Wednesday, September 07, 2011

ChopChop News

ChopChop's Sally Sampson is talking about kids and lunch at the Washington Post. Yay, Sally!


  1. Jamie4:04 PM

    Great article! It'd be great if you could write a school lunch post -- a list of top favorites, list of broad suggestions, ideas for appealing packaging, whatever. I'm especially interested in things that are healthy but won't make my daughter feel too terribly "different" -- she loves spinach and brussels sprouts at home but she has put the kibosh on my sending anything remotely like them in her lunch, lest she get teased. This, of course, is an issue in and of itself and we're working on it gently and realistically but in the meantime I'd love some new ideas!

  2. Oh, yes, yes, please do a lunch box post!!! And include, like, a million possible ideas, because my son is likely to turn down 90% of them. Sigh.

  3. Jennifer LB12:15 AM

    Yes! Please! I need more healthy vegetarian ideas for my kid who says he doesn't want string cheese anymore. Now he wants brie or fresh mozzarella which are expensive and don't keep long. I need more protein ideas....

    That article was fun - but it was full of chicken and chocolate.

  4. Angela3:03 AM

    Oh, it's all so depressing for the mother of the boy who will ONLY eat sandwiches in his lunch box, and then ONLY if they have got salami or Nutella in! If I put a friendly little piece of cucumber or even a dob of mayo in a sandwich, it would result in him not eating it. Fruit? Forget it. My daughter eats any and everything! But I am branded the mother who can only think of Nutella sandwiches. At least I bake the bread... *sigh*.

    Appreciate your flexible children!!

    Moan over - the grape and rosemary foccacia looks delicious and I will bake it :)

  5. alison12:42 PM

    Please tell me your best container for keeping warm things warm in a lunch box.

  6. Anonymous10:13 PM

    ...... and on a completely off topic subject, Catherine.... here I am going to give you one of the best compliments you will ever get!... okay, maybe not, but I just wanted to let you know... it's me, 2kidslife, looooong time reader, frequent commenter, always a Catherine Newman adorer.. tonight, me sad and post-crying and family drama and huge changes coming up, etc.... my sweet husband tells me "turn off your brain and go to sleep" and what do I immediately think of? I opened up your Dalai Mama blog, and read many food blog posts, smiled at pics, got sentimental at how much younger Ben looked in pics, chuckled at funny Catherine things, smiled at cute kiddos and kitty... and now I am, with the balm for the soul that is Catherine Newman, calmer and ready for slumber. Thank you, again and again, our dear Catherine. What you do matters, mama writer. Man, I dig your writing. Hugs to you tonight. 10 pm ET, Thurs night.

  7. My Emma eats frozen peas straight out of the bag. I'm glad she isn't alone in her love of frozen veggies!