Saturday, July 30, 2011



Home from taking the kids to North Carolina to see my brother and his family. Leaving today for the Cape. Vacation is my vocation, it turns out. The only problem with freelancing is that nobody actually pays you while you're not working. Teeny, tiny problem.

Recipes and news when we return!

I hope you're enjoying yourselves so much.



  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Sucky pay, but oh! The benefits!
    Have fun, and take pictures.

  2. I drove home from Georgia to Boston and arrived last night, we leave tomorrow for the Cape (Falmouth). That is really all -- I just had to comment on the coincidence and wish you good luck with your travels!

  3. Plazamom2:05 PM

    Hope you had a great time in NC! We've been away from our NC home vacationing ourselves but will be home for good soon, as summer is rapidly coming to a close. Sigh. Enjoy the Cape!

  4. Enjoy your trip! I'm envying all your travel.
    Made you grain salad again today with spelt. So perfect on a hot, humid summer day.

  5. That is exactly my fantasy vocation...vacation!

  6. I live in NC and can't believe you'd come here in July. I'm northern-born and these summers just kill me. Soak up some northern summer love for me please while I huddle in my air conditioning and pray for October...

  7. mthicks751:54 PM

    We miss you but enjoy yourself!

  8. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I am SURE you have seen these games.....but I'll share any way....

    Kid Version:

    Adult Version:


  9. I'm like an addict checking for a new post in spite of the knowledge that you're on vacation. Have safe and happy travels and I can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

  10. plazamom8:53 PM

    Me too, SunnySmile! I just came to check again even though I knew there wouldn't be a new post.

    And my verification word today is "luvea," which sounds just like "love ya." Perfect!

    Catherine, I hope you're having a wonderful vacation! And do know that we'll look forward to hearing from you when you get back. I don't mean that in a pressuring sort of way, but just as a "know that you're missed when you're not here" sentiment.