Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today is our 22nd "wedding" anniversary. And by "wedding" I mean, you know, becoming partners. If you get what I'm saying.

I wrote Michael a poem:

Remember how my calves ached?
I stood on tiptoe while we kissed and kissed,
and missed anthro, dinner, nightfall, nothing.
We had the skin of peaches then:
smooth and taut, soft in all the right ways.
And I am only thinking of it now
because my calves ache again.
I stood on tiptoe while we smiled and smiled
at our smiling faces in the mirror
where I was leaning up and in
to pluck my chin hairs.

* * *
We are off to Ottawa to skate the famous Rideau Canal. If you can't (afford to) beat the winter--join it! Head north! That's my special secret February vacation tip.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Happy Anniversary!! You guys look adorable in that shot and boy do I ever see Ben in Michael. Have fun in Ottawa, Winterlude is the best, love the canal, ice sculptures and of course the Beaver Tails. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Anonymous11:23 AM

    What a great picture. And I don't mean this in a creepy way, but he looks so much like Ben!

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  4. "we had the skin of peaches then"
    best line.

    Enjoy it all!

  5. ps: I made your thai curry soup last night (even found lemongrass at our small western outpost of a town). So insanely good. Even the kids loved it!

  6. Samara Jenkins12:57 PM

    Happy anniversary you better match is made, I think, than 2 souls that collided and became one. Have a lovely time. Namaste

  7. Valle Dwight1:14 PM

    I love this! Made me smile for all kinds of reasons. Have a wonderful adventure.

  8. dale in denver1:14 PM

    Happy Bone-i-versary. It does look like you are kissing Ben there.

    The last line of the poem slayed me.

  9. You guys are one of my favorite couples that I've never actually met. I hope you have a fabulouso time! xoxo

  10. Happy anniversary. It does my soul good to read about this love now, when I am so tempted to veer into the sarcastic and cynical where I don't want to be. Thank you!

  11. Anonymous1:42 PM

    I remember when I first started UCSC and you were my TA in into to fem. You had all these queer stickers and then you'd talk about Michael and I was confused for a little while. And now that seems so long ago.. do you know I still have the kitten i got six months before I started UCSC in the fall of '93. She is 20 now, old and blind... the longest relationship I've ever had. 22 years is a long time and it's hard to explain what changes and yet remains the same. Happy anniversary Catherine and Michael.. I'm so glad you both have made it through 2 decades. Its no small thing. Best, Corrinne

    1. Ah, Corrinne, it *was* confusing. Especially since that was the year a very cute girl used to ride up on her motorcycle to get me after class! Thanks for the well wishes. Love to you and the kitty. xo

  12. I was getting all misty until the very last line :)

  13. My husband and I refer to your type of anniversary as a smooch-i-versary. Congrats on yours!

    Thank you for sharing your true-to-life poem. Reading one's own experiences mirrored (humorously) in others' lives makes them almost bearable.

  14. Teaberrie4:54 PM

    Oh my God this post just completely rocks, Catherine!
    Happy anniversary to the person who makes honesty so incredibly grown-up and cool all wrapped into one! Thank you for that. xo

  15. Alison5:47 PM

    Omg looks just like ben

  16. Happy anniversary! I'm jealous; I miss Ottawa. We lived there for two years and loved it. Eat a BeaverTail (preferably Killaloe Sunset-style) for me!

  17. Happy "coupling" Anniversary!

    As a loooooong time reader, but fairly recent poster, I love it when you try to be "subtle" :)

  18. tracyp10:37 AM

    Hope you're actually getting to skate on the canal...there's not much winter up around these parts. I'm in Kingston (two hours away from Ottawa) and there's v. little skating or anything wintery going on at all! But, the Beaver Tails. yum.

  19. Happy Anniversary!! And yes, I had to take a double take as well because Michael looks just like Ben (and yet, you have managed to not age one bit!) Have a great trip. :)

  20. The 16th is my hubby and I's actual anniversary, but we do celebrate our "becoming partners" anniversary on Oct 1st. An experience that ended with "Well I guess I have to officially call you my boyfriend now huh?" I'm romantic to the end. lol! Loved the poem and the post as always.

  21. Allison12:49 PM

    Happy anniversary!!! I too see the strong resemblance between Michael and Ben -- and also feel the need to add that it is in a NON-creepy way. :)

  22. Anonymous12:55 PM

    OK, I did not know what a beaver tail was, so I googled it. Now "float cooked in canola oil" is my very favorite food euphemism ever. I guess "fried" is a dirty word these days...

  23. Yes, happy anniversary! :) And I love your poem! Have a lovely time up north.

  24. Anonymous7:53 PM

    happy anniversary it is, so glad! that poem is so delicious and so real ... enjoy the Rideau! My mom grew up skating on it every winter, and I like your philosophy of joining it rather than beating it.

  25. Anonymous3:07 AM

    Forget the beaver tails....go for the poutine and then post the "Catherine" recipe for poutine when you get back....

  26. Oh, I SO hope you made it here (Ottawa) before they closed the canal. Its been such a bizarrely warm winter and the skating has been (literally) thin on the ground.
    If not the museum of civilization is wonderful....If you have a car drive out to Luskville Falls trail, slide down the 'steps' at the trail head and stroll to the frozen waterfall. Well worth the shot hike....

    Have fun :)

  27. AnythingforBenBirdy11:40 AM

    OMG - if I had actually seen you at the canal I don't know what I would have done! Someone else mentioned the museum of civilization, so I'll throw this out there too - the museum of nature is actually within (reasonable) walking distance, and it has the dinosaurs.

  28. Anonymous8:33 PM

    How great to see such a sweet photo of you two together--congratulations!!

  29. What a beautiful photo! On an unrelated and blog-stalkerish note, I have the PERFECT book for you and your kids. Because I know you so well, you know. It is Oddfellow's Orphanage by Emily Winfield Martin.