Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Spring!

The spring is so fully here that it is starting to be gone. One evening our dogwood looked like this:

And then in the morning, after a night of rainy wind, the ground beneath it looked like this:

Meanwhile, we continue to eat springishly. Over at family.com, I have posted one recipe for a simply excellent frittata.

And one for delectable rhubarb crumb bars.

And, speaking of, er, food and recipes: I am going to be teaching a cooking class! In Logan, Utah! At the fabulously friendly Love to Cook cookware store. Friday June 12th, and Saturday June 13th. Don't you want to come? I figure we can all stay in the same hotel and drink beer in the hot tub! If there's a hot tub and you like beer! Anyways, if you have any friends in Utah, please do let them know.

Finally, thank you for all your school-auction support and advice. It was a beast, but a fun one--and I swooned a million times over when Michael's band played. Did I tell you he was playing guitar in a band? He winked at me from the stage during "Superman," that old REM song, and my knees buckled. Sigh.



  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Sorry this is a little irrelevant to the post, but guess what came in the mail yesterday? The April issue of Family Fun (Make a Nest for your Easter Eggs)! There was some mention on the blog a while ago that we'd be getting Family Fun as a replacement for Wondertime subscriptions. Guess they forgot about me until now. It is definitely not the same, but it is nice to have.

  2. Beautiful article in Oprah. Have you seen this site? www.rhubarbinfo.com I just made rhubarb muffins from it the other night. Mmmm...

    Can't wait to try the crumb bars!

  3. Sigh. I love a man who winks. My knees would have buckled also.

  4. Geez, now I have a sudden desire to live in Utah. It happened once before, when I was driving across the country with a friend, and we did some camping and hiking in Utah along the way and it was so gorgeous and clear and I wanted to put down roots. Now, I just want to take your cooking class.
    (Hey, my word-verification word is "peritili." I don't know if it means anything, but isn't it pretty? Feel free to use it for a recipe! -- Although wait, now it's reminding me of the perineal bottle the hospital gave me after I gave birth, maybe not a good association for food, nevermind...)

  5. The spring is so fully here that it is starting to be gone

    ...I love this line.

  6. Also, can't wait to try the fritata! My hens are in full laying mode and I can only scramble and hard boil so many...

  7. Come drink beer in Michigan. You don't even have to cook, and while we don't have a hot tub (okay, I'm sure somewhere up here has a hot tub, but after an unfortunate late night dip in a hot tub in the North Channel and the weird rash that ensued, I don't *do* hot tubs anymore) we do have a deep, clean water harbor on the shore of a Great Lake, and that counts for something:) And oh, the man-in-the-band hotness never, ever goes away. Justin is the only guy I ever dated that wasn't in a band, but to make up for it, I insist on a round of decent air guitar now and then. Or not, because air guitar might just be worse than no guitar at all;)

  8. pdxamy3:48 PM

    Is it even legal to drink beer in hot tubs in Utah? Have fun but come to Portland for microbrew sometime :)

  9. Jennbatt3:52 PM

    I want to take the cooking class, stay in your hotel and drink beer in the hot tub! Although pdxamy's comment did make me wonder about the legality of it. Catherine, you're awesome even if you did stray from your vegetarian ways. :-)

  10. Our spring is quickly hinting at summer, too.

    I haven't even gotten my first Family Fun yet, and that's probably for the best. I'm still openly bitter about the Wondertime closing.

    The frittata looks wonderful - I am always up for a few egg recipe! And the rhubarb crumb bars made me swoon a little myself.

  11. Ok, so I haven't signed up yet, but I'll be there in Logan. I live about an hour and a half south from there, and that day I was going to fly out to Florida to join my husband who's working there for the summer. I've already postponed the trip one week, because BYU has an awesome Writers' workshop. So, I told my husband I could fly on the 13th, except that you're coming. Do you wanna know what he said? "Go ahead and meet Catherine," were his exact words. For years and years I've talked about you as if you're a friend, and now that you're coming to Utah of all places, I won't miss the chance to meet you. So see ya in a few weeks!!!!

    PS: Word verification: ovell, very much in sync with the fritatta post ;0)

  12. I laughed out loud, and maybe even snorted some drink through my nose, at the lackadaisical gardening description. :) I'm a little bit scared of rhubarb, although the frittata was great! I'm an asparagus fan, if that softens the rhubarb disdain a bit. We're appreciating the spring here too. It's lasted quite long for NC.

  13. PS. I forgot to mention that Settlers of Catan is also one of our favs. And you are one dedicated mama freezing the dead goldfish for later burial. I'd be the flushing kind of mama. :)

  14. It's only BARELY spring here, although I guess that means that it's even shorter than where you are.
    If I didn't live five zillion miles from Utah AND in another country, I would TOTALLY go!

  15. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Catherine -- I LOVED your Oprah rhubarb piece -- who'd have thought such a lovely piece could've been written about rhubarb, of all things?

    And how on earth dd you manage to get published in O to begin with? It doesn't take freelance work as far as I know ... did they seek you out? Not that I blame them!

  16. Catherine,

    "The spring is so fully here that it is starting to be gone."

    This line so perfectly fits you and your love of beauty and wistfulness... I love it.

  17. ps...am willing to fit the disney system tonight because I just made the rhubarb crumb bars. Holy. Crap. and I mean that in the very best of ways.

  18. Aarrgghhh--I wish I lived in Utah! How about coming down to Virginia Beach to do a cooking class--I'm sure there would be lots of people who would want to sign up!

    Also, I had a nostalgic moment when I saw the jar of ajvar--the roasted red pepper dip. We lived in Serbia for 4 years and every October all the Serbs in Belgrade would get kilos of red peppers to cook in outside metal ovens and make into ajvar--a multi-day process! But it was sooo worth the wait! Yum!

  19. Anonymous12:23 AM

    if you go a million miles away i'll track you down...!!!!
    can you tell me what kind of camera you have? i am researching my xmas list already (it's due at family vaca next week)

  20. anonymous, I have a canon rebel xsi, and I love, love, love it. though I'm really only now starting to understand how to use it.