Monday, June 22, 2009

Ranch Dressing and Father's Day

My ranch dressing recipe is up over at

Which has nothing to do, not really, with our celebration of this



board-game losing


colonial heart-breaking

deliciously aging

love-of-my-life baby daddy.



  1. hello 'ben' in 30 years!

  2. "colonial heart-breaking" HAHAHA!

    I just commented over there to keep them payin' you the big bucks for your excellent writing and recipes.

  3. What a great photo series! Sounds like Michael had a big weekend!

  4. The ice cream bombe cake stole the scene in the birthday photo for me.. I would like to submit a future column recipe request?

  5. What a nice way to honor your baby daddy for Father's Day! As the fellow wife of a musician, I just gotta say: The guitar picture, swoon...right? I know you do.

  6. Oh my god Ben looks exactly like him

  7. I completely forgot about Father's Day until ALL AT ONCE on Sunday morning. Luckily for my husband, my children have better memories than me and were already making him SCALDING COFFEE AND AN OMELET without adult supervision! YIKES!

  8. heather6:56 PM

    OK, I've been reading your blogs for maybe 8 years! Oy! Your man is so lucky! I don't know what to say except that I love your writing - and I made your ribs for fathers day - they went over great! Thanks! And don't get creeped out by a random reader - I'm just another ex-noho momma juggling work and kids and life, on the path. I like your move to recipes, cuz they taste great.

  9. You know, I just have to say, Michael is forever amazing and awe-inspiring to me (in a totally appropriate way!), because I still remember how you once wrote that, when he was home during the days with baby Ben, HE would spend naptime doing super-impressive and productive things like making furniture out in the garage, as compared to how YOU spent newborn-naptime eating Snickers bars (wasn't it?) and memorizing the J. Crew catalog. See? After all these years, I still remember it. I read it when I was home full-time with my own newborn, DOING THOSE EXACT KINDS OF THINGS during naptime, mysteriously and desperately unable to do ANYTHING productive during naptime, and I just laughed and laughed with understanding, and also thought, Man, that Michael is AMAZING!

    So there you have it. I've never met him, and yet this is how I'll always think of him. If I ever meet him--or even if I don't--he'll never be able to be anything but impressive to me, no matter what else he might ever do. When the baby napped, he got busy making furniture. That is INSANITY. In the most impressive, I-could-never-do-that kind of way.

  10. shari9:45 AM

    what a beautiful father's day tribute to michael. the love your family has for one another just shows in those photos!

  11. Beautiful photos, Catherine. Wonderful dad!

  12. um, you had me a photo number one. You go, girl.

  13. Teafortwo3:25 PM

    I second the bit about the bombe cake. Happy Birthday Michael!!!

  14. So great to see Michael in your photos -- and man do your kids look EXACTLY like him, or what?!? Crazy! You're a very lucky family, you can see how happy you are together.

    And yes....cake recipe, please!

  15. oh my god help me with that colonial pic! my side hurts! what a ham.

    it's wierd when the love of your life actually represents the one you've loved most of your life. and by most i mean more than half. that person has truly earned the term.

  16. Awww. (Baby daddy is a total hottie!)

  17. What a sweet tribute to your husband. One of the babycenter posts that I still remember is the one he wrote when Birdy was born. You both are lucky to have each other and those precious kids.
    Happy Summer!

  18. what beautiful family! new here, saying hello :)

  19. I know that I am vying with a large group when I say that I am your biggest fan, but really, Catherine, I am.

    And it had been awhile since I read your words and of all things, I was googling "Tis a gift to be Simple" - my five-year old's new favorite Shaker ditty - and your column over at Babycenter came up from a few years back.

    Reading it, I remembered how your writing achieves exactly what I always reach for when I sit down in front of my computer: you arrange the pieces in such new, lovely and heartfelt ways - you make the communal experience of life suddenly more personal, but a lot less lonely too. I guess ultimately, your writing is so very kind.

    Thank you for continuing to put it out there for others appreciate. I needed that today.

    All my best,
    Geralyn Broder Murray

  20. I just read the new Asian Chicken Salad recipe and couldn't help laughing out loud at this ditty:

    "Cook the chicken somehow until it's cooked is what I'm saying"

    A food column that exhorts me to cook the food somehow, with random directions shouted from the other room by your husband... This should be a Catherine classic. You definitely live in my world, and your recipes are fantastic, even if they are a little, how shall we say, un-standard? :)

    Much love, and hoping you have as many giggles today as I did reading about the grilled chicken,


  21. Catherine,
    You are an amazing writer. Whenever I have writer's block, I re-read some of your work for inspiration!
    Thank you for sharing your life and your family.

  22. Okay - your obscenely good ranch dressing has me eating more salad than I have in years. Why is it so good???? Even the kids take bites of salad and moan with happy tastebuds.... how do you DO that?

  23. I've been reading you for years and am happy to have stumbled across you right here at good ol' Blogger.

    Love your recipes.

    Happy Father's Day.

    Great photos.

  24. Love the fro-yo popsicle recipe. I still use the one that my mother made when I was young, although the proportions are inexact: a few good sized blobs of yogurt, a banana, and some frozen orange juice concentrate. Mmm.

  25. is he for real? Can he start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, too? Tell me he doesn't cook. He leaves the seat up. He forgets your anniversary. Give me something here!!

  26. All that and a darn good masseuse too.

    You have always inspired me to be a better parent, now I think I will take this as a cue to be a more appreciative wife.

    Thanks again!

  27. How awesome is that! Happy birthday baby daddy!

  28. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Happpy Birthday!