Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Spring!

Okay, it's not really spring. But I have been repeating, "Look at the gorgeous light!" all week like a Pollyanna parrot.

Did you want to read about how revolting chicken is, followed by a recipe? I thought so! I've got just the thing for you.

And here, just for you, is a photo I excluded from the column. Parsley a little too sparsely. Or maybe not sparsely enough.

Maybe I could spend the 99 cents for a fresh bunch before trying to photograph it? No?


  1. Raw chicken *is* gross, but the recipe yummy as usual.

    So todays post, plus the recipe would make spring chicken, no? (yeah, I know...)

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I know what you mean about the light - I always feel as though I've turned a corner when we get to February. I think it's the extra hour of daylight, and knowing that the equinox is only a month away.

  3. Can I just say that as a vegetarian who's been following you since, well, the beginning, that the commentary is what keeps me coming back to read. PLEASE don't become just another food blogger...I mean, I wouldn't be able to stop reading because I'd miss you and your adorable kids, but it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. :)

  4. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I agree with Joy--your writing and your humor are what have kept me totally hooked since I was pregnant with my great big tall son!! The yummy recipes are a bonus as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a Catherine Newman Cookbook in the future, complete with your fabulous stories??

  5. We may still have frost every morning, but it's the sun that is waking me lately, and we keep saying "Look! It's nearly six pm and it's still light out!"
    As for the parsley, yikes!

  6. If I use that ready-for-the-pan chicken, I actually use a knife to take it from package to pot-- just so I don't have to *gasp* touch it. And when I cook a whole chicken I handle it in this weird way that makes me appear to have only knuckles and no fingers, to touch it less. You had me at the 'shrooms with this one (funny, isn't it, how the word "shrooms" takes on a whole different meaning, or maybe that's just with me....)

    And Happy Spring. I don't care that it is blowing 50 miles an hour outside and that the snow that melted last week is steadily re-piling up against our breezeway. I am going with happy spring anyway.

  7. okay Catherine, this is a totally selfish, unrelated to parsley or chicken comment. This wilty (um, well that sort of relates to the parsley) economy of ours has made it necessary for me to um, do some more financial contributing here at chez moi...I was a working writer/editor for nine years (at least on a part time basis) and have, since Lizzie was born, done a lot of regional magazine work-- but I'm at a loss for how one breaks into the national scene. Is it something that happens with agents, books, and queries that come to you, or is there a backdoor somewhere? It may be wishful thinking here, but if you'd email me some helpful suggestions, I'd be forever grateful (

  8. Loving the recipes. Gross intros and all! I'm also reading "Waiting for Birdy" for the second time. I read it first while pregnant with my son, so I have to read it again while pregnant with my second baby! It's tradition. :)

  9. I think we need an update on how that jigsaw puzzle's coming along, with photo!