Sunday, December 29, 2019

Happy New Year / I love you

From Amazon.

From Partners in Health.
My angels, you raised $2000, and we donated it to Partners in Health. Thank you so much! We factored in a little extra, because those links will be live for a good long time, and I know that people get game and book cravings into the new year. Yay! If you want to donate more, please do. We're going to give a little more this year--to the Bail Project and to Immigrant Families Together. Because who really needs a mudroom? Ha ha ha! Kidding. I've totally given up on building a mudroom. Rest assured. 

We went to Yankee Candle to admire the little pretend wintry scenes, and this empty nip bottle amongst the ornaments made us laugh SO MUCH. I'm laughing again, just looking at it. I feel you, nip emptier. I really feel you.
Also, if you didn't get Wingspan? And someone in your family has a little holiday cash burning a hole in their pocket? Get Wingspan. We've already played it a hundred thousand times and it's pretty much a perfect game. (Please note: it should be about $60. If you are seeing it for $120, don't pay that, okay?)

Happy New Year, my dearest loves. I am wishing us all the best of everything. xo


  1. I did get Wingspan but now having only played it once still have lots of questions. My daughter took it so she could figure it out some more. She even played the game for one. Waiting for her to return from her in-laws so we can continue to figure it out and play again. I'm from Oklahoma (don't judge, there are lots/some of liberals here) and one of the artist of Wingspan is originally from Oklahoma and so the Scissortail Fly-Catcher on the cover is our state bird. I think it is impressive that the developer and all the artists are women. I truly love your spirit and dedication to important thing.

  2. Thank you so much for your suggestions! They were all big hits, and I plan to choose more items from your list for the two winter birthdays coming up in our family.

  3. Allyson4:35 PM

    Thank you Catherine for doing this every year! I hope we all are in a much more hopeful mood this time next December!

  4. We did get Wingspan - and several of us love it. And the one who didn't needs to just try it again (and not lose dismally). Thank you for your suggestions every year! XXOO