Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Times

Well hello there, darling popcorn opinionators! I do love you.

And we have a lot to go over today.

Here's the first thing: a lovely reader of this blog offered to design me a header, which she did, and it is gorgeous. But--and it's a big butt--in the header, it becomes very apparent that the name of this blog is Catherine Newman. Catherine Newman! What kind of a blog name is that? I mean, seriously. (Although I kind of like "The Name of This Blog Is Catherine Newman," now that I wrote it! Or "Dalai Mama"--do we like that enough to return to it?) Anyway, we're going to have a name-this-blog contest. Yes? Just put your suggestions in the comments by this time next week (so, Friday, 7/1 2 pm EST). The winner is going to get a book of his or her choosing from amazon. (The "pick your own prize" thing made the winner of that contest too self-conscious, so we're not doing that again!) And maybe there won't be a winner, because we won't decide to use any of the ideas, but there will still be someone who gets a book. (And maybe we'll stop writing in the first person plural, and maybe we won't.)

Next up: please visit ChopChop to see the fabulous Birdy as she Concentrates on Cutting. She took it very seriously.

On the newstands: I have pieces in Ladies' Home Journal and Brain, Child--but I don't think either is on-line.

Okay, that wasn't so many things. But Michael and I did go to the movies last night and saw Tree of Life, and it is long and sad and strange and sometimes baffling, but one of the most visually poetic representations of childhood I've ever seen. I loved it. (Also: Ben babysat! We put $5 in a "game jar" when he babysits, and when we have enough, we buy a new game.)

And finally: a video of us, at a hotel, playing with Ben's defective shocking gum prank. The one that's so shocking it comes with a warning sticker about not trying it if you're old. Seriously. I thought you should know.

Enjoy your weekend.



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  2. Personally, I really like the Dalai Mama.

  3. Oh man, I'm terrible at creative names. I liked Dalai Mama, but this is kind of a new beginning for you, so maybe something new is in order? I will keep thinking and come back if something comes to me.

    I love Birdy's determination! She looks more comfortable cutting things than I do. So glad to see Birdy getting some ChopChop coverage.

  4. Angela2:59 PM

    Catherine, that video is hilarious - it took me two views to work out that you are saying "why am I doing this again?" - whatever it does looks painful - no wonder the kids are laughing!!

    I dunno, Dalai Mama always did make me think of the Dalai Lama's Mama, and that would make you - erm - 100ish? And incidentally Tibetan. Plus your name in the blog title isn't bad, right? So people find it? "Good Times with Catherine Newman". "Catherine Newman and the Whirly Poppers". OK maybe blog titles are not my speciality... :)

  5. Anonymous3:08 PM

    i'm not very creative with names either, but this blog is now just you, not for a how does "Just Catherine" sound? of course, it's not just you, it's Ben, Birdy, Michael . . .maybe "Not Just Catherine"? :)

  6. Angela3:11 PM

    Oh, yes, I like "Just Catherine" too! It sounds like "Just William", which was one of my favourites as a child...

  7. Anonymous3:15 PM

    No suggestions for the blog name, but why is it that you look like a teenager? You and your children are adorable.

  8. how about "Half as much Table Salt"?

  9. Recipes for life, lunch and laughter (with Catherine)

  10. OK, another one (I hope that's allowed)
    A pinch of this, a dash of that....

  11. Did you put the video on youtube?

  12. Okay, let me try that again. I LOVED your essay in Brain, Child. I have a lot of opinions, mostly negative, about over-testing and over-diagnosis of things that really aren't anything...incidentalomas...I wrote about it on my blog a while back...
    Your essay was right on about the unnecessary worry and needless testing, even worse when it's with kids. Thank you.

  13. Ha! I love "half as much table salt." Also, Catherine thank you so much for the lessons in teaching cutting. I tried to have my 6 year old twins help me by cutting up an apple, but I had no idea how to tell them what to do except for screeching at them, "Don't cut yourselves!" which I admit is less than constructive. I am going to start with the pizza slicer next time!

