Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Dear ones, as some of you may have already noticed, my Dalai Mama column over at Wondertime.com is shifting from a bare-all chronicle of nipple hair and urinating mice to a bare-all chronicle of dinner. I promise there will be useful recipes, even though yes, it's true, I did once make a 5-gallon jar of sauerkraut that bubbled fragrantly in our pantry for yeasty, fermented months on end. . . but trust me. Everyday dinners, wholesome and delicious cooking, seasonal, earth-friendly, budget-friendly, kid-friendly approaches--it's going to be all that! And more. And more Catherine Newman than Gourmet, if you know what I'm saying here. And what I'm saying is that I don't know how to take pictures of meat. But I'm also saying that the parenting stuff will be in there--you might just have to look harder for it.

Please, please stay with me. And please, please log on to family.com and leave comments, even if you need to give them your retirement account pin number and the deed to your home. I know, I swear. But that's what it's like, and I need your comments and your feedback, and I need it over there. I am trying to think of a good bribe to offer you for registering over there. How's this: register over there--it has to be over on family.com, where the plum cake is, not on wondertime.com, where the column has been until now--and leave a comment, then come back here and tell me. I will put all the names in a hat, pull one, and send someone a little as-yet-to-be-determined present. Is that crazy? You'll let me know.

So, the seal-poop wondertime post is here, the weepy commencement post is here, and the plum cake is here. You know I love you so much. I do. Thank you.


  1. Okay, Catherine, as you requested I registered and left my comment on the Dalai Mama site instead. Only for you! :) I am going to try that Plum Cake - it does seem perfect for fall!

  2. I was weepy in my Wondertime comment, so I will go to Family.com and be all happiness and light.

    I'm just glad you're writing something somewhere that makes you (and us!) happy.

  3. I'm looking forward to the food stuff, but I hope that you'll still find time to pour some good parenting nuggets into this blog.

  4. Ok, comment left. And apparently one's Wondertime account qualifies as a Disney account? Because I was able to use that email/password combo to sign in.

  5. Request granted. I'm sad to see Dalai Mama end but maybe you'll inspire me in feeding my family like you inspire me as a mother. Thank You!

  6. Anonymous1:32 PM

    I object! Change is bad, bad I tell you!!

    I'll keep reading, and yes, I gave over the deed to my house and the requisite stool sample, told them my mother's maiden name, and threw salt over my shoulder just so I could post a comment. Only for you, dear Catherine, only for you. My life has no time for baking cakes from scratch, especially one that requires the pitting of plums. It's just never going to happen. But I'll keep reading, just for your wit. You're worth it.

  7. Anonymous2:05 PM

    OK, for you, and only for you, I did it. Had to look around a LOT to find a username, but at least now it should be easier to do. I'm happy for you, sad for us, but looking forward to the recipes.

  8. I signed up and left a comment, although I had to do some fancy middle initial thing to get a user ID that wasn't already taken. Apparently, there are more Janets in the world than I was led to believe...

  9. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Of course I commented at family. com. How could anyone refuse? But strangely I could have sworn I wrote "plum cake" and yet it came up as "love plum tart" in my comment. Fitting, no? Seriously just the other day I was thinking about your writing and worried that you might have to stop writing about your kids. But then you just transitioned beautifully to that food blog, which I expect to be as nourishing as your parenting blog has been all these years. I am so glad you're staying right there. So glad!

  10. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Hi Catherine - thanks for your great column, which I have been quietly appreciating from afar. I HAVE registered at family.com, after fraudulently stating that I live in California (since my real Zip Code in Germany is apparently fictional) - but now I can't think of anything to say!! Typical. So I promise I will write something in the future. Meanwhile apropos granola, from which you have probably moved on a mile since you started me thinking about it, have you tried the world's most divine chocolate version? http://desertculinary.blogspot.com/2005/05/chocolate-crunch.html
    Not that my fussy eaters will touch it, but it's worth it just for us grown-ups...
    Wishing you all the best!

  11. Luckily, the fact is that you could write about the toxic droppings of microscopic insects and still make us addicted fans laugh and cry and wet our pants (did I leave out any bodily fluids?). So (whew!) we're OK there. And food is always fun to read about, even for those of us who are learning-disabled when it comes to cooking. (I don't mean me or anything.)
    And OK, OK, since we'd all stand on our heads naked for you (please don't picture this), I'll certainly go over to Scary Disney Corporation and try again to leave comments, even if I hear hostile and maniacal laughter coming from my computer as I do so. Just for you, though.
    But are you sure you wouldn't rather see me stand on my head naked?

