Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello, dear ones.

I am here today to mention this squash gratin, which is so good (even though I know you're just going to be ogling my bacon) and also this fondue, which is kind of a culinary cure-all, I have found. A celebration via molten cheese. Festivity writ small.

The other thing is that I am totally obsessed with this album. If the love-child of The Smiths and a depressive Balkan accordion sounds appealing, then this is the album for you!

We are wrestling with the weather here--just totally *wrestling.* Water is drip-drip-dripping into the study from the ice dams and we are just shoveling our way into oblivion. Sigh. The good news is that Birdy's been home sick but not too sick. Which means that she's happy to help me procrastinate by doing the Richard Simmons Sweatin' to the Oldies exercise video with me. Seriously. But who can work anyway, what with all the leaking and ice everywhere?

Finally, can I show something off? It's this beautiful new baby of some friends. And the blanket I made him {shrugs modestly} from Salvation-Army sweaters. Cashmere and lambswool. Right?

Stay warm, you guys. And dry.



  1. The baby is so beautiful and I am in love with the blanket. You've just added "learn to sew" to my bucket list.

  2. Shrugs modestly? That blanket is the bomb. Do people still use that term? Anyway, it's beautiful, like the baby on it!

    I haven't yet commented on the butternut squash, but I will, because a) I love butternut squash, and b) I love cheese, so it follows that I will love that recipe.

  3. Teafortwo4:49 PM

    We just came off a ten day "snow break" here in Atlanta; tonight's forecast is more snow. I'm not sure we could take it if it happens again. I really like that fabulous blanket.

  4. Janah9:13 PM

    LOVE Beirut! Have seen them a few times - some of the best shows ever. Oh yeah, beautiful blanket too!

  5. That blanket is is pretty cute too! Is it hand-sewn? Those are some skills.

    I wanted to let you know I checked out that diary you linked to in the fondue post...there is something wacky going on at is listing for $44.99, but the pink "Mom" version is listed at $11...I think there is some wacky code in there.

    It is also on the Canadian site for around $18 dollars. Anyway, I love the journal and will be ordering the pink mom version. What a great idea!

    Also, can't wait to try the squash recipe.

  6. Thanks, guys! And Jenifer--thanks for the heads-up. It was $11 when I linked, but it looks like they ran out of it on amazon. . .

  7. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I also bought the mom version. Be aware it is very pink. And gold.

  8. Babies and hand-sewn blankets! I have four children and not supposed to have any more, but I miss having a little one to spoil! That's a gorgeous baby on that pretty blanket.
    I hope you stay warm and dry too.

  9. I am making that squash gratin this weekend.
    Also, just defrosted some of your beet dip for a baby shower last weekend.
    And the blanket looks lusciously soft.
    Oh - and I just ordered 5 year journals for me and my husband!
    So thanks for the tremendous inspiration!

  10. Why the modest shrugging, when the blanket is perfection on the floor? Love, love, love it, and the cutest baby ever to lie on it (even though I always consider my own babies to be cutest).
    As for butternut squash, I could always get it in Santa Cruz, but here, in frozen Norway, they are nowhere to be found...

  11. those squares are even, even. You're such a closet professional sewer. (an accusation meant to compliment. seriously;))

  12. I'm glad I checked your blog today . . . what at treat: that unbelievable bambino & the prettiest little blanket (clap, clap). Still looking forward to my shrunken sweater blanket making tutorial. I might even try the squash gratin if I weren't such an unhappy cook. (Unhappiness makes things taste off.) LOVE to you & yours. Margaret

  13. The baby is so cute! Reminds me of my baby. I love the blanket.

  14. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I love the blanket. Did you embellish the onesie too? It looks like the little design on the middle of it is repeated in one of the corners of the blanket.

  15. Oh, yummy. We just recreated your whole gratin-bacon-spinach dinner. I would have taken a photo, but I ate it up too quickly. Thanks for the inspiration! My youngest (3.5 yrs) is Ben too and said if we called his brother "Birdy", then we would be just like your family.

  16. dale_in_denver6:00 PM

    i have signed on, successfully, i thought, to disney to leave several comments on several recipes over the last several days and they aren't showing up. :'(
    egg toritilla bake - YUM! Threw it together yesterday morning for dinner last night. heavenly. used some of the fire roasted Hatch green chiles we picked up late summer and froze - on only half b/c they are too spicy for my kiddos. we used pepper jack instead of monterey jack so their half had a little zing, but not too much. made the fondue over the weekend. much fun and my boys devoured it. whipped up a batch of granola bars on sunday too. today i've got your beef stew in the crockpot - hoping it makes a successful modification from the oven to the crock. it's been a dalai mama kind of week. thanks for helping to take the pressure off of me for answer to the age old question, "mom, what's for dinner?"

  17. dale_in_denver6:03 PM

    and i forgot to comment on that gorgeous baby on your beautiful blanket. tell me it is as easy to make as, say, the felted sweater wreath, and I'm game. if it involves a sewing machine? yeah, no, not gonna happen.

  18. Just read and loved the salad post - and also have to say that I am so glad that you keep finding Ben the "raspberry stripey-o" shirt in bigger and bigger sizes. :)

  19. Teafortwo2:21 PM

    I just made the granola bars, mostly because I looked the recipe up for a friend whose child has food allergies. She was debating having her child eat one from the store, and I said they were easy to make, without having yet made them (but having made other granola.) Can I just say I've been standing over the stove picking at the granola bars. AMAZING! Soren is home for the second time this week with a stomach bug, so this was entertainment for me.

  20. Hi - I love that blanket, but also just wanted to make sure you all have read Annie Barrows' Ivy and Bean books. My kids are reading them and we are all laughing - her humor reminds me of yours.
    stay warm!