Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thank you. Also, games.

Friends, I showed some of your comments to Birdy, who loved them. Thank you. She is crazy about her own fuzz-head, but got a handful of (predictably) lukewarm responses at school. I loved balancing them with your enthusiasm.

Honestly, it's even worse than this. This is a 5- by 5-cube Expedit. If you know your Ikea furniture.
I am going to post an asparagus rice salad recipe later in the week. In the mean time, if you're interested, would you please click on the Master Games list over on the right, and let me know what you think? A number of readers have asked for it, only now I'm trying to figure out if the categories make sense, if the information is useful, and if it would be helpful to have more (or fewer) details. Or a key: average length of time, maybe, or the games that have the most staying power over time. Favorite two-person quickies, say. (!) Or games that have really been *the* all-time favorites. Should I say more about the word games that I mention only in passing? Or are there simply too many games and it's just overwhelming and makes you want to kill yourself with pity for us and our weird, sad gaming life? Because that's not what I'm going for.

More soon.



  1. Erin K.4:54 PM

    I didn't comment on Birdy's hair but loved it as well. Actually I rocked the same haircut through grad school - and was proposed to with that haircut, and let me say that bathroom barbershop can be quite sexy - and sweet - and hair always grows and is fun to cut - AND I always found it an extra bonus and very short hair is much easier to bleach and dye super fun colors. :)

    Thank you kindly for the master game list. xo

  2. Smooches6:26 PM

    We love power grid here! We were just introduced to it by some serious board gaming friends. :-) I'm off to check out your list, so lame that commented before looking.

  3. I love your list of games and the categories are very helpful. I think it is great as it is, but I would love even more details about the games with staying power over time, favorite two-person, all-time favorites, word games, etc.

  4. Anonymous2:04 AM

    I love that you've made thsi list!I agree about the two-person games as I've one child and we're together a *lot*.

    Also -- I don't know how to execute this, but -- if you could figure out a way to link the categories to the parts of the page so we can click on a top item list and jump to it below, that would be really nice. (I'm obviously incredibly technologically savvy...I hope that description was clear enough that you know what I'm talking about.)

    Thanks for putting the game list together!

    1. You do it by labeling parts of the document in html (Catherine you can edit this directly in your post) like carat a name="strategy_games" carat (it is getting very finicky with me to not copy the correct text here!!!) and then on the category title text at the top you can do the post link with a little number sign and that name you gave it (like http://www.benandbirdy.blogspot.com/2013/06/games.html#strategy_games)

      If you look at this very page where you are viewing the comments, you'll see it up there, the #comment-form tag. It's like a bookmark. That will allow you to keep them all in one post and have a clickable link. OR, you could break each one out into its own post (page) and then just have a cagegory list on the main page that links to those pages in the more traditional, you-dont-have-to-code-it kind of way.

      I hope this helps. Give me a shout if you need help with it, Catherine.

    2. STF, I will try! Thank you for taking the time to help me with this. I want to say you lost me at "carat," but then again I've had no coffee yet. I really am going to try. xo

    3. The carat is the thing above the comma on your keyboard. All of the tags go between them. So above the comma to start and above the period to end. And then use CARATa name="strategy"CARAT like that. Notice the squirrely little "a" there - he goes right up next to that carat. And if I say carat again I'm either going to have to go eat some or visit the jeweler... truly, it is not TOO hard. You can do it!

  5. Game list good- still rooting for a book list from you!!!! Love all the suggestions that turn up here for reading material- both for young and, well...eternally young :)

  6. Stephanie8:17 AM

    I love the game lists! I have bought several of your recommendations over the years and I am not ashamed that my game "cabinet" is now an armoire and a cabinet and maybe a closet, too...no such thing as too many!

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  8. Alison12:59 PM

    Love the list just as it is, sorry i know that's not helpful.

  9. As well as many you mention, we also like Grenada and find it and Carcasonne are both good for introducing folks to strategy games. There is something intuitive to them, once you digest the rules. Currently we are playing a lot of Stone Age and I am hoping to find someone who is willing to go back to Catan with me :)

  10. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Do NOT feel bad, I am this week going to buy a SECOND 5x5 cube to hold our games that do not fit in the first one. This time in birch :)

  11. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Can't believe no one asked about your favorite two person quickie! ; )