  12. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Hi, Catherine. I actually registered and posted over at the other place...although really just to say thanks, more than to enter the contest. Still, since I did it, might as well get credit!
    Thanks again for continuing to write. Keep it coming, in any form!

    Anita Jo
    anitajo72 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  13. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I just signed up to family.com so I could leave you a comment. I have to say I am feeling sad about endings, and changes, and final columns. But I love your writing and will read what ever you offer, even if you start to write about baseball scores (which if you knew me is quite a promise!)
    A faithful reader from Canada

  14. I posted a comment.
    I am happy that you are evolving and sharing what you are passionate about!

  15. Anonymous3:46 PM

    I left a comment yesterday but I am confused now about whether it is at the right place where you need it... It was at the end of the "It's not goodbye,it's bon appétit" column. I'll go see and check. Good luck with the meat photos !

  16. Hi Catherine,

    I will miss your weekly parenting humor and insight; I can’t tell you how much of an inspiration you have been to not just me but a lot of mothers out there! So many times I have found myself chatting with another mom and one of us will say, “do you ever read the blog they have on Wondertime..?” because something (ie the mutual annoyance of Caillou) will remind us of a blog of yours. Thanks for sharing your stories with us over the last six years and I look forward to your recipes!

    I have registered over at family.com and will leave a comment just as soon as I leave this comment.

  17. You have indeed held my hand so many times, and I see why you need to move forward. With the rational noted I need to just say..

    aaarrrrggghhhh and WAIL!!

    Keep posting here, will you??

    and I'll log on to, yikes, disney (shhh) and let them know that you are loved, no, needed.

    hum... the scrambled letters to decode, in order to leave a comment here are 'dire'. Apropos.

  18. Anonymous4:12 PM

    Done. I have commented at the recipe space also now. Happy to be useful to you so easily!
    And I think I missed some irony concerning the meat pictures? Will it be only vegan recipes over there? Argh.

  19. I am glad you aren't totally leaving us Catherine. I signed up at Family.com and I left you a comment there. Looking forward to your food column, cause honestly, the only thing I love more than my kids, would be food!

  20. I jumped through the hoops and commented over at Family.com. But I have to tell you, I'm NOT HAPPY! I'm not a foodie, and I hate cooking. However, if you want to write about recipes, I'll read about recipes. If you wanted to write about the phone book, I'd read about the phone book. But I'm very very sad to think I won't be able to read about Ben and Birdie on a regular basis. I know what you mean about them having their own stories now, though. Maybe Ben could start a blog? I'd read that! My son has one, (he's 9) where he's dubbed me "brick wall." Oh, Catherine. I went through this already when you switched from Parenting to Wondertime, and I thought I'd lost you then. Now, I'm losing you to Plum Cake. Rats.

  21. oo, I'll miss the non food articles, but I will love the recipes and such and they are really what I need. No wait, I need both, so please just write another book ok? ;) I did post on family.com spot, to help out!

  22. catherine,
    family.com and i have this continuing battle where they say in order for me to finish logging in i have to click on the link in the email the send me. but then i go to my yahoo, and there is no email. and then i go back to family.com and click on "resend confirmation email", and then i go back to yahoo and there is still no email.....ahhhhh! i tried to create a new account, but it wouldn't let me bc it says i already have one.
    but i assure you i will keep reading as long as you keep writing. sometimes i really do feel like you reach out and hold my hand and now you'll be reaching out and holding my cooking hand. and no, thank YOU!

  23. Anonymous6:25 PM

    O.K. I too jumped through the Disney hoops, and I even had to edit it down a number of times becuase my original monologue was apparently not under 1,000 characters (long-winded much?). I did not say it there (becuase I had no room left), but I am truly grateful that you are still going to be writing. You certainly could just stop altogether, and that would be awful. AWFUL! So I am appreciative that we are getting something even though it is different (change is hard, but I'm trying to do the whole glass half-full thing.). Thank you so much, more than I could every say (and definitely more than I am allowed to say at Disney), for your column (at babycenter too, of course), and your book. Your are a treasure, truly.-Loren (oheveteli)

  24. I commented. I lied and said i would make the plum cake but i know I will never do such a thing. I do love to read your stuff though so I'll keep lying and pretending I can cook.

  25. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Okay, okay...I understand. But when some funny or touching story IS yours to tell, post it here, okay? As you said a week or two ago, it does get more complicated and difficult in a different way as the kids get older, and I'd love to hear your take on the new issues that arise, when you feel able. I've been reading your blog since I was pregnant with my first, who's now in kindergarten, and will miss it.

