Monday, January 07, 2013

Dr. Pepper Caviar

After a sublime frozen-yogurt experience involving popping boba--picture passion-fruit-flavored fish eggs--Ben and I have become somewhat obsessed with the process of spherification, as they call it in the strange and foamy field of molecular gastronomy. So we gave him this kit for Christmas.

Which is weird, I know, since I am also, obviously, somewhat obsessed with natural and healthy eating.

Still, there was a half bottle of Dr. Pepper in the fridge that wasn't going to spherify itself. And so we spherified it.

We used actual Dr.-Pepper-brand Dr. Pepper! Not Dr. Pimper. Not Mr. Plipper. Not Popper-Pooper MD.  Although I think you could really use anything. Or anything that's not too acidic, apparently.
Soda spawn.
And we had as much fun as a family could possibly have with soda and meth-lab equipment. The directions that came with the kit were actually kind of crappy, so we followed these instead. Also, we needed to borrow a drug-dealer very precise scale from our friend Sam. All worth it. They won't tell you anywhere how to make gigantic Dr. Pepper boogers. Which is okay, because you'll surely figure it out yourself!

I never feel like a better mother than when my kids are doing mind-bogglingly disgusting things. Is that weird?

More soon, including (seriously) a good and wholesome vegetable recipe.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Awesome!! You are my hero.


  2. Popper Pooper M.D.!!!!!!! If you don't quit cracking my shit up, I'm going to have to make an appointment....I am so happy you are shining a light on this mystery for me. I too have become obsessed, where at first glance I judged them. I blindly refused them opting for coconut and mango or choc sprinkles, but I was so wrong. I have, sadly, and for lack of a better name just been calling them 'the delicious juicy balls'

  3. oddly enough, i was perusing that very site earlier today. the idea of making soda boogers did not, however, occur to me, though there is some weird stuff there. intriguingly weird, but weird none-the-less.

    p.s. played chinese checkers last night with the girl; it was your post that caused santa to acquire it for her. big hit - she wanted to play again over breakfast. so, thanks!

  4. Laughing out loud at the office...You crack me up!

  5. Anonymous2:28 PM

    meg lemay - hahahahahaha "delicious juicy balls" hahahahahah.
    In other news - I think my food-stylist-to-be son would love this kit. There's a birthday coming......

  6. casio3:12 PM

    My son got Dr. Dreadful's Spider Eggs kit for Christmas. Same thing. I had no idea that while we were following the directions to a mildly disgusting, quite immature, science experiement we were simultaneouly dancing on the cutting edge of molecular gastronomy.

    Thanks for the new vocabulary words. I wonder if I can figure out how to make pop-flavored spider eggs.

  7. I would also like to add that even with a soda booger dripping from her nostril, Birdy, is as Stunningly Beautiful as ever! How does she do that??

  8. Ha! That booger is hilarious!

  9. dale in denver5:57 PM

    In the second to last photo, "soda spawn" - is that a one-eared bunny covering its mouth and snickering on the left?

  10. Ha, I was just thinking about how that disgusting Dr.Pepper booger didn't distract from how flippin' gorgeous that girl is - oh, the haircut kills me!

    1. Nicole, can I just tell you that I somehow linky link linked to a blog called pacing the panic room where I preceded to roam for two days and stumbled upon pictures of you and the wonderful video for your Amazing book!?! Which I only knew about because of Genius Catherine. What on earth? How can the Gigantic virtual vortex of internet also be a teeny tiny cell of connectedness??? so crazy and wonderful and ten thousand "Bravos!" to you and your friend on such a Righteous piece of work!!!

  11. i want to be a booger-fun mom!

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    I love the post, but was totally distracted by the Hungry Man photo. Did you purchase this for your family/child to eat? You, the lady that grinds her own spelt ... on purpose. Mainly, I am just curious. Just keep the recipes coming.

  13. I've been following and reading since your Babycenter days, and I feel as though we are webkin. I actually laugh out loud, am so glad to read words by someone who gets it, and I'm pretty sure I've seen something like that bunny-looking spawn creature in one of the notebooks floating around our house. Keep it coming, lady, keep it coming.

  14. Anonymous9:00 AM

    So this is a stalker kind of comment, but no worries, I live in the Midwest. I had a dream last night that you and I were working on a magazine together and I invited you over for dinner, but only because I really wanted to be invited over to your house...this is totally why I have these dreams!!

  15. That is so my kind of dream!