Friday, March 02, 2012

Blog Search Keywords

"falling down stairs skirt over head"

Now, I have done many foolish and embarrassing things. But that does happen not to be one of them. Maybe were you looking for the post about how I walked to a meeting with my skirt tucked into my underwear? That gets lots and lots of traffic thanks to the delightful search phrase "skirt tucked into underwear." I am sorry only that the post must be so disappointing in its lack of pornographicness.

For some reason this reminds me of this thing that happened last year, where I got an email from AOL that was addressed "to all freelancers," and that reassured me that, despite whatever rumors I may have heard, I was not going to be laid off. "Do I work for AOL?" I asked Michael, and he shrugged. I could not remember writing for them, but maybe I had? No matter, because the next day I got an email explaining that I was, in fact being terminated after all. This was about a week after Disney had laid off all its online people, me included, and it was really an insult-to-injury kind of moment. I may be the only person in the world to be fired from a job I never even had. And to be found because of falling down the stairs with my skirt over my head, which I never even did. Did I?

Compensatory cat photograph due to random nature of blog posting.


  1. So so thankful for your posts- I just needed to laugh!

  2. I second Kelly. I adore your food writing, the photographs and the way that you make posts about a RECIPE so fascinating and readable, but these little random ones that just make me laugh out loud from the first sentence to the last, are my very favorite.

  3. I love your posts, and although I don't think I'm responsible for any of those search terms, I do tend to remember evocative phrases to search for things by rather than their actual titles, so I might search for a camping food recipe by remembering you saying the tent smelled like a poop bomb for hours after a diaper change...

    Anyway, I appreciate your use of cat pictures as internet currency, as per xkcd instructions-

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Craney knows how to keep everything in perspective. So what if you did fall down the stairs with your skirt over your head? So what if you were fired from a job you never had? You have a gorgeous cat sleeping on your west elmish sheets all day long while his peeps are at school and work. Thanks again for sharing your wacky randomness with us.

  5. Angela3:24 PM

    I wonder whether the skirt was over your head because you were upside down, or whether you were using it as a hat and had not considered the problem of not being able to see through it?? Actually the search is not even clear that it is your own skirt... You know, it's important to know exactly what it is that didn't happen to you! (like which job you didn't have that you got fired from).

  6. You might *think* you never worked for aol or did the skirt/head thing, but if you decide to read "1Q84" you might ponder the possible alternate realities in which your alter ego is doing just that. :-)

  7. It seems way better to be fired from a job you didn't have than a job you did have, but shoot...I guess that happened too.

    Glad you're still writing here!

  8. Caitlin K11:32 PM

    OK, I am hijacking the comments here as I have nominated Catherine's blog for The Homies 2012 (Best Family Blog) over at Apartment Therapy. I don't know how best to get the news out to her readership, so here it is. The list of nominees is here:

    Drop her a vote if you are so inclined!

  9. I'm wondering if the search engine your visitor used worked by some kind of associative property. I'm still laughing about your brilliant "Sorry I drank too much and didn't help to clean up" all-occasion cards. Maybe this Google searcher was looking for a card that said "Sorry I was falling down your stairs, skirt over head" and your cards offered a close second?