  26. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I could see it coming from the first paragraph, and felt like I needed to keep reading through my fingers over my eyes, hoping I wasn't actually going to see what was coming. Sooooooooo sad that you'll be changing your column, but I will definitely follow you wherever and however you want to keep sharing (and as I said in my family.com comment, I mean that in the nicest, non-stalkerish way possible!).

    I have loved, loved, loved all of your insights and lovely words about parenting in general, and parenting your two wonderful kids specifically, so thanks for the years of support for all of us other moms out there.

  27. Anonymous8:54 PM

    OH . . .as if fall were not already nostalgia-inducing enough . . . Thank you Catherine, for getting me through the past 6 years: 3 children born, a husband put through medical school, sleepless nights, groggy days, a major relocation. Your honesty and wisdom and humor have been a constant. You help remind me of the Mother I want to be, and give me the freedom to laugh at myself when I fall short. Reading the posts these past few days, I am clearly not the only one. Many write about what we all go through with these wonderful small people, but you resonate. Thank you.

    Bring on the plum cake!

  28. I can't believe I am taking the time to comment all over the place, because I have a deadline to meet and my husband is actually doing the grocery shopping because I am "at home working." (guilty cringe.) But you deserve it. Best wishes to you. My tears are almost dry. And they are over your change in writing, not the family.com website sign-in procedure.

  29. I am so depressed, and judging from the comments about trying to log in at family.com, I am not sure I have the heart to try it tonight. I started reading your writing at the same time I became a parent, and in that time, I have had three children and grown up myself. I don't like to read about food and I certainly don't have time to cook, but because you are writing it, I have to read it.

  30. Anonymous9:53 PM

    After trying and trying to join family.com, at last, success! All for you. I sighed a little sigh today when I read that your Ben and Birdy column will now focus on FEEDING your beautiful, peaceful kids. I'm sticking with you because I have been reading you for 6 years, and I need ideas for tempting my own kidlet. Here's to your new adventure. :-)

  31. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Catherine -

    I have enjoyed reading your family blog ever since I was pregnant with my now-five-year-old daughter. I don't know if it was a personal or "executive" decision for you to change the focus of your column - I will miss sharing your experiences (they so often mirror my own), but will keep reading you! best wishes to you, your hubby and kiddos.

  32. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I left my first comment ever on family.com-why do they make it sooo difficult? why? I will miss your parenting column more than I can express here but at least I can drown my sorrows in your good food :)

  33. Done.

    As I said at family.com, I will miss your column. I am happy that your voice will still be present, and I know the recipes will be delicious. But I will miss your honesty and voice. Yours was one of the very first mom blogs/columns that I started reading way back when...

    Keep this blog going too, though, okay?

  34. After trying at least a kajillion display names, I am finally bona fide with Disney. And I left a comment. And I hope that my (and others') failure to do so earlier isn't why you are discontinuing your non-cooking writing there. I've followed you from Babycenter (circa 2001) and I don't intend to stop now.

  35. Anonymous11:11 PM

    I think the prize should be a shopping trip at the Salvie with you. Would a homemade pinata be out of the question??

    I shall go forth and register....

  36. I feel like a little part of my heart just died reading that Wondertime column. I will comment weekly if you promise to sneak in some Ben and Birdy stories and keep posting over here.
    I can't accept the fact that "fewer of the stories being ours to tell," but you're right. We've grown up with Ben and Birdy!
    And maybe you'll inspire me to be a better cook along the way...

  37. I'm not doing this to be a part of the contest. I'm doing it for you. You've kept me sane since the birth of my first child 5 1/2 years ago. You've made me laugh til I peed - honest. There is no way in the world I could ever return that favor. Except, maybe baking that plum cake and promising to cook whatever else you can dream up. Go on now, make us proud! xoxo

  38. okay, so family.com and i are back in cahoots. i figured out how to recover my password and i left you a comment. i will continue to do so. and i must say that my new cartoonish profile pic, a la disney, has a lovely hairdo.

  39. Anonymous8:57 AM

    I can't. You can only register if in US or Canada. I'm neither. I can't even make an address up (unless someone wants to send me a valid zip code?).



  40. Dear Catherine-I just registered at left my first ever comment for you on your plum cake post. (The cake, by the way, sounds delicious!) I look forward to trying your recipes...and, like all your other fans, am telling myself that this isn't an ending, just a transformation...very best wishes to you, and thank you so much for the past 5 years! :)

  41. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Okay, I will comment on family site when I finally get my confirmation email so that they can verify it is me. (which i did last time already!) of course, disney's emails take like 2 days for me to get. (you know servers, delays, blah, blah...) I will miss the wondertime column! Yes, i too had tears, and when reading all the comments at family, i got teary eyed again! jheesh! though I did get a laugh out of bj's poor plum tree and also the actual 'plum lady' checking it out. ;-) (this is just a wink - not meant to be palin like) I will post there when i can finally let disney know that yes, it's me. Thanks for your passion, Catherine. from Shari in NC.

