Monday, April 09, 2012

abidingling the actuality and now of carventing

I think that if you google yourself, you kind of deserve whatever it is you get, you know? Because you’re not going to find an announcement that you, say, won a MacArthur Genius Award. You’re going to find this, from the esteemed Discount Shoe Blog:

4 days ago by FKLD786fdhjkhjk
Catherine Newman Mom Blog- Writer Catherine Newman abidingles the actuality and now of carventing her adolescent adolescentren, Ben and Birdy.

It is all I can do not to make that the new subheading of my blog. Catherine Newman abidingles the actuality and now of carventing her adolescent adolescentren, Ben and Birdy. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Meanwhile, in the mixed-faith atheist aftermath of our weekend, this is what Monday morning looked like around here:

Those little collages are the Easter cards Birdy made us. It will be awkward when I marry her. Especially since I'll have to divorce our cat first. 

Matzo Brei here. Toffee Buttercrunch Crack Matzo here. Deviled eggs here. One-stop atheist interfaith shopping, that's what we're all about here on the Abidingling Blog!

Tomorrow: a new recipe, right here.
Today: Reviews of our 5 favorite kids' books, all of which you've already heard about from me ad nauseam, over at The Children's Book Review.


  1. Robin1:16 PM

    So, is the Discount Shoe Blog in, like, Dutch, or something? Although I'm sceptical that "abidingling" is a word in any language, and then there are those English words mixed in. Is it in Dutchlish? I'm wondering what country code "cc" is. In any case, internet absurdity is high on my list of things I find funny.

  2. dale in denver4:48 PM

    Thanks for the link to the consolidated book review. With boys 10, 8 and 5, these are right up our alley and I appreciate the reminder to go get 'em to read with my kids. I read to the end where they wrote the blurb about you and was certain they made a mistake. "Catherine Newman, mother of Ben, 12, and Birdy, 9,....."

    12 and 9? What? When? How? ......

    And then I see Birdy in her capri pants that probably are not meant to be capri pants - which reminds me of all of my boys who are destined to be 6'4" bean poles like their dad, but who cannot get away with jeans as unintentional capri's quite the way Birdy can - and I realize time is relentlessly marching forward for all of us.

  3. casio5:13 PM

    Thanks for the link to The Children's Book Review. That looks like a great resource.

  4. The books you reviewed are in our collection, mostly because you recommended them in the past (esp. Herriot). Great choices!

  5. I want to kiss you.

  6. "It will be awkward when I marry her..." I love it!

  7. Anonymous12:30 PM

    I am trying very hard not to laugh out loud in my cubical at work right now and it's so hard. Abingle indeed!