Monday, March 23, 2020

Winner (+ this and that)

Hello, my lovelies. I pray you are well. Just popping by to say a few things!

Judy, early up in the comments, with the time stamp of 2:05 pm, is the winner of the divine The Yellow Bird Sings. Judy, will you please go to the contact page at my website to get in touch with your address? Everyone else: please buy that book, or get your hands on it when the libraries reopen.

example of a not helpful mask
Are you looking for anything else to do? For example, are you making masks to donate to your local hospital where shortage are likely and also likely imminent? We are using this link (scroll down a bit to see the tutorial), because we still have some elastic at our house. Here's a link to sew some without elastic. It is definitely giving us an industrious wartime feeling, making them. But the truth is, I'm not the best sewer. I keep imagining a doctor's face looming over a sick patient, and his mask is made of Scooby Doo pajamas with part of my thumb visibly sewn into them. Still, my goal is to keep one healthcare worker well for one extra day--a goal that feels simultaneously vast and attainable.

Ben and I painted flowers and now we're cutting them up to make little cards to send people who might need a little card sent to them.
I am also enrolling in this (free) online The Science of Well-Being course from Yale. Anyone want to join me? The craft learning site Creative Bug is offering tons of free classes too, and Ben and I are going to start a watercolor class this week. We did a Youtube video last week, and it was so much fun. And, finally, in other homemaking news, we started some seeds in our raised bed. I am a worse gardener than I even am a seamstress, so we are mostly imagining feeding the rabbits our scraggy peas and arugula, like we seem to do every year. Still, it felt good to push a little hope into the ground.

I know you know this, but if you look at the recipe index here, there are tons of recipes that already mostly use stuff you already have: pasta and rice, beans and lentils and maybe the occasional onion etc. I am happy to pull some out, too. Maybe in another blog post!

Please stay well and stay in touch. Sending so much love to you! xo


  1. please do post them up! And revisit games. And please keep writing. It feels like an old friend reaching out. THANK YOU.

  2. Katie6:24 PM

    Oh boy, I tried that watercolor flower tutorial and my results sure would look great on one of those pinterest fail boards, ha ;) But I had a lot of fun, and it was a great opportunity to model growth mindset for my five year old daughter. Thanks for inspiring me! And thanks for writing. It's always so good to hear your "voice."

  3. Thank you for feeding us in the crazy. Mini ricotta frittata, green dip, so many more I can't remember right now, puzzles (feeding our souls) that you recommended, books from your friends. And I just re read your "this is lovely" starfish and seagull story and yes, yes it is. Thank you for enhancing the life of my family and reminding me to soak in the days all the way. I am so so so grateful to you.