  42. I did it! Thank you for the affirmation of us as readers. Thanks to you, I've just started a blogging life and it's been such a well of affirmation that, apparently, I really needed. Thank you for writing and inspiring all of us to parent with truth and light. Blessings...

  43. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Ok, it's done. Disney just loves to make us pay in every way. I'm so glad to read through these posts and see that I'm not the only one who isn't much of a cook, but for your sake we're willing to keep reading anyway. We just love you so much - keep writing! :-)

  44. I'm exhausted. Just finished leaving a post on family.com. Don't even have the energy left to vent on how frustrating that was... that must be their plan! Catherine, I have followed you since your first post on Babycenter. My oldest two are the same ages as yours. I'd elaborate on how you've helped me and made me laugh, but I can't condense it and do it justice. You're a real mensch though and I thank you. I wish you all the best in your next chapter!

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. I'll miss your Dalai Mama columns, but am looking forward to the weekly recipes! I was already a familyfun.com member but it still took FOREVER to login, and then another 15 minutes before I was able to comment. They seriously need to find a better way!

  48. Sorry for the deleted comment - I seem to have lost the ability to type..

    For those of you not in the US and interested in baking (the very yummy) Plumb Cake try this funky site


    for conversions of measurements, inlcuding '1 stick of butter' :)

  49. Of course I would go over there and leave you comments. With or without a present promise! Love your writing and I'm sure I will love it as you move on!

  50. I don't know why I am so resistant to leaving the comments, when really I could deny you nothing, and when you are asking so little.

    Okay, so I do know why. Because I go to the post and I click "share your comment," and it makes me click another box to log in. And then I try to login, and shoot, what is my password? And I try three or four things, and no. So I look through my list of password hints (ATTENTION THIEVES: it would not be helpful to anyone not-me), and there is no hint for Family.com! Darn it, why didn't I write it down? So I ask to have my password reset, and it asks me for my surname. But did I give it my married name or my maiden name or the fake surname ("Thistle") I use when I don't want to give my real name? Shoot. If I choose wrong, they'll think I'm pulling a total scam here.

    Oh, wait, is it maybe the same password as Wondertime? YES! YES, I am SO SMART! I'm IN! Oh. Now it says I have to confirm my email address, because I took too many tries to log in. An email is being sent to the email address on file. Fine, I will wait for it. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Where is it? I will go look for it. It's not here. Is it in the spam folder? *squinting past all those offers for body parts I don't possess and actions I wouldn't want to accomplish even if I DID possess the necessary body part*

    No. Okay, I'll click "resend confirmation email." Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. I wonder if I could just click "back to the page I was on" and not wait for the confirmation? I am so smart! Clicking to leave comment. Clicking to log in. Unable to log in because I don't have the confirmation email. Checking again for confirmation email. Ah ha, finally!

    Clicking on confirmation link. Clicking to confirm. Yay, account is confirmed! Clicking to login now. Filling in login info. Clicking to log in.

    Now it is offering to update my account. Clicking no thank you. Whee! Now it has sent me to the main Family.com site. Where is the post I was trying to comment on? I can't find it. I will go back to the original link I clicked in from. Clicking to get to that post. Clicking the link. Clicking "share your comment." Nothing happens. Clicking it again. I must log in first! Click "login."

    Enter login info again. Click to log in. It offers to update my account. NO THANK YOU. This time at least it puts me back to the post I was on, because I was going to give up at that point.

    Scroll down. Click "share your comment." IT SAYS I HAVE TO LOG IN.

    I DO love you. I DO. So much! I would TOTALLY scrub your toilet for you; all you would have to do is ask. But this site you are writing for is HORRIBLY RUN, or else it doesn't work with my computer or something. I would love to comment, but I can't. I give up. Even with the chance to win a present, I give up now.

  51. Anonymous12:34 PM

    I ready your "goodbye column" Monday afternoon, then sent it to my girlfriends (none of us blog or leave comments, however we all read your columns and send it to each other, compare it with our own lives and usually cry). I have been a faithful reader since babycenter, my girls are 8 and almost 5. You have taught me so much and have had such an impact in how I parent and you don't even know! But we do Catherine!! I continue to be grateful and won't even try to make you feel guilty for all the tears on Monday. Really, not kidding. I told them this was a sign that I must learn how to cook (my dear husband does thank goodness) so I will...and I will think of you! Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU.


