Thursday, August 04, 2016

Waiting for Birdy

Someone got a facelift! Or at least a, you know, lift. Thank you, Laura Tisdel, beloved editor. And I will be back soon, I swear, with useful things. But in the meantime, read this if you haven't--especially if you've ever worked in a restaurant and/or love food.

My family drew me. (Speaking of facelift, and not getting one!)


  1. Just bought Waiting for Birdy for a dear (young) friend of mine expecting her first....and was surprised by the new cover. :) My copy is the old one, well-worn and well-loved and re-read several times. :)

  2. annette9:54 AM

    Enjoyed Sweetbitter too. Drawings remind me of how my kids sneak up to do that facegoo thing and think i'll find it funny...

    1. annette11:24 AM

      And if you havent yet, read The Sunlight Pilgrims!!