Friday, July 23, 2010

Well, hello there! It has been a while, and I hope you're having a good summer.

Since last we spoke, I have made

this awesome cold noodle bowl
and this addictive gingery napa slaw
and this flimmery panna cotta 
and these super-easy dill pickles

Plus, you'll have to click on that last link to read about the baby we're going to have in our house. I am tricky that way.

What have you been making? Anything you'd like to share here?

More soon, but in the meantime please stay cool.


  1. I made JAM! From black raspberries that grow in our YARD! Every time I put the jam on something (and is there anything I can't find an excuse to dip in jam?) I feel like I am EATING THE PIONEER HARVEST.

  2. Er, the harvest MADE BY pioneers. Not the harvest OF pioneers.

  3. Anonymous2:59 PM

    We've been on a blueberry binge! I blogged about it here:

    Since that post we also made jam and syrup and our new favorite snack is crackers spread with peanut butter and then dolloped with sticky jam. You have to catch the drips quick!

    It must be nice to have kids that actually put clothes on to play outside in the water... we are not quite there yet!

  4. Swistle, you made jam *from pioneers*? Did you have to add pectin?

  5. Well, I steamed some green beans from my garden the other night, and I felt pretty great about it.

    Your pickle recipe is basically the same that my mother, her mother, and her grandmother from Poland used. They are my absolute favorite pickles, and you're right--they're eaten long before the possibility of going bad.

  6. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Grilled bread from the "Simply in Season" cookbook -- topped with cherry tomatoes from the garden, chives from the garden, onions from the garden and cheese ... from the fridge. Takes 5 minutes to grill, which is great in this heatwave. And now dill pickles -- thanks so much for a great recipe that didn't require canning!

  7. dale_in_denver5:48 PM

    This is no joke - yesterday I had the day off and I made:
    Your granola bars
    Your buns, slider-sized
    Your green goddess potato salad
    Some apricot strawberry fruit leather that wasn't from one of your recipes. It didn't dehydrate as I expected and was still runny this morning. :-(
    Got a good fruit leather recipe?

  8. I can't wait to try your easy dill pickles. We've made strawberry jam, bread and butter pickles, salsa with blackberry jam to come this weekend. Yay for farmer's market season! My biggest "makes" were last week at the Steiner Institute up your direction. I spent a week (on the campus of Stonehill College) taking a class called The Art of Baking Bread and the Evolving Picture of Human Consciousness. You can read more about it here: (I'm just including one link although I blogged about it the entire week. :)

  9. I haven't actually made these yet, but thought of you when my daughter came home from summer camp raving about two recipes she learned in a campfire cooking class. Scrambled Pancakes - You put the batter in a frying pan and scramble it as you would eggs. Add chocolate chips at the end and scramble them in, then eat it in a bowl, with or without syrup. Orange Cake - You cut a piece off the top of an orange, hollow out the fruit (she wasn't sure what the counselors did with the fruit) and fill the rind with cake batter. Wrap the whole thing tightly in foil and cook it in the coals, then eat the cake out of the orange rind with a spoon.

    Low brow stuff, I know, but since you are campers, thought I'd pass those tidbits along! We'll try them on our family camping trip in a few weeks.

  10. The only thing that grew in our tiny garden this year was okra. But we only get 1-2 pods a day, so we're just cutting and freezing them. Eventually I think we may have enough to actually consume.
    I made your plum cake recipe this weekend with peaches. It worked just as well, but I definitely prefer the plums. I guess here in the South we get a lot of peach cobbler, so peaches for dessert are not as exotic as plums.
    Thanks for all the great recipes and commentary.

  11. Welcome Anni! That's a lucky baby cooking with all that cooking going on around! We've been making curried potato salald, tomato-cheddar-onion pie, elote, sour cream rhubarb pies, your donut cake, blueberry coffee cake and dolphins. A LOT of dolphins, because that's how my 3 year old rolls...and scrambled eggs- because the baby can now happily chomp them!

  12. You know I would FOR SURE leave you this comment at, if that site didn't have something against allowing me to register and do so (???). So I am forced to comment here and say: I read your corn/cream/pasta column just now, and beyond how amazing the dish looks--and perfect for my CSA veggies and herbs right now--I was just blown away by the photos of your gorgeous, big kids--how can it be?--and by the sweet lovely writing about nostalgia for all things young-family-ish and baby-related. I know. I get it. I have a 6 year old and a 3 year old but I still get it, already.

    Also, I know you get this ALL THE TIME, but....those kids of yours, I feel like I've known them since they were babies. It almost makes me cry, reading you now and seeing their pictures and thinking of how time flies and kids grow.

    Thank you, Catherine!

  13. canadianfan5:41 PM

    Wow, could Micheal be hotter? Sorry, but that was my first thought looking at that corn cutting picture. What can I say?

  14. This weekend I made kale chips, zucchini bread and pasta, though the last one was somewhat cheating as I used a pasta maker. But the others were by hand.

    Last weekend I made strawberry-rhubarb pie and fresh fruit popsicles. Yum.

  15. A million thank-yous for the pickle recipe, they on my counter and they are so good! The girls think I am a hero too!

    I cannot wait to try the nappa wishes as this summer keeps flying by!

  16. libramom100811:49 PM

    Just recently asked my mom for recipes she made during my childhood and have been making those--baked chicken and pasta with meat sauce-type things. Not at all summery, but satisfying and nostalgic. My vegetarian husband is feeling a bit neglected, I fear...

    Cole, is the tomato-cheddar-onion pie published anywhere? Perhaps I could make it up to him with something like that.

  17. Cool cucumber soup. My friend who actually had a successful garden before it started feeling like Hades outside gave me a bunch of homegrown cucumbers. I had to use them up and man, cold soup on a hot day is wonderful. As is not turning on the oven!

  18. Huh? You having another baby, Catherine? Am I understanding this right??? Congratulations a million times and more. Hope you are feeling infinitely better than the last two times... Although that is hardly likely. Sincerely your stalkerish fan in Norway, Christine Rosaker

  19. Oh, it's your friend who is having a baby... That makes a lot more sense. Congrats to her. And you are right. She has no idea. (and if you want to check out my youngest son with the worst case ever of the chicken pox, it is here.