun a number of years back. You just stick a doily to a washed and dried cotton t-shirt (I used a loop of tape on the solid part of the doily to stick it down) and use a sponge brush to dab white acrylic or fabric paint down over and around the doily. Then lift the doily off carefully while the paint is still wet (I find that if you wait until it dries, you end up lifting off some of the paint). A folded piece of newspaper inside the shirt prevents leak-through. Done. I use a pearly-white acrylic paint, so I don't even need to heat-set it, but if you use fabric paint, just follow the directions on the bottle.

And if you wanted to make an anatomical heart t-shirt, those instructions are here.

Unrelated: someone pointed out that the Whole-Wheat Chocolate-Chip Cookies weren't here. WTF? That is seriously crazy, given that we make them at least all the time. Remedied, and please keep your requests coming. I love them.

And come back soon! Wednesday-soon. Because we are going to do a special give-away then!



  1. I fully approve of Ben's valentine. Awesome. Time to break out the doilies!

  2. Ah, this cake! We love it SO MUCH. I was just thinking today of making it for Valentines Day. :)

  3. Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy reading your blog?

  4. I love Ben's Valentine. I think we may need to make those this year, just for the special family and friends who will appreciate them.

  5. Anonymous7:09 PM

    I love Ben's valentine! Awesome!

  6. So my kids and I made 7 (yeah, count 'em) loving hands t-shirts this weekend, including one for my best friend who is an elementary music teacher, one for their swim coach who just got into medical school, and one for my sister who is a pediatric nurse practitioner. They are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being the mom I aspire to be (and no, that is not my second glass of red wine talking - it is my genuine adoration and love). Happy Valentine's day!

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Ha! I just came upstairs from putting in "the cake you want" into the oven and saw this. And I do have some doilies left over. We'll make them work on our rectangle cake somehow. Happy Valentine's Day! --Cathy K

  8. Love, love love Ben's valentine. Using the doily is very creative - I will have to try it. Going to send you a pretzel caramel bark recipe that you must make and then curse me for cuz you'll eat the whole pan easily and won't want to share with anyone. (Seriously, my daughter wanted me to send some in for her lunch crew and I said "no" we're not sharing with that many kids (6) - a lesson in greed as a bonus - we laughed about it, but I was serious. I'm not proud of this moment.

  9. I haven't popped into your blog in awhile. You (and your awesome kids) always make me smile. I need to stop by more often. Happy Valentine's day to you and your family. Might steal Ben's poem and send it to a friend :) Hope that's okay!

  10. a few week's late here, but this valentine is just what I was looking for. I gave out pinwheels to my daughter's class, and my husband ultimately convinced me that an accompanying note from our daughter reading, "this Valentine's Day, why don't you blow me?" probably wouldn't come across as "funny" to the other moms.

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