  52. i love you no matter where you go...no tears here. even though i've been reading you from the start, i look forward to the change. as a reader it just feels "right" as well.

    besides, somehow i feel we haven't heard the last of seal poop and nipple hair :)

    (oh, but THAT website, oy vay!)

  53. Here is the comment I posted over there...

    Dear Catherine,

    You wrote, "At the end of the day, if I can feed my children food that speaks of my love for them and the planet, that speaks of the season and the fact of a family sitting down to eat, then we are all nourished." And it resonated with me so very deeply. This is exactly how I feel about preparing meals for my family. I take such pleasure in finding wonderful seasonal produce at the farmer's market and then coming home and finding recipes that use the ingredients I just purchased in healthy and delicious ways. Cooking with my family and cooking for my family bring me such joy.

    I love your writing and I am thrilled that you are now going to write about parenting through the lens of cooking.

    Thank you!

  54. I just spent 15 minutes registering and leaving a comment at family.com. I will truly miss hearing about your family, but look forward more foodie stuff!

    Thanks for six years of amazing insights.

  55. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Catherine: I think you have more best friends than you ever knew. Your news was so sad, but as a true BF, I'm going to cheer for you and be right there when you need me. You have been in my head and heart for 6 years now with my two little ones and I swear that we are two peas in a pod. My neurosis and my 'control-freakiness' always taints my parenting, but I SO want to be one of 'those' moms that have healthy, well adjusted, chic, well-behaved, naturally intellectual children...then I look at my two crumbmunchers and wouldn't want them any other way! I cook but I doubt your recipes will grace my kitchen as my family (husband included) will only eat 7 different things. I will look, and search earnestly in your new column for a sliver of a view in to your world.

    And if I don't see one, well then I'm just going to throw myself on the floor and cry and scream until you come back! :)

    Best to you, my dear friend.


  56. Anonymous2:11 PM

    OK, that only took me TWO WHOLE DAYS to do, but comment left at Family.com. You are the only blogger I would be willing to do that for. So pick me, pick me!!!! ;)

  57. Um, was that a little too obvious that all of the sudden you have 50+ comments on disney? Should we go back and comment on old posts, too? Ha.

  58. As lauri wrote, only for you would I go through that hassle. I am thrilled beyond reason at the prospect of a little surprise from you!

  59. alright...fine! I left my comment on the Disney site. my kids and I are the same ages and you and your kids so hopefully you can inspire their appetites the way you've inspired my parenting. because of you I own Zen Parenting and have been known to say there is no beach vacation there is only the car ride...

    love you too.

  60. I had a log-in nightmare with Disney too, just like swistle. But I did it! I got in!

    Can't wait to read the fun and yum food essays you'll be writing!

    Good luck with the new endeavor! Mazel Tov!

  61. Anonymous4:56 PM

    For you, Catherine, I will subject my e-mail to possibly more spam. The plum cake looks delicious!

  62. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I for one am so excited about this whole "Cooking with Catherine" thing. Of all your "O" articles, the ones I loved the most were food related. Even if I have no intentions of actually making the recipes, I sure do enjoy a little food porn now and then. So looking forward to some good pictures and yummy recipes. I recall from the babycenter days a column in which you wrote about a Mexican dish with lime sauce; it sounded so delicious I drooled a little.

    Off to family.com to hopefully leave a message, although I think I might have to lie about my zip code as I'm up in Canada - no zip codes up here.


  63. The things I will put up with to read your writing! An "upload account," indeed.

    But the plum cake looks delicious and I have enjoyed your past food writing, in whatever magazine that was. And I left a comment there, and will endeavor to remember to do so when I'm reading the future columns.

  64. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I registered and left a coment over there as well.

  65. Anonymous6:24 PM

    As we said when you moved from BabyCenter, we will follow you anywhere!

    I was wondering how long you could keep it up with the kids getting older and am happy you found a way to respect the young ones and keep the old ones (that'd be us) happy, too. And I need all the help I can get in the kitchen!

  66. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Oh, and, yes, I did leave a comment over there!

  67. Ok, I also did it, I can't believe you are pimpin for comments but I did my duty...it is the least I could do for 6 years of entertainment every week. Thanks and best of luck!

  68. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Okay, I did it for you. I registered and left a comment over at evil-Disney.

    I'm really bitter though. I don't care about cooking food. I'll miss you and Ben and Birdy. Dang. Dang dang dang.

