Friday, February 20, 2015

Peg Doll Book Winner!!!

KellyB. Please email me with your address! And thank you all so much for playing.

Real post coming soon.



  1. Congrats to Kelly!

  2. I am posting this comment in a silly irrelevant place (but congrats to Kelly!) because I came to this blog tonight not for the amazing wings recipe, as I do every few months (not believing my memory of how brilliant and easy it really is!) or even the excellent broccoli recipe, or any of the 3,000 foods we eat from your kitchen, Catherine -- but because I was feeling sort of devastated at the totally wonderful, opposite-of-devastating, utterly right aging of my child. And you write about that so much more perfectly than anyone. And your joy with your current (giant-seeming, to me) children also inspires me with hope as almost nothing else does that while early childhood is so short, there is so much joyous family life ahead. (G-d willing and all that.) So thank you for all your reflections, for the angst and the gratitude and the middle fingers and the board games and crafts. Gets me through the night on days like this!