Friday, June 15, 2012

A winner, a preview, the last day of school

Um, Mendel Schmirtz? Is there a Mendel Schmirtz in the house? You, randomly generated number 8, are the winner of Improv Sewing! Send me your address and I'll get it right out to you. Unless of course, you're Bart Simpson, and I'm Moe the Bartender, and you're just teasing me.

Thank you all for entering, and for your enthusiastic comments about the book. Nicole loved them, and so did I! But really, more than half of you talked about getting it for your child. How did we get to be these old people with the big kids? Sheesh. Ben graduated from 6th grade last night. Please.

Meanwhile, a sneak preview:

And a happy fact of my life:

This is an old photo. At some point a bad, bad cat chewed the bottom of the U off.

Have a lovely weekend, my friends. I'll be back with a recipe on Monday.




  1. I'm speechless. Next year, junior high? Seriously? *sigh* And I loved the banner the first time around! Sweet nostalgia...
    Bummed I didn't win the book, but it is currently sitting in my Amazon Wish List, along with a WhirlyPop....

    1. mthicks759:39 AM

      I bought a WhirlyPop per Catherine's suggestion, about 3 months ago. I'm embarrassed by the vast amount of popcorn consumed at our house. Also, I did splurge and buy Organic Coconut oil to use. It. is. the. bomb.

    2. Wellll, as soon as I discovered I didn't win the book (I must have refreshed the page a million times on Friday) I went ahead and ordered the Whirly Pop, the book (no sewing machine, no problem!) and The Princess Bride on DVD since our VCR recently died and it is time for my 7 year old to see it...our next Friday night family movie night is gonna rock!

  2. And I can't wait to see Birdy's new look!

  3. dale in denver4:47 PM

    I missed it by one. Rats! Hope Birdy is thrilled with whatever she decides to do. Did your kids JUST get out of school? Our kids' last day was 5/18 - how crazy is that?!

  4. Erin K.6:22 PM

    wow.Junior High. I have a kinder, going to first next year and a second grader going into third and it brings a tear to my eye (both happy and sad). How can something seem like so long ago and only a heartbeat ago simultaneously? The other night I was babbling on about this in bed and decided that it must be that our internal/parental/spiritual/soul-ish self is on Universe time, while our bodies are stuck in human time (like dog years to the power of 1,000!)and it gets all jumbled up in memory - it was kind of a post-rumpus, not-stoned, stoner conversation.

  5. i hear you. my son graduates from 6 th grade on tuesday and i must say i am little overwhelmed. by the way, we have made your rhubarb crumble bars twice now (with spelt flour) and they`re absolutely wonderful. have a good summer! best from very faraway berlin,anja

  6. My son is going into 9th grade, and it hardly seems possible. He will be 14 in two weeks. I am simultaneously happy and so melancholic I could cry. They do grow up fast.

    On the other hand, our ages will make a palindrome. 1441 or 4114, so that's kind of cool.

    Can't wait to see what comes after the hair washing! :)