Monday, April 26, 2010

We Have Another Trio of Winners!

Thank you again for playing. I so love reading about what it is you want--I feel like the book equivalent of a drunk, wanting to buy another round for an entire bar-full of strangers. "Maybe I should honor *all* the requests!" I exclaimed, and Michael raised his eyebrows. Okay. Maybe not. But giving away books is starting to feel like a vocation. (I'll just have to brainstorm ways to make money at it. . . )

SeeTryFly who, wanted a Robert Saduba pop-up book; I am sending you this. (Which looks so cool and beautiful)
Alissa is getting this. (Which I use every day.)
And Allyson is getting this. (Which is on my wish list too!)

Please email me your address, and I will get those books right into the mail.

Over at, meanwhile, there are pork chops and energy bars. Pawk chahps en enijy bahs.

And here at home there are these (sigh)

And these (sigh)

And also these hirsute children.

Sigh. Have wonderful week!

xo Catherine


  1. Ben looks a little Jesus Christ Superstar-ish in that picture!

    Made my fourth round of granola this weekend, it was delicious. Also I'm really enjoying your fabulous five minute bread. It inspired me to buy the Artisan Bread in Five Minutes book, and now I'm a bread making maniac!

  2. Jennamom2boys12:53 PM

    Hey, did you visit St. Louis at some point? Ben is wearing a Ted Drewe's t-shirt!

  3. Jonana1:10 PM

    Spoken like a true child of the Brady Bunch era. My husband and I are almost incapable of saying pork chops without saying it, "Pork chops and applesauce" in that Peter Brady kind of way. Love your recipes.

  4. Woohoo! Thank you, Catherine! Can't wait to try the pork chops, by the way-- they look amazing.

  5. I laughed so hard--"Nutrient Density!" My son (who will eat fruit at home) refuses to take it to school for snacktime. He swears "everyone" else has Doritos and Oreos (but in our hippie-dippy community I doubt that). We compromise at granola or other energy bars...wonder if he'll like them more or less if he helps make them?! Thanks so much for the continued inspirations!

  6. dale_in_denver4:27 PM

    Dig the Bird's Donna Summer look. She's a dead ringer. ;-)

  7. We own that pop up Alice in wonderland book and it *is* fabulous. SeeTryFly Don't forget to look down the rabbit hole when you receive your book.
    anyway, I can't post over at Wonder time but I can't wait to try your Pork chop recipe. Pork chops are big hit around here.

  8. Thanks, guys! And Jennamom2Boys: St. Louis is M.'s hometown! He was just there for the marathon and got the kids t-shirts. But oooh, those concretes kill me. I'm sorry I missed it.

  9. Teafortwo1:38 PM

    My sister in law is from St. Louis too.

    Now I can't get the Peter Brady bit out of my head----AAAGH! All I need is a trenchcoat. Oh, and Alice.

    I wish we could grow lilacs in Georgia. Such a marvelous flower. Just looking at the photo lowered my blood pressure by points!

    I also think hirsute is an underused word.

  10. Unrelated to anything in this post, but thought of you: Have you seen the trailer for the movie "Babies"? It's like "Children Just Like Me" only babies! and a MOVIE! SQUEEEEEE.

  11. heheheh Ben looks like Fleet Foxes.

  12. Ted Drewe's?! I dream of Oreo concretes!

  13. Oh my! Ted Drews! I am going to be back there (my childhood home) for three weeks this summer and I am PREGNANT (translation: no reason NOT to eat a hot fudge sundae, say, every day)!!!!

  14. Love the hair on the childrens. Was it 70's week? :)