Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Little Column that Couldn't

Okay, it's our last hurrah: we're off to Wellfleet. If you're on the Cape, look for me, okay? I'll be the one at Moby Dick's, laughing beerily beneath my lobster bib.

New wondertime columns are here and here.

Be well and happy!


Below: Ben's "fancy drinks." Yes, he already has bartending inclinations. Yes, we bought maraschino cherries.


  1. I could go for a fancy drink right about now...those look delicious!

    Have fun on the Cape!

  2. Maraschino cherries, while nutritionally somewhat horrific, are NECESSARY for fancy drinks. Actual cherries do not suffice.

    Have fun!

  3. Catherine,

    You can substitute yellow squash for zucchini if you 2-year old loves these!

    Tomato Fritters

    1 1/3 cup seeded, peeled, diced plum tomatoes
    2/3 cup finely chopped zucchini
    1/2 cup finely chopped onion
    2 tablespoons fresh mint
    1/2 cup all-purpose flour
    3/4 teaspoon baking powder
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon pepper
    pinch cinnamon (or to taste)

    1. Combine veggies in a medium bowl
    2. Combine dry ingredients and add to veggies
    3. Fry dollops of batter in olive oil over medium high heat
    4. Drain on paper towels

    Serve hot. Also good at room temperature or chilled.

    Recipe can be doubled.

  4. Have fun on the must get Ben the little umbrellas too!

  5. While living in Florida, we enticed our kids with shirley temples to get them away from caffienated soda. We even called them "Pirate Drinks."

    One summer, we stocked up on plastic swords, cherries, grenadine and sprite for the little bartenders.

    My white formica counter, stained with the red sticky stuff and took weeks to recover.

  6. Lovely looking drinks! I bet they tasted wonderful too! I kinda not like it when people leave links to their own blogs in "famous" people's blogs, but I'll break this little rule of mine to show you what your skirts have inspired. My daughter had a birthday party yesterday, and I made her a shirt and a skirt following the instructions in the "Albama ..." book you commented on. She absolutely loved it! Come over and have a look if you have the time/desire:

  7. Anonymous10:39 AM

    O, I am so jealous! I have been going to Wellfleet since I was 18 (huh, guess that makes is 30 years!). This year, because my about to by husband has a house on a lovely island in Maine, we spent two wonderful weeks there, and sadly did not go to Wellfleet. Kids (my own Ben same ages as yours, and his 5 yr old brother) and I both missed it - the ponds, the bay, boggie boarding at Whitecrest beach, the square dancing - hoping to get there for a weekend in the fall. Have a great time! And, if you've never made it Dyer pond, figure out how to get there - it is really lovely. I love all those fiddler crabs on the Great Island paths! And the salsa at Macs food stand in the town center parking lot....sigh

  8. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Hey, have fun in Wellfleet! If you run into the Potter's give Sharon and Caleb an extra hug from all of us pulling for them!

  9. I loved "laughing beerily." what a perfect turn of phrase.

  10. Catherine! You can substitute zucchini for maraschino cherries! ;)

  11. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Hey Catherine,
    Have a great trip! If you cross paths with the Potter clan, give Sharyn and Caleb a big hug for me. Thanks for introducing them in your blog last year, they have been a big inspiration.

    Love the photos of the libations!


  12. Anonymous6:22 PM

    Catherine, I just read your wondertime post and wanted to say...Judy and Liz had babies! I'm so happy for them, and happy that Judy is well. After Waiting for Birdy I wondered how Judy fared...and I'm so happy that your friends are well and blessed with little ones.


  13. I'm insanely jealous!
    I love Wellfleat, but I'm roasting away in CA, lobsterless, without a pond in site.
    Have a wonderful time.
    Ben needs some plastic flamingo stirrers too!

  14. While on our last hurrah in the north channel, a lovely child from some other boat informed me of some of the horrors that maraschino cherries are preserved with, but still, I'm thinking of offering up a bartending gig for said fancy drinks to my almost four year-old, if he will only, only start pooping on the potty. sigh.

  15. by the way, the new wondertime post, oh. my. I am sitting here crying into my mac, for the loss of those children, for the shared envy and joy of brand new babies, for the fact that my husband is insisting on the big snip, and I keep thinking, "so this is it? no more? never again?" and then I weep, even though I have a six month old who just may be attached to my nurseys for, like, the next 10 years. A friend once said "you have to go down the sadness tunnel whether you have three kids or 30. You have to let go of that instinct to give birth at some point." Sigh. I need a brand new baby around here like a hole in the head, but still...a hole in the head might not be SO bad afterall:)

  16. hi Catherine, sorry about the double comment, but I just read your wondertime about the new born babies. Just today, I had the privilege of visiting my new born nephew at the hospital. It's the first time I have ever been able to see one of my own siblings' children as newborn. My brother (the father of the baby) is my only sibling in the US; the others live in Argentina. My daughter, who just turned 6, was out of herself with excitement. We love babies! Even my own baby, who'll be 2 in a couple of months, was singing quietly to the tiny baby she was holding while my brother and I put our hands around her to catch the baby in case something happened (ie: she dropped him). But nothing bad happened, and we left the hospital with the feeling of being in the presence of an angel.
    I'd love to have another baby, but I already have four! My husband just rolls his eyes when I tell him I feel there's someone missing in our family. Still, we won't take any tragic measures (surgical birth control), just in case.
    Sorry for the long post, but your post was so timely!
    I'll be praying for your brother's friends. That's literally one of my recurring nightmares, being hit by falling airplanes. It's a billion times worse to think of that nightmare and my children in the same picture!

  17. Anonymous4:07 PM

    You might want to check in with PK. --Cathy K

  18. Anonymous11:45 PM

    You have seen the, right? This has nothing to do with this post really except you would love it (I think) and Ben's drink photo reminded me of Mary Beth's pictures which are a particularly great part of what she does.

  19. Ooo. Yummy drinks!

    I just wanted to comment on your recent Wondertime post and they doggone site won't let me in. Grrr.

    Anyway, I wanted to say that I think you are giving your children the greatest (and often most difficult to achieve) gift. They truly see themselves. The talents and positive qualities, and also their shortfalls. And they love themselves because of it. That is absolutely amazing. It gives them a sense of humor about themselves that will help them get where ever they want to go in life. And it will also make it that much easier to be what they want to be because they are not trying to be who they are not.
    I hope I can do the same for my children.
    You should be so proud!

  20. Anonymous9:09 PM

    yum, I love Moby Dick's in Wellfleet. So much better than any of the other fried seafood joints on Rt. 6. Delicious.

  21. Oh dear. I just read the new (last!) ben and birdy post over at wondertime. I turn 40 in 3 weeks, and you have been with me my entire parenting journey thus far. I have a 4 (almost 5) year old and a 9 month old. I had hoped to hear about Ben and Birdy for many years to come, if perhaps not all the way to armpit hairs and IUDs. I will miss hearing from you. And yes, I love to read about food, but no, it's really really not the same.