Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oh, so many game wishes! I wish I could buy you all the games you want!

But: Bum ba-da dum. . .  the winner is. . . .


Send me your address (email on the right here), and I will put that game in the mail! Though you won't be getting a nap any time soon with a game like that around! Ha ha ha.

But wait! There's more! I sent out a few emails about this contest, and look what I got back:

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for your email. Normally we wouldn't do this, but because you made me
laugh with the phrase "totally random crack-potness!", I'll send you a copy of
Ticket to Ride for your giveaway

It'll go out to you tomorrow. Can we get a mention on the blog that we donated it
when you give it away?

Best Regards,

Mark Kaufmann
Days of Wonder
Come out and play!

As if I didn't already love those guys enough! So we did a separate drawing of the Ticket to Ride Folks and the winner of that excellent game is. . . 

Sarah, who said "You've sold our family on Ticket to Ride." Please send me your address! 

Thank you so much for playing, guys. I am so excited that there are so many enthusiastic gamers out there. 



  1. Thanks for taking the time to do this Catherine...holiday wishes to you and the family and hello to Anni and Frankie too!

  2. I'm sorry we didn't get picked, 'cause the train game was our pick. I will try to buy this at some point. In any case, I second Jenifer, thanks for doing this! And now let me forward the post about the games to my husband before I forget. I think we NEED to start playing these games.

    Quick question: since what age has Birdy been playing? I worry because Linton is only 6.5 (and the games say from 7 up) and he can be a slow learner sometime.

  3. although i did not win, thanks you are the best. i went and bought the game anyway! Family game time is some of the best times we have!

  4. Your game posts have inspired me to dig all the games out of the big wooden chest, where they were stored on their sides, shedding pieces into the bottomless pit ... and move them to the bottom shelf where the boys can reach them at will. Now? There's a very elaborate Risk game laid out right inside their bedroom door, pieces lovingly arranged in Romanesque legions, and I'm so glad they're finding the joy in them again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Thanks Catherine! I'm so excited that I won! Tonight we're having baked pancakes in your honor.

    I sent you my info a few minutes ago.

  6. Elena8:29 AM

    Dear Catherine,
    I know that you are going to read this comment and think "oh, get a life already" and you might not be entirely wrong to say it :) But I just wanted to say that your writing has made such a huge difference in my life after having kids. I started frantically reading your "Waiting for Birdy" posts when I was pregnant with my first child 6 years ago. It was like a friend telling me what was coming and no matter how terrible in the moment it would all turn out ok. I wept in complete despair when your blog stopped and before you posted a link to your next writing adventure. My husband tried to tell me that I was insane and I knew that I needed to get out more, which I swear I will do once the kids stop nursing, but I was then so relieved to find your next blog and your next blog and your next one. I made your recipes, I quoted your stories, I bought and read the books you talked about (including your own), I used your metaphors and expressions that so clearly matched how I felt, and now to top it off you come around and give me a list of awesome games that make perfect Christmas gifts to our dorky family. All I am trying to say is that I am incredibly grateful. I hope you take this not as ravings of a deranged sleep-deprived mom (which would not be entirely incorrect) but as a heartfelt letter of thanks for all you have done over these years. Please keep writing!


  7. Lilian, Birdy is just about able to play Ticket to Ride. I've posted some younger-kid games that might be more up Linton's alley. . .

    And Elena, thank you. What a lovely message.


  8. Wait, Lilian, I said that wrong. Birdy *does* play Ticket to Ride, but I would say that it's just about at the outer limit of her ability. Though she likes it and does just fine. (She'll be 8 in March.)

  9. Wendy8:10 PM

    Hi Catherine - at my request, we got Ticket to Ride for Christmas, and are already addicted. We also got Farkle and Phase 10, so we have more fun to come!

    Thanks so much for the suggestions. I'd also like to recommend Labyrinth - it's one of our favorites (kids age 10 and 7)

  10. jenny7:20 AM

    lol, my partner is a gamer, goes to convention 7 or 8 times a year, has a room filled with boxes of games, spends two evenings a week, every week playing games and yet I can barely get through a game of snap or happy families! Our nine year has got past that stage of having to win and now plays for fun, luckily I have the baby as an excuse not to join in...!