Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Common Sense

From a story on the current Times homepage: "It's not the first time the embassy has urged U.S. business travelers and tourists to stay away from Bulgarian strippers." Well, we all need a little reminder, right?

But what I really wanted to tell you was something I was going to show you--and it's our one-gallon jar of granola, full. Only I can't find the camera. I will be giving you the recipe soon, though not here, which is a kind of foreshadowing, if you know what I'm saying. Suffice it to say, the granola has more flax in it than you can shake a stick at, and my kids love it, and when I refill the jar, I just feel so happy. "It's like money in the bank," I sighed to Michael, while I was admiring it, and he laughed: “Bailout, shmailout. We got us a big giant jar of granola!”

Meanwhile, I hope you'll read my wondertime columns, which are here, here, and here.

And here's kids instead of granola.

Oh, and p.s. if you check out the comments from the last post, you will see that Brad Pedinoff, my summer camp boyfriend from 1983, wrote in. Honestly, the whole internet was worth inventing just for that.

Take care of yourselves!



  1. I like the new layout! And I can't wait to read the granola recipe.

  2. Your kids are getting so big!
    Can't wait for the granola recipe, I've got a lot of flax waiting to be used...

  3. I'm also looking forward to the granola recipe. As a recent convert to the New England lifestyle (having moved from MD to RI), I am trying to be more crunchy now that we've reduced our carbon footprint! It is scary how the internet has shrunken our world, isn't it? I love being able to reconnect with folks I haven't heard from in awhile....

  4. Ha! That was worth inventing the Internet for. I was born the summer you and Brad were experiencing summer love. Another reminder that I am an infant.

  5. Your kids look homemade. And healthy. And crunchy? No, that last one is a stretch.

    Still, it's a delicious picture.

  6. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I clearly have too much time on my hands. I just went and googled Brad Pedinoff to find that he goes by B. Mossman, which led to the resulting discovery that he composed the "wow wow wubbzy" theme song. That's a popular one in my house these days. I find myself singing it alone in my office sometimes. Maybe it's because my kids keep playing the video game online in the morning right before I get to work... It won't leave my head!! Pedinoff, you evil genius, you!


  7. But the BULGARIAN STRIPPERS! C'mon, Catherine!

    My dad and brother had BIG PLANS for the coming financial crisis: They're growing tobacco! Yep. Come the next depression, we're all going to be homegrown tobacoo magnates. Oh, goody.

  8. Happy Birthday, Catherine!

    Your children look so happy, healthy, GLOWING!

    I will give you the wonderful compliment that my friend said to me, a friend who only sees my kids via email pix: "I can tell you are doing a good job raising them." From all that you report, you are doing a great job as a mother, honey!

    I've been wanting to make homemade granola, thanks for inspiring me to actually do it!

    I've been reducing the amount of processed foods we have in our house, permanently.

    And, thinking of the nice poster who said she is reducing her family's carbon footprint, I am proud to say that I am a first time snack packer for kindergarten, and I use only washable and reusable containers. And am thinking of sending a washable and reusuable napkin, instead of paper. I know we are all doing everything we can to help Mother Earth.

    Happy Birthday again, Catherine! May this be your BEST year yet!


  9. I got sucked into the great, wide facebook abyss simply because I have been rediscovered old college and high school (and grade school, although he has been in a partnership with Dan for something like 10 years) boyfriends who tell me I still look exactly the same, despite the three kids and thirty-ishness. My husband says it is a testament to my need for external appreciation. I just say, I had three kids and still look the same? Sweeeeeet. I'm be on the hunt for the granola recipe, both because my kids are sick of me grinding flax seed on everything and because I am sick of buying tubs of our local co-op's so-so granola for a whooping $9 a canister. Your kids are lovely, as always, by the way.

  10. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I hope you remembered to send Al Gore a thank you note for inventing the internet ;)

  11. Uh-oh. Given my family's addiction to granola (the expensive, Whole Foods kind), I'll have no excuse not to try your recipe. And it will be wonderful, I'm sure. And then I will feel compelled to make it whenever we run low, which is about every two and a half seconds. And then I will feel guilty when I don't and buy it instead.
    Hm. I guess, technically, my insanity is not your fault.

  12. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Happy Birthday Catherine!
    Smile- I am older than you ;^)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  13. Happy Birthday! I have to add about facebook, I love that thing! I'm able not only to re-connect with old friends, scattered all over the world, but also with those who live close to my house, but whom I don't see because we're all too busy with life.
    I hope you post that granola recipe in your blog. I haven't renewed my wondertime subscription, but I still read your posts on their website!!!!

  14. love the posts. have a wonderful happy birthday. i'm 36 and thinking the exact same things as you. which makes me worried about what I'll be thinking at 40. it's ALL good. and WHY am I not stocking up on flax like everyone else on this blogger planet? aren't the waffles enough?

