Monday, March 09, 2009

I Won

the "The World's Most Beautiful Readers" contest, and my prize was you.

I don't know how to describe the experience of seeing all of your faces on facebook--this uncanny feeling of recognition, and yet so many of you I've never laid eyes on before. It was totally moving, utterly uplifting. Thank you so much. I really had no idea. I looked at you and your puppies and your babies and your bellies and your backyards and your cupcakes and your kids and your partners, and I was amazed. By what nice hair you all see to have, for one. And by your cats, many of whom could stand to lose a little weight, no? And mostly by your smiles. What a wild ride. Loretta, thank you again.

Okay, onto other matters, like more chicken, here. This is a foolproof and uproariously delicious recipe. You will not even need to clean your stove afterwards! But you may wake up thirsty in the night.

Speaking of waking up thirsty in the night: Birdy is sick again. With a fever again. She woke crying in the night, asking shakily but politely after "some ice cold water, please" and then would wake again periodically to say, "Mama, could you please pass me my ice cold water," which I found totally heartbreaking. Trader Joe's Mango & Cream Bars are our saving grace right now.



  1. Oh, that Birdy. I too feel it's most heartbreaking when they are _politely_ sick. I hope she mends quickly!

    I am smelling the scent of your granola recipe bake RIGHT NOW, so you can say I've been thinking of you today. BTW, it's yummo!

    Also, I just joined your fan club over at facebook. I go by my real name over there- Sarah.

    Oh! And one more thing- I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now, and I remember you've read it too.... did it make you feel inspired AND inadequate all at once? Just me?

  2. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hello Catherine,
    I am a long time reader, first time poster. : )
    Actually my daughter Olivia just posted a note to you on the previous thread b/c we just made the black bean dip and we all LOVED it so much. She is studying about letter writing right now at school and wanted to write you a letter to tell you how much she liked your recipe. My son, who is 4asked her to mention that he really likes your Ranch Dressing too. "Um, that's Paul Newman buddy". Oops, wrong Newman. Thought that you might want to know you have some young fans here. Keep the recipes coming, we love them!! Fondly, Kiki & the gang
    ps: sorry to hear Birdy's sick again!

  3. That poor Birdy has had a rough time of it this late winter, hasn't she? Although she's very polite in her time of need. Here's hoping spring brings her some relief.

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I have resisted the pull to facebook, I only stalk my husband's account, so he may have to become a fan incognito.

  5. My daughter used to get sick, and stay sick, at this time of year, every year. I suggest reading the book Perfect Health for Kids by John Douillard. It's based on the Ayurvedic principle that there are 3 body types.

    My daughter is vata (winter) and so would get so cold and dried out and then her body would produce mucus in order to hydrate itself. At this point in the year, it would overshoot the mark and she'd end up with fevers and pneumonia. His suggestion to give massages to keep their skin moist has worked wonders. He describes much better than I could why it is that this works. The point is that it works! I had checked it out from the library like 4 times before I finally broke down and bought the thing. (PS- I don't work for the guy, or know him, or anything. It's just a really interesting and helpful book.) Based on the kind of person that you describe yourself to be, I have a feeling you'd like it.

    Sorry for the marathon comment, but I really hope it helps.

  6. Oh Birdy, you and Noah could live in the "sick house" he has talked about constructing (bless his heart, he offered to build it when he went down with fevers again this weekend, in an effort to protect his siblings from the bug).

    I counted, and since December, this clan has been sick 64 days. 64 days! It sounds like the ominous title of a horror flick. And in some ways, it is, complete with politely ill children who either need hot, feverish foot rubs or someone to mop vomit off their pillows. flu or pukes. pukes or flu. Such is the story of winter over here.

    Running now to the chicken recipe. Did you by chance come up with a magic way to prepare the chicken without actually touching it? Just sayin'.

  7. Well, I was happy to join your fan page on Facebook. All I wanted to do in the first place was show support. :) Thanks for understanding, Catherine, and sorry for how it went down.

  8. Oh, she is soooo sad here! My boy gets very polite when he gets sick too, and it breaks my heart into a million pieces. Here's hoping she gets well soon!

    Now I'm off to join your fanclub on Facebook!

  9. Normally I lurk around here. I love you and have been reading your words forever (ya know, back in the day). But I had to come out of lurkdom to say two things.

    #1. That daughter of yours is beautiful. Her profile looks very much like Ben's to me.

    #2. You should warn a person that when they click on a link they will see RAW CHICKEN PARTS. {Shudder}

    The End

  10. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Motherhood really is so heartbreaking. Who knew? Feel better Birdy.

    Yikes-- the "word identification" below is "cripple." I wonder what that means??

