Saturday, October 09, 2010

Hi, hi, hi!

We are running off to spend the weekend with my parents, but I wanted to link to the column I posted early, in case you wanted a great idea for your Sunday dinner. It's pork roast with cider-cream gravy. Are you dying just from even how good it sounds?

Also, I posted miso kale chips last week, and they're good, even if they sound not so exciting. Plus, not to pull out all the stops to entice you over there, but the recipe did inspire this one-line email from a friend: "how i love that you can weave a hand-job reference into a post about kale chips. is there an award for that?"

I also wanted to mention, kind of late, that I have a piece in the October issue of Whole Living (formerly Body + Soul), that will likely be available for approximately one more minute. And I have a piece in the new issue of Brain, Child too.  I don't mean to brag and I don't mean to boast, said Peter T. Hooper, but speaking of toast. . . (ten points for anyone who can name that reference).

Otherwise, it's just the usual. You know gorgeous weddings. . .

. . . and flying kids.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. xo


  1. I totally missed the hand job reference in the miso kale chips column. minus ten points for me.

  2. I don't like to brag and I don't like to boast,

    Said Peter T Hooper, but speaking of toast

    And speaking of kitchens and ketchup and cake

    And kettles and stoves and the stuff people bake...

    Well I don't like to brag, but I'm telling you Liz,

    That speaking of cooks, I'm the best that there is!

    Why, only last Tuesday, when mother was out

    I really cooked something worth talking about!

    Yes, it's Dr Seuss!
    And may I just say I don't think it is neither bragging nor boasting, just simply wonderful, wonderful.

  3. Teafortwo8:26 PM

    This was a wonderful weekend. Warm (85 degrees). With Cub Scout camping, archery and boomerangs. And strep throat. And getting to see Kenny Rogers' son's at the doctor's office. It's never boring around here. Never.

  4. It is nice because we have a long weekend and Thanksgiving and apple picking and spending time outside in this warm weather.

    I can't wait to check out the recipes now I am really intrigued!

    Glad you had such a nice weekend. Ben looks adorable (I mean really cool, hi Ben!) in that shot with you.

    We have a wedding next wedding I hope the weather holds.

  5. I love Ben's hair! And the one with the swings is so sweet! And next Sunday, I'm making that roast for sure!

  6. Weddings are fun. Especially when they are not yours (less stress).

    Going over to Disney to read about miso chips and handjobs now...

    Btw, I met some mommy bloggers this weekend that provided a fascinating glimpse into what your world might be like.

  7. jensammons4:36 PM

    Scrambled Egg Super! I love that book! And, as always, your recipes look fantastic. Definitely going to make the roast, and I will TRY the kale chips. I will.

  8. "I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast, but I'm intercontinental when I eat French toast." no, wait. That's the Beastie Boys. Do i get partial credit for obscurity?

  9. Honestly, I'm embarrassed that I missed the handjob reference the first time around. Usually my mind is realiably filthy, so I'm disappointed with myself. But that won't stop me from trying your kale chips.

  10. miryboo9:47 AM

    Am trying to find the "Love Experiment" in Whole Living. Guess I missed it. Anybody have a link?

  11. Ah, you guys are the best. It is Scrambled Egg Super, of course! But the Beastie Boys? Seriously? I had no idea!

    I will try to figure out if that Whole Living piece is online. . .

    xo Catherine

  12. Oh, bummer, I can't find either piece! I don't subscribe to Brain, Child, but I was able to read your last piece online there.
    I am definitely trying the kale chips, partly due to the handjob reference.

  13. Anonymous10:45 AM

    So I didn't want to leave this comment at Disney because I only like to leave complimentary comments there--I tried the Kale Chips and it was my first time to actually taste Kale and well, I had to spit it out and then wipe my tongue off. Then my three year old came in, tried, and did the exact same thing! But I really want us to like Kale. It so good for you! Maybe I'll chop up a teaspoon of it and stuff it into the pork. Start small. Sorry. I felt the need to confess about the Kale. (Made the corn chowder, though, and LOVED it again) --Cathy K

  14. Loretta2:19 PM

    Kind of caught the blog handjob remark earlier today, but didn't think much of it then a few hours later meandered back to the computer and read the Kale Chip column, and when I got to the stem part, remembered your hint...and got a good laugh. Ah, the things that help your day along when you're a Stay at home Mom!

  15. So are we to believe that Disney doesn't edit you? Or that they're so much less prissy than we are otherwise led to believe? I'm totally impressed!