Friday, March 15, 2013

Contest Winner / Daylight Savings

You guys, I had to reread through my contest announcement to see if somewhere I had, by mistake, asserted that the contest’s subtheme was Catherine Newman Lovefest 2013: “Only the most doting and affectionate comments will be considered!” Maybe you just sensed that I was thinking that? I love you too, so much.

Drum roll . . . random number generator. . . 157!

Pick me! Must read the profanity-laced, potato-peeling scene!

I only put in from 1 to 216 because I subtracted my own name, one of dale’s comments and, one of Beth’s comments, and, yes, my good friends at Zuupdesign. As always, the winner--Stacey, I'm talking to you--should email me (address at right!) with (his or) her address.

Meanwhile, while I am loving the bright evenings, I must complain that the time change is killing me softly this year. I am so tired that all I can talk about is tiredness, and how the tiringness of mornings and afternoons makes me really tired, and also how tired I am and feel. AND NOT ONLY THAT (sigh), but if you have the kind of insomnia that means you wake up at 4 every night to read for an hour, the time change means that now you’ll wake at 5, which means that an hour later it’s 6 and there’s no time to go back to sleep. 

The cat is also very, very tired. He’s like one of those Salvador Dali clocks, melting onto every surface. Or like Tom, after he gets run over by Jerry driving a steam roller, and then he slides down the stairs.

ALSO (almost done) it’s nice that it’s not so cold, but then the heat doesn’t kick on, so then while you’re reading in bed at 5-really-4, your shoulders are freezing. Did I ever tell you about Michael’s solution to the conflict between my cold night shoulders and his accessible-boobs requirement? How he cut out a groping window from the front of a long-sleeved shirt of mine? I know. He’s a problem-solver.  


  1. Good thing Michael figured THAT out, because it's apparently to hard to slide his hands up under your shirt. I guess he needed *instant* access? ;oP

    Also, that Land O Lakes lady? She sure is perky for never having worn a bra!

    Take a nap. Then you'll only be *tired,* not TIRED.

  2. Oh! A butter girl! My mom used to make those for me and send them to me when I was in college, which all my dorm-mates found HILARIOUS. There is always one on our refrigerator, waiting for my son to be old enough to be embarrassed by it.

  3. shari2:57 PM

    oh, I was so close! and I know the time change is awful b/c I too am waking up at 5am and dread the next hour! so tired.

  4. The butter girl!! Yeh gods, I cannot wait until my children are old enough for that one ... another year, or maybe two ...

  5. Okay, so many things to say!! First of all, the time change kills me! I haven't always had this problem, but over the past years I have developed more of an internal clock.

    I never saw the Butter girl before!! It took me a few minutes to figure it out!

    My husband demands instant access as well! He will be sound asleep and his hand will clasp on!

    Finally, did you know that long haired kitties are generally lower muscle tone than domestic short hairs! I don't have any "relaxed" kitties like that right now, and I miss that lovely drapey feeling!

  6. I think I need an explanation of the butter girl? Whats that all about? And as for the easy access tshirt that is too funny. Im with the other commenter hand up the shirt from underneath not easy access enough? Although I am guessing there is way more of a visual component going on with a "viewing section" cut out... win win anyway your shoulders stay warm and he well gets to cop an eyeful LOL he is a clever problem solver

  7. Allyson6:58 PM

    You should just buy nursing nightgowns! Warmth + easy access, but you can still be "decent" if someone knocks on your door early or something. The Land-o-Lakes thing is hilarious.

  8. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Cute Cat..

  9. Gah! I made the mistake of telling my husband about the clever groping holes and now he has big plans for all my jammies...tops, bottoms, nothing is safe!

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