  15. Hi Catherine! This is Julia Pimsleur, formerly known as Julie. I am reading Waiting for Birdy right now and laughing at all the references to high school (Kamau; Mr. Aune) and wishing I could just call you up and gab about the road traveled since then. You captured the whole motherhood experience so amazingly. I promised myself i would wait until I finished the book to contact you but i simply can't wait! I have two boys now, one four and one 7 months old. I am now running my own business, making foreign language teaching videos for kids (www.LittlePim.com). I hope we can have that chat sometime! Tell me the time and place and I'll be there. Keep up the wonderful blogging and I hope another book is on the way. love and memories, Julia (julia@littlepim.com)

  16. I was glad to read another post that said something about your new layout. Because the truth? The truth is that it freaked me out a little wondering and waiting for the blue background to load ;-)

  17. I just searched Wondertime on-line for 'granola' and hits 2, 3, 4 and 8 of 10 were from the Dalai Mama journal.

    Completely LOVE that about Catherine

  18. I forgot to tell you that your kids are really gorgeous and i definitely see the young you in Birdy's little sweet face. glad to see you so happy and with a beautiful family. happy birthday a little late! Julia

  19. I would LOVE that granola recipe! And I just finished reading your latest wondertime column which made me homesick--we used to live steps from the Bunker Hill Monument. But now...the suburbs of Northern CT. Doesn't get more glamorous than this. :-)
    Happy Birthday from a fellow Libra--I forget when yours is exactly, but if I recall, it was in the last few days. (How dare I forget a favorite writer's birthday? Or is that maybe not-as-creepy?)
    Mine was yesterday. *sigh*

    cheers. :)

  20. Okay, I just read the comments on the 'Birdy's Question' post and, on the chance that your anonymous commenter from 10:16 pm (the one who's worried about the crazy NE lefties who are angling for a "Socialist state") might read this, I have to point out:
    WHOSE FAULT IS IT THAT WE NOW HAVE A SOCIALIST FINANCE SECTOR IN THIS COUNTRY??? (And, soon enough, all around the world?? Like, for example, England...and who's next?) Is is the "left-leaning" folks like Obama who railed against regulation in the finance industry while its managers cooked up all these new "financial instruments" -- like insecure low-interest mortgages -- to bump up their profits? NO. Of course not. It was the Republicans, and the largely Republican-voting "fiscal conservatives" who populate those corner offices on Wall Street. What kind of rules of logic do you people live by?

  21. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Still cant find 83 boyfriend and I checked on of the wondertime posts.

    turning 40 in the next 12 months too!! got first party invite for a friend the other day too, yikes....

    100% CONCUR on the SOCIALIST BAILOUT. I even was DYING to hear something out of wacko Rush Limbaugh today but did not happen to hear anything in the short time I happened to be in the car. He made one comment about the question on the debate about Treasury secretary so I think he is THANKFULLY against the bailout but WOW. what a turn of events

    WTF?!!! There is a capitalist market and fully employed finance and insurance industry THAT EXISTS ALREADY HELLO. AIG does NOT RULE TO WORLD. Or do they? I guess they do. plus another $40 B

  22. I can never get Disney to accept my comments, so, you got me once again with growing up. I'm in the throws of tantrums, and night wakings, and clingy-clingyness, but I struggle every day to take it all in even when I'm gritting my teeth, knowing that even the tantrums are their attempts to break away – wah wah wah.
    You're such a poet, I'm the one crying with every word you write.

  23. The photo of Ben and Birdy on the post made me smile. Very sweet. I'm guessing Birdy's in Kindergarten now; my five year old is a few weeks older than she is. He's there and loving it. Looking forward to your granola recipe. I have one that I use, but I find that we're flying through the maple syrup when I make it.

  24. I just read your article about factory tours and I was so EXCITED you were in my neck of the woods yet SAD I didn't get to meet you. How funny to be noshing at Flatbread and me embarrassing my hubby while trying to get the nerve to interrupt your meal and sing praises. So I'll sing them here, but it's not as good as doing it with the smell of the fire burning and melted gorgonzola....yummm. Looks like you had a great time and I'm glad!

  25. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! I'll get over it, but boy you just punched me deep, deep in the stomach. You're finished with writing your parenting blog?

    OK. Perhaps you'll get me in my kitchen. And perhaps I'll somehow figure out how to translate the US measurements into UK ones!

    Love your writing SO much, Catherine. I don't know how to tell you just how much you've helped, supported, entertained me throughtout the years.

    Thank you.


  26. Anonymous9:44 AM

    For whatever reason, I can't comment on the wondertime blog, but I have to say how sad I am....I have been following your writing since the beginning and am going to miss your tales.
    Please keep us updated here, your writing means so much to me.
    All the best on your new endeavor though, I'm sure it'll be great and I'll be reading.

  27. AWWWWW! I really, really hope you continue writing on this blog! You've become such a dear friend. Thanks for 6 years of wonderful posts. I've been a reader since the beginning, and I've grown as a parent reading your blog, and then following your example (I'm tired, can't think of a better word) started my own to document my own journey as a mother of 4(!).

  28. I haven't ever commented on wondertime... or babycenter for that matter. I just read your last post. I really can't explain why I'm crying; I'll just say that I'm going to miss your posts so very much! Please keep sneaking in some of your wonderful parenting descriptions, and photos too - I couldn't stand it if your new posts were ALL about food recipes:(

  29. Anonymous11:07 AM

    For a couple of years now I have thought of your writing as being less about the kids and more about trying to be a good wife, mother, or just a better person. Even if the Dalai Mama is sort of over, I hope you will keep us up to date on your journey with those goals here at your personal blog. And by the way, thanks for all the hard work you must have put in at Babycenter and Wondertime. I've been following since the beginning and you've made me laugh more times than I can count.