  69. Meat is really hard to photograph! Take today's post on Eat It for example. It just looks gnarly, but it's oh so good, when done right, and when it comes from a happy animal! Will comment on family.com from now on! love,

  70. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Catherine, I tried. Apparently I had already registered, but I couldn't remember anything, Oh well! But I did cry when I read your goodbye. I am very, very sad. And if you need support, tell wondertime that you are the very only reason I visit that site!

  71. Catherine,
    I commented over at Disney, which I would do ONLY for you! I just wanted to say thanks for your honesty. My husband and I joke that reading your columns is my therapy--sorely needed on some days. Just today as I was stuffing my kids feet and hands and heads into their appropriate outerwear, I kept thinking to myself, "there is no before or after the snowsuit, there is only the snowsuit itself!" I'm excited for the recipes, but will dearly miss the Ben and Birdy stories, mouse pee and all! We have a great specialty kitchen store out west. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood. Thanks again.

  72. Anonymous11:48 PM

    Catherine- I cried. Thank you for all of your sharing for over 5 years. I can't imagine not reading your blog each week, so now that you've guided my parenting you can now guide my cooking (good luck!) I've posted over on Disney so that they will know just how devoted your devoted fans actually are. Thank you for not dropping us cold turkey. I know that I couldn't take it. :o)

  73. I spent half a morning trying trying trying to leave a comment on family.com. I will perservere, but in case for some reason the deed to my house and my firstborn are not enough, thank you for opening your life to us. I am, ahem, not a great cook (more reason to follow the recipe blog! you say) and it's so hard to convert everything to metric (whine whine), and really frustrating when you can't find ingredients (which barbaric country does not sell Chex for Chex mix? Italy, I tell you) but I will make an effort for you. Please keep this blog up though, and in between all the yummy meals, write another book. Actually a spiral-bound compilation of your blog entries will do just fine!

  74. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I commented over at Disney - the only reason is because I adore your writing so much. Keep us updated here please!

  75. I registered and commented. I'm sorry to see your kid columns go - I feel like you guys are moving out of town, maybe... but I do LOVE food writing. So that's plenty cheerful.

  76. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I'm still waiting for my confirmation email to arrive in my inbox. Day 2...(and I even knew my username & password!) I like the idea of the spiral bound compilation book. I hope you will still be writing for Wondertime; I just purchased a subscription from the school fundraiser. I will try the plum cake this weekend. It looks like the one my mother in law used to make which everyone loved. Unfortunately, she took it to her grave. So, I am looking forward to trying it. Shari in NC

  77. I had to actually make up a new email address (I must have, once upon a time, joined family.com, but cannot for the life of me remember my password) just so I could comment. Love the recipe, am a little peeved that you are good at more than one thing (who cooks AND writes so well? What gene pool did you come from anyway???) So, can I be so bold as to tell you I love your words and implore you (humbly implore you) to maybe, possibly, perhaps stop over to my blog and say hello (or follow the link to my new, employed blogging that can be found there), should my name be the one drawn from the hat? I know it's kind of as bad as throwing panties on stage at a good concert to ask, but still...I've apparently got no shame:)

  78. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Phew- just registered at disney. I will never understand this whole registration thing and why they have to make it like such a painful process?? Its hard to believe some of the names I tried to use were already in use, but hey - its a big world. Ya know, they don't even make it clear HOW to register, really.

    Looking forward to the new column. I know you will make it enjoyable and fun, and that Ben and Birdy will slip in. Plus I like this whole new food blog world!

  79. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Oh, oh, oh. I feel like I did when the journals stopped on Parentcenter. I know you'll continue on with the recipes (and hopefully glimpses of the life we love) and am most grateful. You've been a parenting role model for so many of us, and even though you may shrug your cyper shoulders and wonder if that is true, let me say it most certainly is true. So thanks for everything and I'll be a dedicated reader as long as you write.

    Now I'm off to "leave a comment" on family.com! Thanks Catherine XOXO

  80. Catherine, I did it! Anything for you! The ultimate prize would be having coffee together (of course in public place with lots of people around so you wouldn't have to be scared of us stalkers :-) )

    Actually, no prize needed. You doing well is the prize. Us getting to still read something from you is the prize. Thanks for not leaving us.

  81. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I look forward to the new form of the blog and don't believe for a second that there won't be glimpses of Ben, Birdy and Michael in your new posts, or that the posts will be void of parental pearls of wisdom. (If I'm kidding myself, please let me remain in my state of denial.) I posted at family.com because I, too, am a long-time lurker/stalker/fan.

  82. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I left you a comment- now, I must make that plum cake. As I said, you will inspire no matter what you write about. I will miss hearing about Ben and Birdy, though....it seems like we have all watched them grow up together with our own kids. Oh well....Good luck to you!

