Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Google Translate: Update

Now we're just typing in sentences to hear them spoken aloud by the voice in English. The wrong emphasis is what's pushing it over the edge for us.

Excuse me. I seem to have dropped my wallet into *your* butt *crack*.

Your scrotum smells *like* a zoo.

Sigh. So happy.

New recipe coming later today.



  1. Jenny R3:23 PM

    Oh my god, that is fun. Thanks for the laugh. Can't wait until the boys get home from school! They'll be so impressed. And they think their dad is the funnest parent...

  2. Laurell Hartle10:00 PM

    Scrotum and English muffins in one fell swoop. This exactly describes why i love your blog so very much. Thank you for being such a bright spot, and for always pushing whole wheat on our craven and hungry selves. Also, for matching up the words scrotum and zoo together forever in my psyche.

  3. Just downloaded the Google Translate app to my phone! My girls and I are laughing over many an immature phrase! I predict hours of fun ahead and it's portable too! Fun at parties! Thanks, Catherine! BTW my verification word is nookel lol!!

  4. My daughter and I had so much fun doing this the other day -- thank you for sharing! One of her favorite "games" is to search for different cities to load into my phone's weather app...right now it's showing the weather for Toots Corners, Kickapoo Center, Bottom Acres, and Stank. :)

  5. Must say that I read this laughing and then realized I could use this for work. I am now writing letters to patients feeling fluent in vietnamese and haitian creole. Our whole health center is now on this kick - so thank you thank you for the tip!