Monday, March 10, 2008

2 more things

I was kidding, about 19 years. It's still only 18. That was my little joke about how long it had been since I last wrote. Har har har. Sorry.

And also this:

lest you imagined he was about to win some kind of short hair prize or anything.



  1. Ben is sporting that ever so stylish long short hair and there should be a prize, he has some fine hair!

    I am behind at Wondertime of course as the last of the grip of sickness leaves our least it had better be over.

    Hope Birdy is better too.

  2. He looks like young Anthony Kiedis!

  3. You're silly. ;)

    He's so handsome and has the best kind of hair for growing out.

  4. I am in mad love with Ben's new haircut. I have a 3.5 month old and I want her to be like Ben and Birdy!! I love those 2. They are the cutest!

    PS Get that water cleaned up and the kids well and then write another book!!!

  5. I was just checking this blog to give you heck for not posting..and now 2 posts in a row! Wow!

    Hang in there - it's gotta get better right? Spring is on it's way!

  6. So, I wonder, did he get tired of it, or did you and Michael?

  7. Ben has the haircut that my own 8 year old is striving for.

  8. Oh. Ben looks much younger again. I'm not sure if it's the shorter hair, or the shave!

  9. Lynda Barry! I used to LOVE her cartoon - what was it called? You know, the one with Marlys and Maybonne? I didn't know she wrote a novel.

  10. My son would win the short hair prize - we keep it closely cropped because he is a puffy-haired child. And also because he is retro like that.
    My kids are STILL wild about the Sears wishbook, which is how you can tell we're rural. Great columns as usual - I absolutely cannot log in to comment. :(

  11. Great haircut, I am new to commenting but I just eat up everything you write. Thanks for making my life brighter!

  12. I've been waiting a month for you to post so I could say something serious, and then you go and post that goofy mustache. Awesome. Love it.

    It feels out of place here, but I just have to say it anyway...

    Thank you for your column on working at home. I work from home as well (computer programming), and while my friends think it's so cool that I can work and stay home with the kiddos, it is a hard life. HARD. Like when they're sick or having a snow day and I still have to put in my hours. Or how there is no "off" time, just the thought of "later." Some days are better than others. It looks peachy keen from the outside, and I'm not looking to change it, but I hate having to say "Mama needs to work now" when they clearly want me to play house or fairies.

    I'm not saying at all what I wanted to put here... it meant enough to me that I've been a long-term fan, and this is the only column that I've ever bookmarked. I re-read it and try to remember that the grass isn't always greener. Thanks for writing about this rare and unique situation that we find ourselves in.

  13. Oh Catherine! Your column today totally made me tear up. I can so relate .. I struggle with the same thing with my daughter, who is 3.5. Sometimes I do unleash and the regret is just brutal. I have to remind myself of the sweet moments too, and that we're both still learning to get it right.

    Thanks for allowing me to live with you through these moments. It's the highlight of my week and has been for years now.


  14. I have just recently discovered your writing and I'm in love. I read Waiting for Birdy in a day, and now I get to the end of my day, and I sit and read your old Babycenter and Wondertime postings, wishing I could print them all out and make them into a book! I'm annoying my friends and family by constantly mentioning your blog sites...I hope that everyone goes out to buy your book so that your publisher insists that you write another.

    My husband is a stay at home dad to our 21 month old son, and he's also a fan of your work. I just have to say thank you for making us laugh and remind ourselves that we're not the only ones out there living this crazy life!

  15. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Your last two articles at disney spoke to my soul. I wish and wish I had more patience with my 6 year old, and that I wouldn't SHRIEK at him for being who he is (a doddler at best.) I'm going to keep working on it. He's truly a wonderful kid. And hearing him shriek at his brother is my greatest guilt. Look what I've taught him.

    I tried twice to post a comment on disney. I can never get it to go through. Frustrating!!

    Thanks again for your honesty, Catherine. You are a brave, brave woman. Also, your kids are adorable. I like Ben's haircut, too.

    Once again, I can't get my name to show up. (Maybe it's me!) This is Katemma in Michigan.

  16. That boy of yours is adorable. Long hair or short. Still gorgeous!

    I keep trying to comment at Wondertime and it doesn't let me.

    I just wanted to say that I relate. That sudden explosion of anger is the thing I despise most about myself. I totter happily along for so long, being a fabulous mom, and them BOOM! There she is again. I work on it everyday. Containing that beast. I hope someday I can squash it, not just contain it.

  17. Your recent columns at Wondertime have hit so close to home that it hurts -- the Ikea catalog, the intensity of little girls and the "unleashing" but what I'm wondering is what it looks like when you, Catherine, get it right? I mean how do you quell the bickering and the intensity and feel good about it and maybe even get results? The right approach is eluding me and therefore am doing way too much "speaking sharply" around here. You are so open with your blunders but I suspect you get it right 99% of the time, any insight?

  18. My son has this thick unruly hair that we normally keep short and he has been asking to let it grow out to precisely the length you have Ben's. Although he refers to it as hockey hair (he wants to see hair come out from under his helmet). Hopefully it will work out. Ben looks great with the new cut.

  19. Short hair prize- har. Also, I was so ridiculously proud of myself that I got your 19 year joke right away! (I may need to get a life someday.)