  83. Anonymous11:50 PM

    oh my gosh, i so want to sign up on the other blog, but I just couldn't agree to all the coporate gobbledy gook that disney was asking. not today. I promise I'll try again at some point, but I'm a little behind in the Dalai Mama blog and just read the nickerson road post. So eloquen, so beautiful. I am what Jim Rome would refer to as a 'long time listener (reader), first time caller (poster)' I have been reading since my son was born 4 1/2 years ago, and trying to parent mindfully by your example. thank you for reminding me again why we cherish every day, every breath.

  84. Anonymous12:56 AM

    i'll make you a deal.
    i promise to stay with you, register and leave comments at the right place at the right time if you do me one, teeny favor:

    could you please tell me the name of the book that you used to read to your kids at the dinner table with the thought prompts? the one that asked about what you fear and ben said "floating up and away..." or something.

    i could search each and every one of your entries from babycenter to wondertime and on, but that would be really hard. and i'm really busy with prepping to move (overseas) and i'd love to get my hands on that book.

    if not, well...
    i'll still be reading you. and heck, i'll still register and post comments, but maybe not as many. ;)

    thanks so much-

  85. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Oh dear. I did the whole family.com thing but when I left a comment it somehow ended up at wondertime.com!! I'm so confused. But, hey, I tried. (But I need no prize, really. I'd just love to get that book title).
    Oh and I hope I didn't sound too blasé about the end of an era. I guess I just didn't want to sound too... needy?
    Anyway, I agree. It was time. But I will miss it. Really.
    I truly am very very excited about what you are doing now. I've admired you in the kitchen ever since hearing Ben say, "Is this an organic Macoun?" There's a lot a could learn from you in the kitchen and now I can! Yay for that!

  86. I did it! I commented over there. I've bought plums just for baking that cake two times now, and each time, we've eaten the plums before I got the cake made. Now that you've talked about how fabulous it is, I will have to try once more!

    Thanks for all the years of uniting moms through your words. I have known that I am not alone because of you.

  87. I tried (really, I did) to leave a comment at Dalai Mama, but for some reason it won't work. It's strange because it has worked for me once in the past. I wanted to write to thank you so much for writing from your heart and for reaching mine. I live in the same area as you do and am the mother of a 3 and a half year old, so the paralells between our lives are sometimes uncanny. I find your writing inspiring in many, many ways but what touches me most about it is your honesty. On many occassions your writing had given me permission to examine my own experience in more honest and whole ways. I think in some small way you have made me a better mother. Thank you.

    I look forward to the recipes and to whatever little insights you sneak in with them.

  88. Will miss your Dalai Mama column, but I totally understand. They are getting older and I know exactly what you mean. Have been reading and sometimes commenting for years. My two are just about a year younger than Ben and Birdy. I still remember the first article I read in Parenting magazine (something about sweating in the grocery store trying to get some shopping done with a baby and toddler really spoke to me at the time) which led me to Waiting for Birdy, Baby Center, Wondertime and finally here. Your writing has resonated every step of the way. Thanks for holding my hand from afar.

    Looking forward to all the great ideas for feeding my family and keeping up with your family in that way. Just finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and with your new focus on food I'm hoping to become more inspired in the kitchen.

    I will even try signing up again at Family.com and make it work, just for you. Thanks for everything, Catherine. Just keep writing about anything and I'll keep reading.


  89. Anonymous11:26 AM

    I can't believe how hard it was to sign up at family.com! And I already had a wondertime account. I couldn't get it to work for some reason. But I finally changed my password and got signed in at family.com. All for you, Catherine!

  90. I'm going to miss your writing so much -- you'll just have to promise to blog more! I'll still read your recipe column (and probably love the food), but I've been reading your parenting columns for so many years that I won't know what to do without them=).
    I posted a comment over at family.com for you...and I'll keep doing it!

  91. Well, it took me three days for Disney to get my account re-subscribed but I finally left a comment. They better not be all a numbers game about your column - especially since they make it so freakin' hard to find you over there and nearly impossible to log on. I hope they are paying you the big bucks for the hoops. Glad you are in demand by the big dogs though- well deserved.

  92. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Okay - I created my Disney Family account and posted on the plum cake recipe.

    I was so sad while reading your last Wondertime entry but felt much better after reading the plum cake recipe because it was still "Catherine Newman". Thanks for sticking around. :)

  93. So I followed orders as well and left my comment on the plum page. I have been a follower since the parent center beginning, so I guess it was the least I could do after our many years together!
    I will read whatever you write, wherever you write it (I believe this may also be referred to as "stalking"), so no worries.

