Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cooked Stems (I mean, Happy Valentine's Day!)

What? Cooked stems don't give you that loving feeling? Whoa-oah, that loving feeling? I understand, but really they should. You think you're all about the Chile Tortilla Egg Bake or the Fall-to-Pieces Ribs, but this. This is the recipe of recipes, I swear to god.

But first, allow me to acknowledge tomorrow, a day you maybe love or maybe hate or maybe have mixed feelings about. Me, I typically love it, what with the near-comical lack of pressure I put on myself. For example, here's the card I'm giving Michael.

It comes from a long and prestigious lineage of such cards. 

I made the first one when I was leading a Valentine-making workshop in Ben's fourth-grade class and we were cutting up an old catalogue of natural history prints. It has proved, as evidenced here, incredible versatile. My other easy-but-good offering this year is this: shirt from Target, embellished with a sewn-on heart, cut from a felted old wool sweater. Birdy's on the hem, Ben's on the sleeve. 

But I have other ideas! Because maybe you are aiming a little higher with your sweeties and children than NEAR INSTANTANEOUS. I understand. I've been there myself.

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Heart Beet Valentines
PBJ Valentine Cookies
More Valentine's Day Ideas
Last-Minute Valentines, including Almost-Instant Heart-Shaped Pizza
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But enough about love, blah blah, romance, etc., because I am only in it for THE STEMS. If, like me, you make a lot of kale salad or collard rolls or other raw-greens dishes that require you to strip the tender leaves from their vigorous stems, this is your recipe. Also, weirdly, this is my introduction to the Instant Pot, which my brother got me for my birthday in October, and which I am only mentioning here now, for the first time. I know you're wanting a magic recipe where you're at work, thinking about stew, and the ingredients assemble Fantasia-like and cook themselves in your absence, but for now I've just got this. The stems. Because I know you hate throwing them away as much as I do. And, cooked like this, they are a near-perfect food: yielding and mellow, but briny, and with a bit of bite from the vinegar and pepper flakes. Plus, how fun would it be to bring this to, like, a robotics potluck or an algebra party or some other STEM event! Do you feel me?

Cooked Green Stems
These are good hot, room-temperature, and cold. And a container of cooked stems in the fridge is like money in the bank. A really terrible bank, I guess, but still. I love them so. Oh, also, if you don't feel like cooking the stems at the moment you're using their leaves, just stick them back in the fridge until you are. 

1 generous glug of olive oil (a tablespoon or two)
1 or 2 or 3 sliced or chopped cloves or garlic
1/2 teaspoon aleppo pepper flakes (or 1/4 teaspoon of something spicier)
The stripped stems from a large bunch of collards, kale, or chard, cut into 1-inch pieces
1 teaspoon kosher salt (or half as much table salt)
1/2 cup water
1 generous splash of white vinegar (maybe 2 tablespoons)

If you're doing this in an Instant Pot, then use the sauté function and cook the garlic in the oil for 30 seconds or so, until it is just fragrant. Add the pepper flakes and stems and stir for a few seconds, then add the salt, water, and vinegar. Cancel the sauté function, put the lid on with the venting turned off, and set the pot to cook at high pressure for 10 minutes. Allow to release naturally for at least 15 minutes before eating. Yum, yum, yum.

You can follow these exact instructions for a regular pressure cooker (which is what I still mostly use), or you can do this in a small  covered pot over low heat, cooking the stems for about an hour and checking the water level occasionally. You could probably slow cook them too! I just never have.


  1. Francine5:58 PM

    So funny that you have a stems recipe, because just this week, I made a miso-tahini-kale kind of soup (from Epicurious online. If you don't know it yet, or your readears, please go check it out, it is absolutely fabulous - (darling, darling) :-) ). Anyhow, I had the stems, and thought about what you once wrote, how you did not like to just put them in the compost and wondered if you had found something. And a few days later, tadam, something to do with the stems. Thank you so so much, again ! Virtual love to you and yours.

  2. To this day, every.time I make a big batch of something to divide and freeze/use for later I say, "It's like money in the bank." a la the big glass jar of granola being money in the bank. I think we're growing old together maybe....

  3. Love, love, love. These will be even more flavorful if you use broth in place of water. :)

  4. Laughing, laughing, laughing all the way the through.

  5. This has nothing to do with mantas or anything... but there are actually kids sleeping in Ikea. For real. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3k7dzk/the-hottest-new-teen-trend-is-hiding-in-ikea-dressers-overnight-vgtrn
    Happy love day!

    1. We are reading One Mixed-Up Night in the ESL book club that I run on campus, and we saw this article a few weeks ago when we were looking for google images of IKEA to show the students. We are taking them to the Philadelphia IKEA tomorrow on a field trip - but we're not planning to stay overnight!

  6. The Instant Pot! I got one for my husband for Xmas (but wait, I also got him a kitchen scale because that's true love, right?), and we adore it. I'll have to buy some greens just to be able to make these stems!

  7. Instant pot AND celiac disease!!!

  8. Can I tell you how much I love that your recipe calls for a "glug"?

  9. Oh my yum...... I made it with the stems two nights ago and this morning made it with a full package of spinach and a container of cherry tomatoes!

  10. STEM event! Ha ha!! ILU forever xo