Friday, May 04, 2012

Google Search Terms for benandbirdy

"hirsute children"
It's true that Ben has pink hair, and that it's very long. But, my gosh, he's not covered in it!

"poutine healthy"
Poutine, as in the Quebec dish? The one that's made of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds? Yeah. Good luck with that.

"pizza toast"
Well, sure.


  1. ooh yum, poutine... and healthy too!!! Will you work on that for us?

  2. mthicks754:16 PM

    Too funny! I DID search for your glass straw recommendation by typing in "Catherine Newman Straws" as if to imply you manufacture your own. I am just waiting for them to arrive!

  3. I sometimes consider doing funny searches for you so you can have a chuckle.
    I'm excited to try to your pan-roasted butt beans. We did them in the oven like you previously suggested, but our oven heats our house up so much that we don't use it from April through November.

  4. What about Hirsute Poutine? Hirsute Poutine Butt Beans?

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Do you know very funny cartoon today to sing to tune of "Modern Major General" made me think of you!

    1. I have read that particular cartoon soooo many times!! The first time I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, then I read it out loud to my family, but the kids were all, "whats a major?" and they also didn't know most of the big words, so now they just think I'm nuts! I keep reading it anyway, and it makes me laugh(and think of Catherine(and get the tune stuck in my head)) every time!!!

  6. so how do you actually see what the searches were for you? Too funny, though!

  7. I'm guessing Google analytics?

    Anyway, at least 5 of the crack broccoli searches were me. Such an easy recipe, you think I would just know it by now! And I never remember the lemon either. So divine without it.

    (p.s. stayed up until midnight reading The Snow Child last night. So lovely and magical. Thank you again!)

  8. Marla4:44 PM

    Catherine, you need to start a band called Catherine Newman and the Hirsute Children! Rolls right off the tongue. I'll let you decide whether to include the poutine or not.

  9. If you got several searches for beet dip today, that's me. I had my husband look it up from home for the ingredients while I was out shopping, I told a coworker how to look up the recipe, and I looked it up again tonight to make it. I now know I really should spring for the greek yogurt.

  10. is it only a coincidence that hirsute sounds like hair suit?