  14. This comment will not be helpful at all, but my 6 yo son just watched the clip of you laughing and said, "Now that's a woman!"

  15. I don't think you should call a blog Dalai anything if you ever want to use the word Fuck. Which I hope you continue doing, as it doesn't make me feel so bad about my sailorish tendencies. There! How about that?: Tending Tendencies of Catherine
    or... These Boobs are Really a Heart
    or... Catherine's Take (a chronicling of shocking the shit out of oneself and other anecdotes on family life and food)
    Really though, I might think of an actually submission after I stop laughing at my own jokes.

  16. "Bringing Up Catherine Newman" :)

    (And... my word verification is 'sucks.' I guess blogger doesn't like my title.)

  17. How's about "A Smidgen of Catherine"?

  18. I think "Bitchin' Kitchen" is a perfect name. Hahaha. Totally kidding. I have no good ideas whatsoever, but just so glad you are still writing. Something with salt in the title would certainly be fitting.

  19. "Half as much table salt" gets my vote! Perfection. Does Birdy have Strawberry in a Moby wrap? She seems highly skeptical of your antics. And you! You're so skinny! Damn you.

  20. Long time lurker here. Two comments:

    1. I LOVE "Half as much table salt!!"

    2. regarding the chop chop link -- can those ridged thingies (what Birdy is slicing the zuchini with) be sharpened? I have a similar one from my husband's great grandma that is not sharp enough to use anymore.

  21. Angela5:12 PM

    Oh I also like "Bringing up Catherine Newman"!

  22. dale in denver5:51 PM

    How about "Disney can suck my...."
    maybe not.
    I loved the name Dalai Mama - but that was then, this is now.
    I love the "Or half as much table salt" suggestion.
    I was thinking along the lines of something that all of us, in our non-creepy, non-stalkerish, we-are-your-posse-and-we've-got-your-back way, would buy (but it makes you sound a tad egotistical)

    "Your BFF's Guide to....everything"

  23. Jennifer LB7:32 PM

    My 2 cents:

    - don't like Dalai Mama, too many years spent working at a Tibetan Buddhist bookstore

    - like Half as Much Table Salt

    - don't know why it can't still be Ben and Birdy or Cooking with Catherine (but I join the list of non-creative Catherine Newman LOVING blog readers)

    After spending months getting my son tested for ADD & APD I am dying to read your recent article.

  24. I liked Dalai Mama too, but Half as Much Table Salt cracks me up too. (but maybe not as much as you zapping yourself with gum)

  25. Damn it. I want to win just so that I can buy a book on the dangers of cooking in ziploc bags and send it to the commenter who acted like you were raping her dog when you suggested cooking in glass jars. Even though I suspect that person might just throw the book in the fire. Or try to eat it.

  26. My favorite of the names suggested is "Half as Much Table Salt"

    However it is not a very "googleable" name as it is a common phrase. The original title for my blog was "Not Just Dinner" however it was very hard for people to find my blog on google. The words appeared together too commonly on the internet. Plus there was a blog titled, "It's Just Not Dinner."

    I will have to think harder for a title for you.


  27. I kind of like "Now That's A Woman!" Or how about "Notes from (the town next to) the asparagus capital of the world" ?

  28. Or how about "Crazy Delicious" ?

  29. "Crazy delicious" is a good one but I am in the "Half as much table salt" voting contingent if the google-able-ness of the blog name isn't an issue.

  30. I think I cried a little watching Birdy cut! She's so grown up! But those are fantastic tips and I am inspired to be brave with cutting lessons now.
    I have to think about blog names - I love the Half as much Table Salt but agree about the Google-ability!

  31. Your internet posse is so hilarious that the comments are as good as the posts. Seriously, people, I would love to sit down with y'all, preferably with that gum shocker, and just laugh our asses off all together. With food and kids scrambling around. Camping? Here's a big virtual hug to all of you! (Catherine can we all camp out together? Please? It'd be like a blogger Woodstock, only with more clothes on.)

