Friday, November 01, 2013

Pornographic Pork Teaser

Bite me.

Next week, I promise. My neighbor Nancy's bbq pork slider recipe.

Have a good weekend, my darlings. Don't eat too many Milk Duds.



  1. Will you get lots of hits from slightly-off google searches with this title? I hope so, maybe you'll get some new folks interested in good food!

    1. Allyson6:30 PM

      I was thinking this exact thing! I was about to comment on it when I found that you'd beaten me to it.
      Catherine, you need to let us know if any particularly disturbing/hilarious search terms pop up in the next week or so, ok?

  2. Purely coincidentally, I prepared your pork sliders for my family yesterday, the same day I attended a function featuring an American hero of mine, Mrs. Ann Romney. She was entirely genuine, kind, positive, generous, smart, savvy, warm, and 100% devoted to her family and the goodness of America. My Republican family adored your pork sliders, as we do so many of your recipes, particularly those of a vegetarian nature. Thank you for sharing.