  20. What a warm 'past and future' post on Wondertime. I feel it creeping up through my toes.
    and please, please, the recipe for posole? :)

  21. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Here I sit, encouraged to actually attempt some of your delicious sounding veggie recipes from the latest wondertime that arrived in my mail today! Have I mentioned I'm not that into vegetables, but your fabulous writing has encouraged me anew to leave the land of bland, boring,shunned green giant frozen world and venture into the place where a veggie does not leap directly from freezer to microwave. Yes.

    Have I also mentioned that every time I get a wondertime reader panel survey I make sure to SHOUT at them that the best part of the magazine and website is your writing. If I shout it at them then maybe too, I realize, I should also shout it to you!

  22. Anonymous3:26 PM

    You are, of course, lovely, as are your family and your columns. I've been reading you for years, following you all over the Internet. And yet this is the first time I've commented, and it's because YOU MUST POST YOUR POSOLE RECIPE. I LOVE posole, but I've never made it myself, and I have no idea how to distinguish a good recipe from a 'meh' one.

  23. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Hey Catherine,

    This isn't so much a "comment" as a general fan letter.

    I have just finished feasting--no: bingeing--on a whole year's worth of your posts. A whole year!

    I learned about you last year when a big-fan friend gave me Waiting for Birdy, which I devoured and which became one of my favorite books of all time. It was right as you were making the transition from Baby Center and weren't quite set up here (when was that? a year ago? longer?) and then I got busy.

    But then yesterday I Googled you, and then I stared reading and COULD NOT STOP. Just as with the book. I love, and feel so grateful for, the way you make me laugh out loud (Snorting! Hooting!) every single post and then, somehow, bring me almost (and sometimes completely) to tears. That gentle, bittersweet melody that runs through all your very funny writing is so phenomenal.

    Last summer, my first novel came out, and USA Today published a little interview with me. And when they asked me what my favorite book about motherhood was, I said Waiting For Birdy. They listed it in the profile, and I meant to write you to let you know about it (in case, you know, you missed that day)... but now suddenly here it is, March.

    I don't think I can put the link here, but you can find it on my website, or just Google it!

    Anyway, thank you for your incredible posts about motherhood and life.

    Many good wishes,

    Katherine Center

  24. I just caught up on your columns over at Wondertime and wanted to tell you that I so get the "unleashing" of anger. My 2 daughters (3 1/2 and 1 year old) have both been sick on and off since the beginning of February. No one is sleeping much in our house and everyone wants to be in mama and papa's bed. Yup, 4 people, one queen-sized bed - not a good thing, especially when the 3 1/2 year old prefers to wake up at 2:30 am and stay awake for an hour -usually crying for no reason.

    Last night I tried two new things, Hyland's Calms Forte 4 Kids for the kid and Herb Pharm's "Good Mood Tonic" for me so that I can stop being the screaming mom. It seems to be helping. Both things can be found at Whole Foods if you need them.

    Thanks for letting me whine.

  25. Anonymous8:35 PM

    okay, Catherine, I am writing one nanosecond after reading your Wondertime post!! I am, like the mom who posted over there, once again crying after reading writing by you! Oh my goodness, honey, I can COMPLETELY relate to what you are saying! Thank you, once again, for sharing your emotions with all of us! (yes, we know that in reality it is also your job and for profit and to feed your children, but we don't care!!!! it might as well be all of us gals sitting on couch together, sobbing!!!! smiley face here!) We love you, Catherine! I don't care if I sound like a complete and total groupie! I am one of your readers who has been with you since you started writing on babycenter, and my "babies" are now 3 and 5! It hurts my heart that it goes so FAST! Hugs to you, sister, we are all out here loving you tonight!!! (holding up lighter at this moment, while swaying with all your fellow readers at your "concert!" hee hee!)

  26. Anonymous9:37 PM

    It is Monday and on Mondays I look forward to something....oh yes my fuzzy Mommy brain remembers - bedtime for the kids and a Catherine Newman column. I just read your latest (3/24) about Birdy turing 5 - Happy Birthday Birdy! And, it was like a preview to all of the feelings which I have been putting off about my own sweet girl who will be five so soon. She is my oldest and I can not express the tangle of emotions in my heart over this - five years old. She is my little girl but in so many ways she is developing into this child who is growing more and more her own person which is exciting and terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. And, dare I even say it.....kindergarten. I am not sure how I will cope. Suggestions? Columns? Tears? Thank you for what you do.

  27. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I too was crying by the time I got to the end of the latest post at Wondertime. My first child, my daughter, my baby will be 5 in August. It is so strange that she is such a big kid now with her own things to do and feel and say. She amazes me every day.

  28. Anonymous5:50 PM

    So, I just read your Wondertime post from today (3/25/08) and bawled. Here's baby girl will be 4 this year. She and I have this awesome love for each other just like you and Birdy. Anyway, you captured just how fast time goes and that precious love in a beautiful, touching way. Thanks so much!!! P.S. I wanted to post on Wondertime but can't seem to log in there anymore so I hope you do get this message. Also, what is the deal with the "marching" heartbeat sounds. That used to freak me out too!! As always, great posts!!!

  29. Happy Birthday Birdie! I remember when I started reading here and Birdie was three and I thought she was so big, and now my little one is the same age. I loved your column on it, they do keep growing...who is this little KID living in my house and where did the baby go?

    Did you see that there is a for sale sign at Pete's btw? I remember reading once that you liked to go there.

  30. Happy Birthday Birdy, I feel like I have always known her. Just like i know you and Ben and Michael. Thank you.

  31. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Baby Birdy! I am WEEPING. Weeping, I tell you. You kill me, woman.