    For the blog title, how about "The Masticator"? I love that word.

    I bet if you ask your kids they can help think of a rockin' title...

  32. melissa10:54 PM

    At first I was on the Dalai Mama side. But I get al the people who say to move on. Once I got to "Half as much Table Salt" I fell in love. But I also thought the same thing about googlability (googlebility?). IF that is an issue, can you simply go with "Catherine Newman, or half as much table salt"? I say sunygrrl should start choosing her book. One I suggest is a new young adult title, "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate." FWIW. Thanks!

  33. That video cracks me up! That buzzing gum trick always freaks me out. Except when my dad does it. Then I laugh til I cry.

    I like "Bringing up Catherine."

    And I also love the idea of having "salt" in your blog title. Because it conjures up ideas of cooking and passing along ideas and your gift of word choice...all the things we love about you :)

    "Catherine's Salt"?
    "A Salty Catherine"?
    "It's Called Salt"?
    "Newman's Own Table Salt"? (*giggle*)

  34. Ha. I was thinking something along the lines of "More Salt" or some kind of play on Salt of the Earth, but then I read the comments. I like Half as Much Table Salt, too.

    Oh, and I very much second Melissa's comment about "The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate."

    Hilarious video.

  35. Now that I've thought about it for five minutes, I like "Mmm Sauce" for a title, but probably because I've been obsessed with the stuff since you posted the recipe. I may even consider naming my next kid mmmsauce. Because it is beyond delicious.

    My word verification is lushi. Maybe you should have word verification pick your new title.

  36. I definitely think it should have something to do with salt.

    My word verification is "butake." Maybe the previous commenter is onto something with the idea to let word verification pick the new name. ;-)

  37. I always find your blog by searching for "Ben and Birdy." If other people do that too (you can check your blog stats to figure that out), then it would be nice to have their names in the title. How about:

    Feeding Ben and Birdy

    Feeding can be with food, books, games, love, etc. You could add a subtitle like "Feeding Ben and Birdy: Catherine Newman's stray thoughts on recipies, parenting and love."

    Of the other suggestions, I like Bringing Up Catherine Newman.

  38. Heather1:59 PM

    Can you do the "half as much table salt" as the tagline? That's awesome!

    I like Harvest. Or maybe Gather. But I am partial to things I can spell out with my daughter's alphabet blocks.

    Loved Calpurnia Tate.

  39. Robin3:09 PM

    As much as we all love "Half as Much Table Salt," Azure is onto something about Ben and Birdy being the words people might google to find you, so maybe they belong in at least a subtitle or something.

    Also, my word verification is suctio, so I wouldn't recommend that one.

  40. How about "Waiting for Catherine Newman" just because I really do wait for your blog post every week (What am I cooking this week? Whatever you post! Also, lots of radishes from our CSA...maybe post a radish recipie???) Or maybe, "Catherine Newman, Rhubarb Queen." That last one might be too seasonal, you know? You really *can't* be the rhubarb queen in December. Maybe just the first idea then...

  41. plazamom5:47 PM

    Oh, I love Feeding Ben and Birdy! I agree -- it would be great to have their names in the title (if they don't mind) and this gets to the whole feeding the mind-body-soul of a family thing.

    My word verification today is phoribox. Sounds like some kind of awful disease. I strongly recommend that you NOT use that as your new blog title!

  42. I love that mmmsauce too and one of my kids is addicted... so we are like partners in crime... How about "saucy mama"???

  43. Waiting for Catherine Newman sounds very Samuel Beckett. (Has she posted yet? She's going to post soon!)

  44. Teafortwo9:07 PM

    I like Dalai Mama. I always have.

    It's funny, our pediatrician's office gets the latest issues of ChopChop for the taking and I still have yet to receive the issue with Grant Hill on the cover. I emailed ChopChop about it Friday, but I find that very puzzling.

