Thursday, January 06, 2011

Waffles. That's all I came to say today. I wanted to be sure and say it before the weekend--but then I didn't want to say anything else. Because I am sluggish and crumpled and cranky and wanting to still be on vacation, playing games and reading and doing puzzles and eating expensive non-everyday sorts of cheeses. Sigh. Love to you, and the happiest new year. xo


  1. I miss vacation too! I also have to say, Hunters and Gatherers is fantastic!! It arrived the day before we left for vacation so I took it out of the big box, put the pieces in a zip-loc bag and tossed it into my suitcase thinking we might play it once or twice. Fast forward to us playing it every night. Several times we would rush home from dinner just so we could have a rematch. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Add this game to the list of the many, many wonderful things you've introduced me to through your blogs!

    We'll be making the waffles Saturday. I hope this weekend feels like a vacation for you!

  2. Teafortwo2:20 PM

    I have to resort to pancakes, because my waffle iron sticks like mad, even though it's got a non-stick surface. Ack. But that sounds very appealing right now. We're supposed to get SNOW Sunday night. Ho hum for New Englanders, but really exciting for those of us in Georgia.

    Soren and I are getting back into more of the James Herriot stories, after spending Christmastime reading more of the Noisy Village stories. Thanks for tuning us into both of those books last year.

  3. DCGirl6:12 PM

    Catherine, I just wanted to say because just maybe it would shine up that grumpiness a little, that I have been reading you since your Ben and my Sam were both babies and I just realized that is *more than ten years*. How can this be? Several of your recipes have become family classics (my husband said, of your Brown Stew, "this is the best f-ing thing you have ever made". In front of the kids.) And, I refer to you as one of my pretend friends. You and Heather B Armstrong. And Alice Bradley. Anyway, I just felt like sending a little love your way on this cold and dreary day.
    xoxox DCGirl

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Catherine, our beloved Catherine, you seem to always say outloud how we, your adoring readers, are feeling. It is a blue, blah, sluggish, post-holiday time of year, ain't it?! Another cheer ya up comment to add to your others here: I thought of YOU like 12 bazillion times tonight! In my home! At my dining room table! Can you say...... Settlers of Catan!!!! Yes, you are directly responsible for me, my husband and my 7 yr old son and 6 yr old daughter playing it for the first time ever! (I'm the one who posted a few weeks ago that I bought it for my husband/family because of your suggestion!) It is still set up on our dining room table because the kids don't want to stop! Ore! Wood! Bricks! Streets! Settlements! Cities! Robber! (yes, I am feeling very silly-fan-bonding with the writer she loves type feelings here!) Deep sigh. I am feeling same as you, sluggish. I've been craving citrus fruits and light salads, for me, and for my family, to cleanse out all the rich holiday food. (from me, 2kidslife, long time reader) Hugs to you. Oh, if it helps, I remind myself that this time of year I have to allow myself to move slower... and we finally bought me a lightbox, for Seasonal Affective Disorder, I'll let you know if it helps....) Happy New Year to you.

  5. Anonymous1:46 AM

    I wasn't quite with you until I clicked on the link to HUMBOLDT FOG.

    oh, now I understand what you are saying...

    As I pulled myself back into the world of Powerpoint, cubicles and conference rooms this week, I dreamed of those little snacky-holiday lunches...a piece of good bread, an assortment of of stinky expensive cheeses, a satsuma or two and maybe even a little glass of leftover red wine. and when I'm I'm done? no guilt about a cookie or piece of chocolate. or two.


    Maybe, just maybe, there's a bit of Humboldt Fog in the fridge for that last nibble while I take the Christmas tree down this weekend...

  6. I love the little monkey peeking from Birdy's jacket!

  7. dude. there should be a national week of waffles and chocolate at the end of every vacation.

    and also, I added flax seed to ours. and a little cinnamon. yesssssss.....

  8. Oh, I know just what you mean. And we're celebrating back to school with a serious illness for my Birdy-aged guy, so I spent today in bed trying to nap off the every-three-hour fever check wakings. In between, I am reading Stiltsville on my Christmas Kindle, and enjoying it quite a lot. It's the perfect accompaniment for a gray day so far -- thanks for the recommendation! Now to avoid the temptation of having Amazon send me a waffle iron . . .

  9. As someone who suffers from Seasonal affective disorder, I can understand how you feel... My saving grace, is that the shortest day of the season is behind us, and they only get longer from this point on!

    I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the game suggestions, we purchased Zooloretto, Ticket to Ride and Settlers... Zooloretto we took on the family vacation and it was played every night by the family-from 6 to 66...

  10. Cheryl12:57 PM

    I LOVE Cypress Grove Creamery!!! Humboldt Fog is my all-time favorite cheese ever. I could (and have) eat it all day long. :)

  11. Anonymous9:10 AM

    another note from 2kidslife... we played Settlers again! 6 yr old daughter asked for it first thing upon waking the next morning after first time playing it! And, as I may correctly remember from your post on this game (or other games), she sobbed loudly and dramatically when she did not win. Sigh. But still a great game for all of us, (2 adults, 7 yr old son, 6 yr old daughter)!

    And also, this Christmas my husband bought me a lightbox (for SAD), after us discussing it for years. I will let you know if it seems to help.....

    Take care.

  12. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Hello there! What a lamm-o I feel like that we also bought Settlers of Catan over the holidays but were overwhelmed by the directions and put it back in the box! We were battling assorted flu (stomach and otherwise) in the family at that point over vacation so that might cut me some slack. Now that I'm back at work and kids back in school, we've not ventured to take it back out of the box.

    Sorry to hear you're under the weather grumpy-wise. I feel like time is flying so when I start to feel grumpy about the lack of light and wintery weather, I realized before I know it, we'll be back in flip flops! I comfort myself that way. Thanks for all the recommendations. It seems you have a strong influence (can you say mini-Oprah??)

    Hugs - Kathleen

  13. What an awesome blog. Found it doing random search for Antje Damm (got her book Ask Me out of the library and just love it). Will be back to read as many posts as possible during naptime.

  14. Anonymous8:32 PM

    just a note to the poster who felt lame about not wanting to read directions for Settlers of Catan... from another reader, 2kidslife..... do not feel bad at all, I asked my husband to read them, and he, an avid direction reader overall, had to refer back to directions during playing game, so don't feel bad at all. You may hafta do what I do with many things with kids in life, I just take a deep breath and plunge in... like with arts and crafts, even though our beloved writer Catherine is way natural crafter, I am so uncomfortable even trying... this morning I had to just suck it up, and help daughter with glue and feathers and glitter and .... and wanted wine at 9 am?! hee hee. Hope you enjoy game whenever you play it. And I try and do same thing you said, remind myself that winter goes fast, so I should remember to try and enjoy.

  15. Anonymous2:33 AM

    yay to that picture and the monkey peeking out of the coat.

  16. Angela3:39 PM

    Hi Catherine, it looks cold and wild and lovely on the beach ("very lovely", as my 3-year-old would say)... We played a new game at Christmas, which ages 8-48 loved: Fits, from Ravensburger. Who remembers Tetris? :)

  17. pdxAmy12:58 AM

    And it's the end of January now so we're all back into the swing of things. Except you might be frozen at this point, warmth to you all (and a break in the arctic blast).

    We LOVE the waffles and I need to get a better waffle maker. I've spent way too much time peering into my screen trying to figure out which one you have so... what kind do you recommend? I am overwhelmed.

    Thanks and stay bundled :)

  18. ladidah3:32 AM

    late to comment but i've had humboldt fog and just looking at the photo on the link made me fall into a reverie.