Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Wish I'd Thought

to switch my kids' underpants with their dad's! Boy would that have killed them. It makes me laugh just to think of it now, so I will have to file that bit of lingerie hijinks away for next year. (It's not called "lingerie" when it's a man's, now, is it? I see that it looks a little too Liberace for Michael's Fruit of the Looms.)

I have two columns over at wondertime that I haven't linked to: one about Birdy turning four, and one about her great and sudden love of Yiddish.

Happy Passover to you dear ones. And happy Easter. Happy Spring-interrupted-by-the-pouring-down-of-snow. And happy days of melancholy, if you know what I mean. And I know you do.


  1. Oh happy day for me! I am the first to post. Happy Passover and Easter and all that jazz. (Isn't today a Muslim holiday as well? Darn ethnocentric Americans - I know nothing!) At any rate, a happy day to all whatever your ideals may be. For it is a day! And that is enough to celebrate.

  2. Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Belated Birthday dear Birdy! :-)
    There's snow on the ground here, too (will it never end?!)

  3. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Yes, I know what you mean. ;^) Days of melancholy....

  4. Happiness to you guys, too, Cath.

  5. Oh, indeed I do.

    And all the same to you and yours, too.

    I have to say I kind of revel in the last blast for winter.

    And...given that my daughter knows that my husband carries a purse (it's not a murse,'s the same damn thing I carry), I think it's just fine to call Michael's FotL's lingerie.

  6. Do I know? You betcha. But that's okay.
    We woke our kids up at 7 for school on April Fools Day, and told them that it was a "short weekend." Oh, the hilarity. And my husband dyed the milk blue.
    The Birdy-is-four post was lovely. I first read about her when The Boy was a baby and now they're both so big. Stupid time.

  7. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I think the snow finally stopped around here. My poor buried about-to-bloom crocuses. Ah well...happy happy happy to all! Is an egg hunt in the works? I imagine hilarity will ensue.

  8. Oh I know. Yup I do.
    Well we had a white Christmas so I guess this even it outs a bit.

    I read the Wondertime posts and if Birdy is four then my Rosebud is (Wah) getting older too! You know I have been reading since your first post over yonder and I feel like our kids have grown up together.

    Dear Birdy, happy fourth. This is the year you will really become a big girl. Mommy will no doubt have lots to say about it.

    Happy Passover. Happy Easter. May the bunnies bring lots of treats!

  9. Happy Spring and everything else to your family. I loved the column about Birdy turning four. I, too have been reading since before she was born. My youngest turns four next month too - time goes by too quickly!

    Have a great week-end with your dear family.

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  11. Oy vay, Birdy is four?! How can that be? Oh well, no one can stay a puppy forever, can they. You must be kvelling with pride!

  12. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I am going to take a rare moment here to boast about my Easter weekend weather... 90 degrees and lovely. To make it better, we're road-tripping to Laguna Beach this weekend for a happy Easter Egg Hunt on the beach. In about 2 months it will be a miserable 115 degrees until September. March and April are the only truly beautiful, comfortable months here in Las Vegas. I grew up in New Hampshire... and except for the humidity, I much prefer the weather there. I like snow. I like bundling the kids up. But maybe that is because I don't have to do it for 5 months out of the year.

    Side note: I am SO hoping that I can fill easter eggs with a note to give to my husband's parents (who will also be in California this weekend) that will announce a third grandchild. I can't test until tomorrow or Sunday, but I have some promising symptoms.

  13. Anonymous7:55 AM

    Catherine, you make me want to be a better mother. I want to play April Fools tricks on my two little girls and even on my husband. There is so much that I want to do. I want to be a good mom, and there are moments when I actually think that I am, but so many times I'm always regretting the times I speak too harshly to the kids, or the times I am not patient enough, or the times I just break down and have a temper tantrum of my own. It just seems I am always too busy being tired or frustrated or just disappointed in myself or motherhood.

    I read your column each week and read it weekly at Baby Center. I check the blog daily as well. You parent with such humor and grace. As I said earlier, you make we want to be better at being a mom. You make me want to stop and enjoy the moment instead of wishing this time away.

  14. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Four? FOUR? What's happening to time and the universe? I am sure I have been reading you for about a year when I have in fact read from the very beginning on Baby Time. Everything I've done since 1998 (when we last moved) seems like it's been about a year, including adopting my son who is now 6 (and 2as 4 mos. at the time), so clearly something is wrong.

    Happy Spring, such as it is! BTW, combined with the Dr. Hunky link the lingerie image wasn't as disturbing as you might imagine *wink*.

  15. Just read all babycenter, wondertime and current blog entries in the past week. thank you.
    I've spent several days reminding myself: there is nothing AFTER this snowsuit as I battle my 7 month old and two year old into winter clothes when we should be hitting the playground. April Fools is my husbands b-day, March 31st was my son's. Seems like prank enough, two parties in two days.