  45. What about "Catherine's Corner"? you could sub it with "Thoughts on
    Love, Life and Food" or "Feeding Ben and Birdy" or "Home of the Bitchin' Kitchen" or the classic "A Guide to Shocking the Shit out of Oneself and Other Life Encounters". I have to agree with the googlability of "half as much salt". My husband optimizes web sites to show up on search engines and he agreed it would be a toughy.

  46. Nikosha10:32 PM

    Catherine...Can I be blunt? None of these name suggestions, although they are clever and cute, are the one for you. You are a PHENOMENAL PUBLISHED WRITER. Not just a blogger. You have written many different and well loved blogs, in fact most of us found you moons ago with bringingupbenandbirdy and never let go. But now look at you girl...O Magazine, Brain Child, Wondertime, Family Fun...not to mention your amazing book. Yes you give us all great recipes, book suggestions, game ideas...but that is not the real substance of what you give. You give us hope, strength, laughter, and the ability to see ourselves as mothers, friends, and wives through what you brilliantly write everywhere we read you.
    So if seems too ordinary for you. Than I just know you will brilliantly come up with something better. And we will love it because it came from you.

  47. I'm kind of partial to The Majoram Affair, myself...

  48. How about Field Guide to Ben and Birdy?
    New to this site, but currently reading Waiting for Birdy for the first time. Laughed so hard at the metal bowl misunderstanding in the hospital that wasabi came out my nose!
    Perhaps there should be a warning; Don't eat sushi while reading.

  49. MaOdiLeo11:18 AM

    To build on other commenters ideas :
    Love, nourishment and half as much table salt.

    (Sounds right to me, but I'm French speaking, it could be totally off :))

  50. Sarah LaBonte12:25 PM

    well this may not be totally original but how about: "Catherine's Kitchen Parenting"
    because you often seem to combine the two which I love. By the way, I made your frosting on Father's Day and a white cake to go with it, topped it with strawberries and it was a big hit so thank you!

  51. oh my goodness! I am a long time fan who began to read your 'babycenter' colum when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2002. Then I read your essays in (oh i forget the magazine "wonder?"). Now I am pregnant with my third child, and I wondered if you were still out there, wondering if you still wrote about Ben and Birdy.

    And then I found your blog!!

    OH happy day!!

    Thank you for writing and I am looking forward to all your posts!!

    -Mrs. Hall

  52. plazamom8:09 PM

    Amen to what Nikosha said!

  53. Well, somehow in my bookmarks, (I guess I was trying to save space???) You have always been called "Cath." Which feels odd admitting, because 1)I don't actually know you well enough to call you a nickname and 2)Maybe you hate that nickname.

    But, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to admit it.

  54. P.S. I agree with what Nikosha said...
    and wish I had said it first. Because she deserves the prize.... Even though that makes it seem a little like one of those trick questions on the SAT... Like the one that says "Write about a risk you've taken." And someone writes "This is a risk." and that's it.

  55. What about something related to UMAMI -- since your musings AND your recipes are sweet, salty, and savory... (with a teeny bit of bitter occasionally!) Umami mama??

  56. Oops - scratch Umami Mama -- a blog by that name already exists...:-(

  57. WV Mama11:42 PM

    How about "Catherine Newman: Everything she writes is Delicious"

    Not clever but oh so true. Whenever life is untasty I read your blog and it gets better.

    Thank you.

  58. melissa8:44 AM

    I am changing my vote to Feeding Ben and Birdy, agreeing with Azure (I think) about the literal as well as metaphorical uses of the word "feed." And using Ben and Birdy as metaphor for our own selves, which you "feed" also. Sigh. Still crushing on the table salt thing, though. Enjoy your trip!

