Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank You

You guys are the best. Truly. I knew I could count on you, but really. . . Especially given that so many of you are, it turns out, less than interested in food and cooking. Who knew? But I should mention here that the Dalai Mama columns will continue to appear in Wondertime magazine, the print edition. If you don't have a subscription, I really can't recommend that magazine to you enough (she wrote, with full, solemn objectivity). Seriously.

The sweepstakes is ending at midnight EST tonight, Sunday. I will announce the prize tomorrow. What will it be? A framed shard of the boob pinata? A collection of old nursing pads? Some numbingly boring something else? We'll see.


  1. Anonymous12:19 PM

    I've been messing around on that site for thirty minutes and still can't comment. I love you - the plum cake looks delicious. I'll just have to tell you so here.

  2. Ah, I love food writing! And food. Hence my mid-30s weight gain. I don't love THAT much, though.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Ditto Jennifer's comment. The Disney Family website has NEVER liked me. Ever. I did send you a hopefully-not-creepy personal email, and I did try to comment "over there," and I will read whatever you write as long as you are writing.

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    If there is anyone that could possibly motivate me to move beyond the 8 or so items in my cooking expertise, it's you! Will you be sharing the granola recipe that you mentioned? That seems more my speed...although I am going to attempt the plum cake - just to branch out!

    And Beck, I hear ya.

  5. I've posted over at the Plum Cake column. Hope you know how special you have to be for people to go to the trouble of registering over there!

    I have read your columns since early in Baby Center and you always make me laugh or cry or both!

    Hope you'll have time to share a little about Ben & Birdy over here every now and again!

  6. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I've taken a break from trying to comment on the other site. Whew! You'd think Disney would make it a bit easier. I'll continue to read and look forward to trying one of your recipes. Like many of your other groupies, I've been with you since Baby Center, followed you to Wondertime and subscribed to that and Family Fun because of you. I understand about your kids getting older but will miss their stories. Thank you for sharing them this long.

  7. I already subscribe to Wondertime and I love it. I give it as gift subscription when my friend's babies become toddlers.
    I am glad I will still get little Dalai Mama in that.

  8. Anonymous9:13 PM

    How about a "Catherine Newman" survival kit? It would likely consist of coffee, tweezers (for chin hairs of course...blasted things) a beer and perhaps a map directing one to the nearest Target and or Ikea? Well...the beer would do....but a shard of the boob pinata isn't so bad either.....we're not fussy.


  9. I LOVE the new writing idea... food! My favorite subject, lol. I'll have to try that plum cake but only after the blueberry peach pie with struesel topping is all gone. I REALLY look forward to all of your future food columns and anything else you feel like posting.

    Do you have any plans for publishing a cook book? Looking forward to your response on that one!

  10. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I tried to buy plums yesterday, but apparently they are now out of season here. :-( I will try many other stores until I succeed!


  11. Anonymous10:54 AM

    I was able to leave a comment over there a couple days ago but now, it seems, the magic is gone. sigh....

    Anyway, you are the person that taught me the broccoli can be SOFT. Who knew?? Now, I like. My husband likes it. The children tolerate it. What others things will you teach us?

    This is what - preschool snack day. I'm scared and have NO ideas. If you happen to be planning a snack column, you know, I would much appreciate it.

  12. Anonymous11:58 AM

    A boob piniata filled with granola! That's what I think it should be....
    Cathy K.

  13. Was sad at first that the column was changing, but do love the food idea. Your recipes are always great. The plum cake was delicious!!! A big hit with the family---Thanks for making me look like a rock star.

  14. Catherine,
    I feel compelled to tell you that I tried, I really, really tried--given that I have read every column you've ever written, read and re-read your lovely book, given said book to all my friends as gifts, and basically held you in my heart as a comrade-in-mothering since the very first weeks of my very first pregnancy--to comment over at the Disney Family site per your plea. And it would NOT let me register, no matter what I did. At more than one point, it said it had sent me an e-mail confirming my identity for registration, after which I could comment, only such e-mails never arrived (and they're not, as far as I can tell, in my spam filter).

    More detail than you'd like to know.

    But I really do want you to know I've loved and read you forever, feel like I know you and your family as if you were next-door neighbors, and cried (again! just like when Bringing Up Ben and Birdy ended!) when I read you were changing to a food column. I mean, I know it will be great, but...I'll miss the mothering comradeship in all its poignant glory.

    Good luck to you, and I'll always be a reader!

  15. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Catherine, I too tried to post at Disney to no avail. I have always loved and looked forward to your writing, ever since the pre-Birdy Babycenter days. I'll read you wherever you go, and whatever you write about. And the pot roast recipe sounds delicious. Great tip about refridgerating the meat before slicing. Never thought of that. I'll keep trying at Disney because I know it is important to you--and I really do want a piece of the famous boob pinata!

  16. Anonymous3:54 PM

    Well, I registered ages ago and am therefore ineligible for a prize. PENALIZE ME IF YOU MUST! Harumph.

    But actually, I'm psyched to have more fun recipes. Especially for plum cake, since my husband wasn't at all wild about the plum cake I adapted from Baking With Julia. His mouth went all flat and his cheeks sort of drooped, and I knew before he said, "Um, it's very good," that he was expecting CAKE instead of a vehicle for plums.

  17. Yeah, they say they will send me a confirmation email then never send it... anyway - love the new food column idea... and would really love your granola recipe...