  94. Okay, hoops jumped through and comment left! I am sad, yet interested in this new direction of your writing. I've rarely (never?) commented before, but I've been reading you since babycenter, and you've made me a better mom.

  95. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Hi Catherine,
    This seems like a bigger transition than when you left BabyCenter a few years ago! Makes me nostalgic for those posts when Birdy was a baby. Or maybe this just reinforces the recent, nagging sadness I've felt because it seems that my 6 year old is growing up so quickly.

    Reading your posts has always been like talking to an old friend. Your stories make me me laugh the deepest belly laughs and make me cry, but either way I'm glad for the time I spent reading them. Thanks for sharing yourself and your family with us for so long.

    I have left comments on family.com...and look forward to trying some of your recipes!

    All the best,

  96. My cats inspire me to relax and enjoy life more.

  97. I can't wait to see all your recipes! I have a feeling we'll be trying most of them!

    I've been a member at family.com for a while now. But I still have issues getting into my ID. And when I try to change the password, I get an error page. It's just SO darn frustrating! I may have to set up a phantom email to set up a second ID....

  98. Ok, done. Hopefully this makes up for the many many times I should have commented, but didn't. I'm sorry I never thanked you! I already miss your posts, but I'll keep reading - and maybe I'll learn to cook, too!

  99. I have registered with my dna sample over at the Disney site and left a comment on your plum cake post. Can't wait to try it out with my own family. I love all of your food and crafts articles in Wondertime and have read Waiting for Birdy three times, once while pregnant with my now 5 year old. Once more, while deciding whether or not to have another baby (you convinced me and we did) and one more time while I was pregnant with our second child. My husband also read it during the second pregnancy and loves it as much as I do. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts, your truth about motherhood, and for being an honest and good person who shows us that we're all just doing the best that we can. I list you as one of my favorite authors and role models. Wow, that was a rambling and schmoopy post. Sorry about that -- must be my fall nesting instinct kicking in.

  100. Catherine,

    Anything for you...I am officially registered at family.com. Our family can't wait for more Catherine recipes!

  101. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Oh, oh--count me in too! I rarely post, but Ben and my Emily are so similar in age and personality, so I've been an avid reader since discovering you way back when you began. Your words have brought both commiserative joy and tears, and I will miss the column!

  102. For you, Catherine, a comment left. Wish I could do more, but after all of those steps and the word verification I keep flubbing, that seems like enough for right now. :)

  103. I've posted over at the Plum Cake column. Hope you know how special you have to be for people to go to the trouble of registering over there!

    I have read your columns since early in Baby Center and you always make me laugh or cry or both!

    Hope you'll have time to share a little about Ben & Birdy over here every now and again!

  104. Anonymous10:13 PM

    Here's the Canadian resident of 90210, comment left - be sure to blog on blogger still too! Ha ha, my word verification word says 'bum' in it, how fitting, only 'boob' would have been better. Mature, I know. I love everything you've done, blah blah, you've heard it before. I hope my two best bookmarks on my bookmark tab still work for years to come (another great one for anyone who doesn't know is postsecret!)

  105. I, too, have registered and commented. I've been reading you since Babycenter and will continue to follow you to wherever you go. Looking forward to see what you cook. :-)

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. I just got the news! Sad about the change, because your columns have always made me laugh, cry, reflect, and tell every mother I know about your wonderfulness. Happy, though, because I always scan the Wondertime print version for your recipes, and I can't wait to try even more. Everything you write is fantastic! I posted over at Family.com so they'll know how fantastic we all think you are!

  108. Anonymous7:45 AM

    Have been reading since the parentcenter days, and am pleased to be able to continue reading about your great family, albeit food- rather than kid-oriented. I'm not the cook in this house, but I am in charge of the baking, so all good recipes welcome.

  109. Deborah McGinnis4:45 PM

    Catherine Newman, you have given me so many good laughs! I know this is not quite the place to comment, but I didn't see where else I could contact you, so here it is. I am just now reading "Waiting for Birdy" (on pg 207) and have laughed out loud several times. My own son is only 11 months, and I'd like another but my husband's VEHEMENTLY against it! We'll see...anyway, he'll be watching TV in the living room, and I'll be here in the bedroom reading your book (When I have time, that is), and every now and then a generous laugh will spill out from the bedroom, leaving my husband to wonder what the hell I'm doing in here. I'm sure you've received a lot of comments on your book, but I just felled compelled to write and tell you Thank-You. For some reason, the book also puts me in a better mood to be with my son, to enjoy him, and not to sweat too many things. Keep up the good work! I shall also follow you on you (new?) site...any more books coming?
    Deborah : )