  59. sweet, salty, savory with bitter for balance

  60. Sweet Salty Savory and Sarcastic

    I think, hope this one conveys that is is food and life. Personally I don't love a title that includes Ben and Birdy in the title, only because, selfishly I want this blog to still be here for me to read when they have moved out. I think it is a mistake to lock yourself into a given time period in a blog title.

    One day all the mommy blogs will be left with an empty nest that does not match their title.

  61. Wow, great ideas here!

    All I can think of is:
    Catherine Newman Has a Lot to Say

    which is kind of dull.

  62. I too agree with what Nikosha said...

    AND I'm in for the camping :)

    I always google "Catherine Newman" - so just plain "Catherine Newman" gets my vote.

    Close behind are "Half as Much Salt by Catherine Newman" or "Feeding Ben & Birdy by Catherine Newman".

  63. dale in denver1:58 PM

    Nikosha - so true. However, she did ask....

    A Pinchly of Salt - that would make Ben the winner!

    Have a great vaca!

  64. savory sarcasm
    Savory & Sarcastic (but not caustic, which is good)

    I started reading you in 2002 when pregnant with my first...have followed you all around and can't believe how big your children are (which means that mine are much too big, too!).

  65. darlingtiffy2:45 PM

    Hmmmm...half as much table salt is good. "As is I'm not drunk I promise". I agree with leaving out the kiddos too. I'm selfish. You may be feeding and parenting your kids, but in my mind all your writing is for me. (hello stalker lol)How do you come up with a title that really sums up the quirky vulgar things you say? Could we use jizz-like and phallic in the subtitle? :D In the end I'd have to say your name is pretty good. Not to point out the obvious, but it is YOUR blog. Not really much of anything without you. You could always uses a subtitle or something to get the point across, or downplay the you-ness if you must. :)

  66. "Catherine Newman: The Simple (Best?) Way Home." That's just always how I feel when I read your blog.

    Enjoy the lobster, er, old friends.

  67. Honestly, Catherine you can call it any old thing you like. I'll keep reading as long as you're writing.
    My first thought was 'Twilight Testicles', but only because that post was so riotously funny. Of course you can't use that. I like 'Feeding Ben and Birdy' just fine. If something particularly clever arrives in my mind, I'll drop it by.
    p.s. my Whirley Pop is scheduled for delivery tomorrow! And I told the sweet people in Utah that You are a Genius, and they are geniuses for pairing up with you.
    My dill pickle chip addiction goes clear back to college where I had one corner store in town special ordering them just for me and my roommate. Glory!! Hats off to Dill and all associated snacks!!!

  68. If you're going to keep the cooking theme, what about "Cooking with Ben & Birdy?"

    Cooking with Catherine, Ben & Birdy (too long, right?)

    Mama Cooks with Ben & Birdy (blah...)

    I'll keep thinking. I'm usually good with names.

  69. I LOVE Robin's reason for not using Ben & Birdy because I also want you to blog forever & ever, BUT... you can change the name when they move out many years from now, no? (her suggestion is pretty good, though)

  70. Anonymous9:30 AM

    How about "Bringing Ben & Birdy to the Kitchen" or "Bringing it to the Table with Ben & Birdy" or "Catherine Newman Creates..." OK, one last suggestion- "Catherine Newman: Recipes for Growing Healthy Eating and Healthy Families". Although that might be a little long...OK, I really am done now! Sorry, I was on a roll, well sort of....

  71. Some ideas:

    Whoa Nelly
    Holy Frijoles
    joie de vivre
    Obsessive Pioneeor

  72. Okay, Cooking with Ben and Birdy makes it sound like they're ingredients. "Damn! But I'm all out of Birdy, guess I can't make this recipe..."

    Some suggestions:

    1. Take that wooden spoon and..."
    2. Raw Chicken, *Shudder*
    3. Salty Cat (you know, like a salty dog- the drink, and you do love that cat of yours...and it's a nickname for you)
    4. Yeasty Girl. Strike that. Don't do that one.
    5. Does anyone's oven light work? Anyone?
    6. Tarragon, Swearagon...