  16. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Wondertime still hates me, so I will continue to comment on those columns here. Oh Catherine! You could be describing me right now. I am all out of whack, and I don't even have the excuse of a low hemoglobin count. It must have something to do with the moon, or something astrological, I actually believe in that stuff to a degree. When in doubt, Mercury is probably doing something funky out there in space, and it causes all sorts of strangeness. Wish I could have you over for a cup of tea....Anyway, enjoy the little things, they add up quickly!

  17. Three things
    1. Yeah Anemia definitely can cause that kind of fog.
    2. I too saw a mosquito, so it wasn't a fluke...and I think its monumentally unfair to have mosquitos before the snow is gone, before the daffodils are opened and before my tush stops being frozen.
    3. That column ending was so incredibly beautiful. Sleeping like submarines...I've often watched my baby sleeping and thought about how it was like he was down in watery deeps, but never would have thought to say it that way.

    Ahh he surfaces, so long.

  18. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Catherine - just read your wondertime column - you should have your thyroid checked too! Some of the symptons are cold, tired and feeling in a fog, etc..

  19. Oops my original comment should have said we DIDN'T have a white Christmas so a white Easter/Passover evens things out a bit.

    Off to Wondertime to read this weeks entry.

  20. When, oh when, will Wondertime get their s*%t together? When will they be worthy of you? I will still struggle through, week after week, because I need me some Catherine, but they make it so hard. And shouldn't they realize that parenting is hard enough - that we don't have time to waste trying to figure out their crappy site because we are Octopi in mom jeans doing eight things at once?

    There. I'm done bitching.

    Now, the reason I'm here is because I think you do something amazing, week after week (and I've been reading since your very first post at Babycenter). You make it all seem okay. You make so many people feel less alone. And you write like no one else. I read a few blogs every day, and I get a huge kick out of what I read, but you are a magical writer.

    Get yourself a thorough check up. Take your iron (I'm here to tell ya - the lack of it will make you feel fuzzy and foggy and forgetful, as well as perpetually nap-ready), but follow up with your doc. This is so selfish on my part. We need you. Feel better!

  21. Next time you drop by...say hello!

  22. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Am I the only one that was GLAD it snowed this weekend? We are from Florida and my son who is 5 years old had (past tense!) never seen snow. We went to visit my Dad in Georgia for Easter weekend. We stayed at his cabin in North Carolina just one night and by a miracle it snowed that one night - enough for my son to sled and throw snow balls! So, now we are back to this damn 80 degree weather! Isn't the grass always greener on the other side? I do have to add that my 3 year old must have been a northerner in another life because she hates the cold! (I grew up in Illinois until I was 8 - I was young enough when we moved to appreciate just the fun part of the cold weather!) As always, Catherine, I look forward to your blogs. I feel like you are just like me and my friends. We are all moms - that are a little crazy but love our kids with all that craziness!!

  23. HOW FUN THAT YOU HAVE A BLOG! I hadn't known. I was just thinking about you today because yesterday I got all whipped up about the epigraph from Velveteen Rabbit you use in _Waiting for Birdy_, which I had just reread, and I spent all yesterday thinking about children's literature and the weirdly absent role of parents in children's literature...anyway, it was a good day, even if I didn't get any of my "real" work done. So, thank you for that!

    all best.

  24. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Hi Catherine -

    I am posting here because I never have finished registering over at Wondertime. Anyway, reading about your iron deficiency... me too! Sadly, my first symptom of the deficiency was MASSIVE hair loss. Like, gobs and gobs. And like some OCD gollum I saved all that hair, my precious, in case there was some way I could make a wig from it. Luckily, wigs were never necessary although it got awfully close. Make sure you take those supplements - they made all the difference for me. My hair now looks like Britney's pre-shaving, which is still much better than bald Britney, oui?

  25. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Happy Passover and Happy Easter to you and your family too.

    I've been reading your columns for years, and I was able to channel your energy last weekend when ds (14mos) was in the hospital with what turned out to be pneumonia. While waiting in the ER to be admitted, and feeling completely exhausted and miserable, I thought of you. I studied the swirls of hair on the top of ds' head and now have these engraved in my mind. I looked at his little fingers and toes, counting them over and over, and many other things about his wonderful little self. And I just appreciated him and that I got to be anywhere with him. It made it bearable, so thank you for writing your wonderful columns!

  26. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I do. We've had all of the above. Hot sun. 70 mph winds. Snow. Rain. it's 47 degrees and cloudy. I'm dreaming of yardwork, but not if I have to wear a parka a gloves to do it. And I'm in TEXAS!

  27. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Hey Catherine,
    I just learned about this crazy website from Breed Em and Weep, its called and if you type in your website name, it is setup like Google, but it is Snoop Dogg's way of talking, great stuff, foshizzle!