  11. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Oh sweet Birdy.... she parallels my big boy in age, and I so need, yes NEED, your writings to remind me to slow down and soak it in.... We wish Birdy a speedy recovery.

    p.s. I joined your facebook fan page but didn't see YOU there.....

  12. Poor Sweet Birdy! My little girl just got over the barfing flu, with an awfully high fever. Miss Birdy looks so adorable in that picture, though--vulnerable and utterly adorable.

  13. Feel better dear Birdy. I was just catching up on your last posts and I joined the facebook page too! I cannot believe Birdy is six because that means my Rosebud is turning six sooner than I would like. It was strange in a way to be pregnant this time around without you, my first baby on my own.

  14. That picture of Birdie is so beautiful despite the fact that you can totally tell she's not feeling well. My Maga always requests ice cold water, in such a polite way that even if I have to drag my tired body to the kitchen, I still get a cup for her.
    Thanks for the recipes!!!! Love them all!

  15. Anonymous1:20 AM

    She's such a big girl! All slim in the cheek and with big girl tidy hair. Wow.

    I thought the comment about your ranch dressing being good was HILARIOUS. That's just awesome.

  16. I am strangly comforted by all the tales of sick little ones, only because both my boys have been sick so constantly this winter, and I'm getting 'tutting' comments from people, leading me (of course) to feel like a its something I'm doing, or neglecting, or inviting or whatever. Bring on the spring...
    Hope all these 'smalls' feel better soon, along with their parents :)

  17. Dear Olivia,

    I am so glad you liked the black bean dip! You were very adventurous to make and taste it. Plus, those beans are good for your growing body! Do you and your brother make jokes about beans like my kids do?

    I'm glad you like chickpeas too!

    Thank you very much for writing me.

    yours truly,

  18. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I too hope that Birdy feels better soon. Mine had a fever last week and had to miss his 1st day of school. (K) I told him he had to stay home and he said 'but Mama, today is a school day...I'm gonna miss it' I actually thought to myself, 'keep that attitude for the rest of your school years and you'll go far' :-) Hope no one else in your family gets sick.

  19. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I mourned the end of your Ben & Birdy column on babycenter (was it?. I remember telling my husband about how sad it was. How long has it been?? Today I just thought I'd google you to see what you were up to... Birdy is sooo beautiful. I've missed you all! So glad I found you again!


  20. of course we are your loyal fans.
    why wouldn't we join your fanclub silly!
    your words speckle our days. your granola and sour cream & onion popcorn inspire us.
    you read animal, vegetable, miracle -- we must too.
    if only being admired on facebook could pay some bills, eh?

  21. Catherine (and Catherine fans),

    Do you know that Katherine Center's new book Everyone Is Beautiful is out and I'm only half way through it but it is soooooo good. She's coming to my city in a couple weeks for a reading! She, like you, speaks to a mother's heart and wasted brain.

  22. My Jasmine, who is just the same age as Birdy, is also a heartbreaker when ill. Last time, she had the burning hot fever and was laying on my bed at midnight saying politely, "I was just thinking. You know, about stuff in my life...." heart-melting.

    Also, love the salmonella caption. There's a funny Onion article called "FDA Approves Salmonella". Lolololol.

    Yay facebook!

  23. Oh, that FACE! It's enough to break your heart. I know what you mean about when they are politely ill. The last time my daughter was wracked by the stomach flu she asked me to "could you please hold my hair back?" even as she was barfing. Then she said "thank you" when she was done.

  24. Once again Catherine, I am tickled pink that you've mentioned me in your blog. I had to come back and make the comment that the FB group currently has 500 members, and its beginning to take on a life of its own!

  25. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Happy birthday, Birdy!

    Also, had to comment about chickpeas, they are by far my new favorite snack. I used Old Bay seasoning instead of curry. Yum!

  26. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Hi there! I've never posted here before, but I've been reading your posts forever! First of all, I hope Birdy is feeling better!

    I thought you and your readers might be interested in this law up for vote soon.

    It would make illegal many organic, local farming practices and heirloom seeds. No more farm fresh eggs, road side stands and possibly farmer's markets.

    Please check out HR 875 or S. 425 and contact your representatives. Thanks

  27. Anonymous11:32 AM

    I am a first time poster here but long time fan of yours Catherine. My son will be 5 in May and I remember coming across your blog on Babycenter while I was pregnant.
    This year has been bad in our house as well with illness - I only have one child but he just keeps sharing his illness with everyone in the house! He normally is a very healthy child - I keep a very clean house so all I can chalk it up to is bad luck!
    Hope Birdy is better - I will be joining your facebook page tonight when I get home!

  28. Oh, sweet Birdy, hope she gets the iciest of waters to quench her sickness. (my word verify? prefiend! so excellent!) Thank you for continuing to write. As you can tell, many hundreds of us eat up your recipes and your words.