    I'l keep thinking...

  73. Okay, I'm done. Seriously this time:

    7. Umami, Umama
    8. Indifferent to Icing
    9. Sweet Pot, Dude!
    10. Winsom Wistfulness

    Okay, I'm done. Swear to god.

  74. Lindsey6:43 PM

    I am throwing in a vote for Feeding Ben and Birdy, only because Bringing up Ben and Birdy has such a nostalgic feel for me and got me through so many hard parenting times when mine were younger. Plus since I refer to you as "you know Ben and Birdy's mom" it seems right to have their names up there.

  75. Allison7:06 PM

    These are such cute suggestions!

    How about, "Cooking in Catherine's Socialist Kitchen"?

    (This is one of those rare times when "A Veritable Geyser of Barf" just doesn't seem to fit the bill, does it?)

  76. Heather G9:19 PM

    How about something from my favourite post, when you had a pregnancy scare: "my greedy heart" or similar.

  77. So many great suggestions! After reading all 76 comments, my own suggestion is "Catherine Newman Speaks". Your blog is more than food, it's musings and commentary and grown up words that would get bleeped out on TV, and parenting and life. When I read your blog I hear your "voice" (well, I assume it's your voice because I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person). I like the idea of your name in the title as that is how I would try to find you (if I ever lost you).

    I also love Half as Much Table Salt bc it's like an inside
    joke, but whatever you do should be google friendly. I am sure whatever you pick it will be just right!!

  78. What the focaccia?!

    Ok, I guess that goes in the Favorite Catherine Newman Sayings file, rather than the New Blog Title one. But that is one of the funniest things ever.

    I like "Or half as much table salt" for your tagline or whatever.

  79. elsimom2:20 PM

    Lauren had me laughing like crazy. AND -there are a lot of us who had children in 2002 still reading - wow!
    With that in mind, I was thinking:
    "Ben and Birdy, only Bigger!" They're bigger, your range is bigger, etc. And even when they're grown and out on their own, I'm sure you'll still be mentioning them....
    I couldn't think of any way to grab the things that have struck me most over the years into a title, but your admissions of impatience, and your pitch perfect descriptions of the emotions associated with parenting a sick child in the middle of the night, have long been touchstones for me. So....maybe a Veritable Geyser of Barf isn't a good title, but.....
    And "Admissions of Impatience" is too negative, even though it totally makes you relatable.

    For searchability, and longevity, I'm going to stick with my original suggestion.
    Ben and Birdy, only Bigger!

  80. Thanks for posting the video - that kind of laughter is so refreshing, makes me smile to see it. Maybe I should look into that gum...

  81. Nikosha12:30 AM

    Wow. Maybe I spoke too soon. Some of these recent ones are hilarious. Dale in Denver is right, you did ask. But I still wonder if we could ever do you justice.

    I especially like the suggestions that include "Catherine-isms". My favorite term that you coined, which I use all the time and never give you credit for, is
    "bone-iversary". Only you could come up with something so dirty and endearing at the same time.

    Maybe one of us can come up with the best name ever, but do you REALLY want us too... I shutter to think what we would've named Ben and Birdy had you let us.

  82. Wow, I'm late to the party. Life got busy this week but I wanted to let you know that, in spite of your beef stew now being a Christmas tradition at my house and a strange vegetarianism sprouting up here and there, I don't read your column for the recipes. I read you because I hunger for your thankful perspective on life. I read because I get a moment to see things in a slower, sweeter version. And I walk away thankful for my family and my moments and that we have not had the barfing flu that week.

    Gratifood (like gratitude) is apparently a registered trademark.

    ThankFood is not.

    Anyway, love to partake at your table, Catherine Newman!


  83. this is such a hard question, and seems so important, and i think i am too late, but how about "catherine newman: this huge and heavy-hearted happiness" (from your last ben & birdy entry, in case you don't immediately know--i would be impressed if you did! but then you usually do impress me...)

  84. Allison6:05 PM

    Going on favorite "Catherine-isms" plus the salt theme, I suggest:

    "Salted Nutgate"

    Based on one of my favorite acounts of procuring groceries with a young child and small infant ever! Groceries melting on the floor and all. :)

  85. kathy o10:20 PM

    Salt of the Earth!

    I'm just putting it out there...

  86. Brooke11:40 PM

    I vote "the hairy martini glass". That one stuck with me ( very unfortunately).

    Really, though...I say use your name alone...allows people to connect the dots between your various writings...

  87. maybe "Catherine Newman: Cooking, Cuddling, and Cursing"

    or on the salt theme,"The Salt of the Matter"

  88. I was thinking of something like "Everyday Blessings" based on that was the book that slanted your motherhood to focusing on the present, but it sounds too goody goody for you. So how about just "Everyday... with Catherine." Because your blog is about everyday life - with kids, family, food, and the beauty in the everday moments.

  89. ok, no. "Everyday... with Catherine" is just too boring. But maybe something along the lines of everyday magic, sort of like the blurb of your book, "the wild magic of raising a family" or whatever it was. Something that combines the ideas of the everyday and the magical because that's what you do with your words. Also, I would miss 'ben and birdy' if that was totally gone. And, also, I think the essence of your blog is putting things into words, since you are a writer, not cooking or crafting or whatever, so I think the name should have something to do with writing or words. This is a completely unhelpful comment, sorry!

  90. I didn't read through the comments b/c I wanted to try and come up with an original name. alas, that is why I never posted last week. something along the lines of:
    the musings of catherine newman: meant to inspire and amuse. or something totally different...your call. :) hope your reunion went well.

  91. ok, don't laugh, but what about...

    Golden Moments
    Catherine Newman's musings on Ben, Birdy, Michael, cooking, life, and the beauty in the everyday

    a) it's poetic, as you are
    b) it references the poem 'Nothing Gold can Stay' - from your last Wondertime post, and the feeling all of us have, that you capture so well, that childhood is so fleeting
    c)also a bit of a reference to these happy golden years, Ma Ingalls fan that you are

    there's one blog that came up on my google search, but you can make the name a bit different, like catherinesgoldenmoments or whatever.

    Also, whatever you name it, you can have a URL point there and mask the name, so you can get or whatever and they'll point it to your blog for free. I just realized last week. :)

  92. Elsimom's "Ben & Birdy, only Bigger" is definitely great!

    you're right, these comments are hilariously heartwarming!

  93. oh yeah! and there's the tagline, so even if you choose another name, you can still use the suggestions here for a tagline! I think the salt saying should definitely be part of the tagline!

  94. Okay, this is the first time a blog name has come on the scene in my silly mind: Lucky.

    I loved that post with the four leaf clover picture. All of our lives are so full with magic minutes of hilarity and love and tiny miracles...and you shine a light on yours so that we are more likely to recognize ours. We are all so lucky.
    You are like a four leaf clover to us readers.

  95. I also loved reading through these posts. It's like getting together with old friends whom you have never met....
    I too love Half as Much Table Salt, because it just makes me think of you, but can see that it is an inside joke, so that might not work to draw new people in.

    I have spent time over the last two weeks trying to come up with something, and I have not been able to. I often google "catherine newman" or "ben and birdy" to find your blog if I am at a computer that I have not already bookmarked, if that helps.

    I sometimes feel like I am stalking you thinking that we are friends even though we have never met.... so Stalking Catherine Newman is the one that came to mind... not a winner, I'm guessing!! :)

  96. ok, another idea:
    kitchen couch.... evokes cooking but also relaxing and maybe having a conversation about something else (like a kids' nail polish salon, etc) while cooking....

  97. Pull up a Chair
    There's Always a Seat at our Table
    A Little Bitter And Oh So Sweet

  98. Catherine Newman Dishes Out the Salt